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Current State of Cash in Circulation in Russia

Yurov Aleksandr

Development of Internal Control System at the Bank of Russia Chief Inspection

Sokolov Vladimir, Titov Igor

Development Tendencies in Regional Loan Markets in 2014 - Early 2015

Yegorov Aleksey, Osipova Yulia, Chekmaryova Yelena

Responses of regional loan markets to external shocks and monetary policy changes in 2014 and 2015 were different. This article describes trends of Russian regional loan markets developments, changes of market volume, interest rates and non-price lending conditions and underlying conditions for them. The special attention is given to the banks flight to quality and its impact on regional structure of loan portfolio.

Financial Market Infrastructures. Basic Principles of Relationship with a Central Bank in the Market Economy Environment

Ushakov Valery

Improving the Efficiency of Cash Cycle (ICCOS EMEA 2015: The Cash Cycle Seminar, 24-27 February 2015, Milan, Italy)

Ionov Viktor

Inflation Targeting: What Does the World Experience Say

Trunin Pavel, Bozhechkova Aleksandra, Kiyutsevskaya Anna

The authors evaluate the international experience of inflation targeting focusing on the mechanisms, limitations and effectiveness of its implementation in a wide range of developed and developing countries. After the analysis of the evolution and conditions of effective implementation of this monetary policy regime the authors conclude that the flexibility of the inflation targeting allows to achieve such positive results as a slowdown of inflation and a decrease in volatility of prices and output.

Intensified Investment Activities - a Driver of Economic Growth

Popov Gennady

Macroeconomic Regulation Potential in the Context of a New Technological Mode

Danilov-Danilyan Anton, Ushanov Petr

Major Trends in the Development of Foreign Exchange Market in Russia

Mishina Viktoria, Dmitry Abramov.

The article analyses the main areas of the development of the Russian foreign exchange market in the context of recent developments: financial instability and lowering growth rate. Structural changes in the Russian foreign exchange market are discussed in comparison with the main trends and proportions of the global market. Much attention is given to the improvement of the infrastructure of the foreign exchange market - including on-exchange trading, expansion of the client base, integration of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) FX markets, operations with national currencies.

On the Strategy Formulation of a Joint-Stock Bank Development

Bulanov Yury

The conceptual approach to development and supply of strategic stability of the joint-stock bank, based on the implementation of Bank of Russia requirements and standards of stable development, is suggested. The principle of balanced and stable development of the joint-stock bank is the realization of economic interests of influence groups. Аccording to the logic of the Bank of Russia regulation, the author established key parameters of bank development, representing the basis of strategic planning and creation of current plan of activities.

Optimization Procedure for Payments amid Liquidity Deficit

Kulipanov Vladimir

The practical approach to solve the problem of seek the maximization of aggregate value of payment instructions under liquidity shortage is presented and discussed. The reasons, preventing Bank of Russia from implementation of previously known algorithms in respect to the Bank of Russia’s payment system are discussed and illustrated. These results have not been published previously.

Perspectives for the Development of Trust Activities in the Russian Federation: a Reform Based on Foreign Experience

Astapov Kirill

Reforming of wealth management is discussed in the article. Directions of improving regulation of asset managers are based on international experience and include appropriate protection of investors, more transparent and effective work of asset managers, differentiation of regulation for different type of asset management, supporting of creation domestic investor.

The Bank of Russia Training Centre - 30 Years of Up-to-Date Work

Savelyeva Irina

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