Assessment of Counterparty’s Solvency in the Inter-bank Lending Market

Markovskaya Elizaveta, Vasilieva Anastasia

The article presents an organizational and economic mechanism of assessing borrowers' creditworthiness. This mechanism includes the procedure of assessing the creditworthiness of a borrower adapted to the conditions of instability on the Russian banking market and also the algorithm of actions and workflow for assessing counterparty. The main advantage of this procedure is its universal nature. It permits commercial banks to assess and minimize credit risk on the interbank lending market.

Basel III in Russia: Regulation Reform Aligning amid Systemic Risks?

Dzhagityan Eduard

International banking regulators are yet to find the instruments of unbiased measurement of systemic risks. In these circumstances, stress resilience and soundness of systemically important financial institutions mainly depend on understanding of the limits and the extent of their interconnectedness with macro-level dynamics, while their «de-riskization» remains a decisive contributor to soundness of the post-crisis conceptual framework of banking regulation. Challenges to regulatory reform in Russia are further complemented by macroeconomic uncertainty and higher market volatility that puts on the agenda of banking regulation reform the issue of systemic risk buildup resolution. Based on systematization of stress-driven factors in the Russian banking sector, the author of the article proposes further approaches on fine-tuning of the banking regulation policy in Russia and in the Eurasian Economic Union.

Coin Propaganda of the Colonial Empires in the Afro- Asian World

Fursov Kirill

The article analyses the almost unexplored problem of the role of metallic money as a means of ideological indoctrination on the material of colonial powers in Asia and Africa. The author shows how the appearance of the coins of colonial empires acting as a component of «soft power» was meant to suggest to the subjects the idea of the might, firmness and justice of the imperial power.

Currency Preferences in Priority Development Areas

Savaley Viktor, Samsonova Irina, Vodopyanova Valentina, Kornienko Kirill

In the Russian Federation in the framework of the implementation of the concept of zonal concentration of resources in the Far East the territory of advancing socio-economic development (priority development areas - TOR) is created. Special legal regime of TOR provides the features of the elements of the environment management, the possibility of providing residents with TOR preferences, mitigating the adverse effects of rapidly changing market conditions in the financial market. Mode of a free customs zone for the residents provides duty-free and tax-free importation, storage, consumption of foreign goods inside the TOR. Given that these preferences are associated with imports, this paper discusses the question of possibility of introduction of quotas for residents of TOR. The essence of the foreign exchange quota is that the resident of TOR (the investor) can purchase foreign currency in a certain amount with an established discount.

Evolution of Data Collection Methodology for the Supervisory Reporting of Financial Organizations

Loginov Mikhail

This article dwells on evolution of the methodology for data collection and analysis for regulatory supervision. The author analyses the most common aspects of changing regulatory reporting approaches, highlights implementation of the XBRL format and developing modern accounting systems. Using an example of the National Bank of Austria the author describes moving to data entry regulatory reporting and evaluates of the perspectives of new reporting approaches.

Increasing Budget Expenditure Efficiency Via Splitting Initial and Maximum Contractual Prices

Khvalynsky Dmitry

From 01.01.2014 to increase competition in the Russian public auctions the method of determining the initial (maximum) contract price has changed. The author considers the specificity of the new method, revealed its shortcomings, a new approach is proposed, which consists in splitting the initial and maximum rates of the contract, and in concealing information about the maximum price of the contract in order to enhance competition in public auctions.

New Developments in the Regulation of Retail Payments in the European Union

Dostov Viktor, Mamuta Mikhail, Pavel Shust.

The paper reviews major provisions of the EU Directive 2015/2366. Authors look at the peculiarities of functional approach to the payment regulation as well as legal status of the hi-tech intermediaries and their contribution to competition and innovations development.

Russian Federation Balance of Payments in 2015 and early 2016

Bulatov Aleksandr

The article analyses the Russian balance of payments of the last year and the beginning of this year by sections, aggregates and some articles. Its principal aspects were the drop of external turnover, decline of net capital outflow and external debt, some growth of official reserves.

Setting a New European System for Financial Regulation

Kondratov Dmitry

The article discusses the lessons and implications of the debt crisis in the euro area and those proposed by the European Commission and the European Central Bank reforms of economic governance in the currency bloc.

Single Targeted Social and Economic Policy as a Prerequisite for Economic Growth Resumption

Aganbegyan Abel

The 200

Kolomiytseva Vera

Trans-Pacific Partnership: New Standards for Investment and Financial Services

Portansky Aleksey, Davydov Valentin

International trade in XXI c. is fundamentally different from trade in second half of XX c. Today not only goods but whole industries are crossing borders. As a consequence, trade needs new rules. If new rules cannot be generated on multilateral level, they are to be elaborated otherwise. Nowadays Trans-Pacific Partnership is a layout which includes new rules and regulations beyond the WTO legal base. The article deals with investment, financial services and macroeconomic policy provisions of TPP.

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