Accomplishments and Challenges of Financial Reform

Karuana Jaime

Analysis of the Financial State of the Subjects of the Small Business Sector

Bushueva Natalia

This article outlines how regional commercial banks estimate the credit status of small and middle-sized business subjects. It reveals problems complicating this estimation and deficienciеs of bank methods of estimation.

Approaches to the Diagnosis of the Financial Stability of a Lending Organization

Zotov Andrei

The article researches the linear model of forecasting of the bank capital adequacy ratio as one of the main indicators of financial soundness. Author carried out the practical approbation of the model, offered the way of its modernization, made the comparative effectiveness analysis of both approaches using the real data of the group of regional banks.

Banking Reform: Some Aspects

Simanovsky Aleksei

Basic Directions of the Fulfillment of the Legislation on the Countering the Laundering of Criminally Obtained Incomes and the Financing of Terrorism

Emelin Andrei

Evolution of the Role of Economic Analysis in the Development of Lending and Monetary Regulation of the Economy

Barybin Vladimir, Kryksin Gennadii

Indicators of Rates on the Interbank Credit Market and Their Utilization in Economic Analysis

Egorov Aleksei, Merkuriev Igor, Chekmareva Elena

In this article an analysis of Russian money market interest rates is made. The special attention is given to new indexes of the interbank money market interest rates (MIACR-IG and MIACR-B) and to usage of this indexes for analysis of intra-month cyclicity of volume and interest rate characteristics of money market and overall state of national banking system.

Mongolian Monetary Policy in Current Conditions

Naidansurengijn Zolzhargal

On the Separation of Authority between the State Bank and the Foreign Trade Bank of the USSR in the 1920s

Golitsyn Iurii

Organization of Credit Risk-Management in the Course of Consumer Crediting

Zaichenko Elena

This paper reveals an organizational system aiming to successful risk management in the consumer lending. Effectiveness of the management is achieved by realization of certain principles, enriched composition of participants, functional and organizational arrangements for individual structural units and adequate attention to peculiarities of consumer lending as a process.

Particulars of the Revenues and Expenditures Sections of the Budget of the Russian Pension Fund

Spirina Aleksandra

Mainly the profitable part of the budget of thePension Fund of Russian Federation is formed with insurance fee and budget transfers. The main problem of bulking income of Pension fund of Russian Federation from management ofpensionary savingis limitation of investment instruments. The aim of this article is a determination of measures to increase a profitability of pension contributions.

Perspectives of a Macro-Prudential Policy

Rossi Salvatore

Some Active Problems of the European Economy

Kondratov Dmitrii

This article investigates the causes and various manifestations of the current European debt crisis. Analyzed the anti-crisis measures adopted in the industrialized countries in 2007–2010. The effect of the global financial crisis on the European economy, especially the monetary policy of the European Central Bank in the current conditions and the basic directions of budgetary policy.

Some Problems of Financial Intermediation in the Present Epoch

Murychev Aleksandr

The Globalization of Anti-Crisis Measures on the Global Financial Market

Lepeshkina Ksenia

The article presents an analysis of a new feature of the world economy – globalization of anti-crisis measures in the financial market that has appeared in their similarity and synchrony in implementation as well as cross-country effects and higher degree of coordination between various countries. Basing on modern crisis resolution practice the author provides new findings about limitations and prospects of the process of globalization in anti-crisis measures.

The Virtual Museum of the Bank of Russia on the Internet

Shevelenko Sergei, Bugrov Aleksandr, Marchenko Vladimir




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