Analysis and monitoring of bank lending terms

Egorov Aleksei, Karmazina Alina, Chekmareva Elena

Credit conditions surveys organized by central banks are important data source for loan market analysis. In this article we propose an analysis of usage of this surveys in foreign countries and features of this survey in Russia. The special attention is given to analysis of results of credit condition survey in Russian Federation and further development of this survey.

Anti-crisis policy of the eurozone monetary authorities

Podkolzina Inna

The paper reviews the monetary policy in the euro area during the period from August 2007 till October 2009. The author examines the ECB policy response to the financial market turbulence and assumes that monetary authority managed well in providing liquidity to banks and calming markets but failed to stimulate borrowing and economy. Given the leading role of the US central bank in the global financial system and its ability to manipulate financial markets - one of the exogenous factor

Corporate governance as a factor affecting the bank investment attractiveness

Udalov Dmitrii

At all stages of investment process it is necessary to consider considerable number macro- and microeconomic factors and to count huge number of the indicators, which conjoint analysis of values in itself is an essential scientific problem and it is inconceivable without the system approach. In the clause own determination of investment appeal is made. The new approach to process of accepting investment decisions is offered, the factors which change will allow to increase investment appeal and capitalization of banks are specified.

Economic modernization processes in Uzbekistan and commercial banks

Butikov Igor, Kotov Valentin

General rules of debiting accounts

Baykov Igor

Problems of expanding the eurozone (Czech experience)

Kondratov Dmitrii

Article is devoted a modern macroeconomic condition in Czech Republic. We investigate the real-nominal convergence nexus from the perspective of euro area entry. The paper discusses the challenges faced by Czech Republic on the road to the euro and the strategies for and timing of euro adoption.

Russian financial legislation: some recent trends

Medvedev Pavel

Securitization as an alternative of attracting financial resources

Petrovichev Aleksei

In the circumstances of liquidity crisis the research of innovative financial technologies, including securitization, became crucially important to solve a number of problems with financing as well to eliminate crisis's consequences. Strict collateral requirements are the key factor which restrains bank loans attracting by construction companies in oil and gas industry. The present article discusses possibility of securitization for those enterprises as an alternative method of their projects financing on the basis of revenues and assets structure for mentioned branch. The article also provides methodological approach to efficiency estimation for securitization projects.

Sources, instruments and agents of financing integration processes in the economy

Chernova Elena

The article reviews the latest Russian and international statistics and, thus, reveals sources and forms of financing of mergers and acquisitions. The main tendencies in the use of various financial instruments are discussed in relation to the purposes and the motives which the establishment of the economic combinations may pursue. Moreover, the author discusses different factors of financing and gives the characteristics to the agents of the financing process.

The banking system transparency and market discipline: a search for correlation

Semenova Mariа

We aim to discover the relationship between market discipline and banking system transparency using the cross-country data (1990-2003) with Nier index and index based on World Bank surveys' data. We show that measures aimed to increase transparency, not being accompanied with requirements related to information availability and/or interpretability, may be not efficient in reaching the goal of market discipline stimulation.

The implementation of G20 summit decisions: the Bank of Russia contribution

Minin Boris, Tarankova Larisa

The role and implications of the implementation of new technology of the Bank of Russia payment system at the regional level

Kurasov Aleksandr, Popov Konstantin, Makhnacheva Tatiana




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