Деньги и кредит


Financial Stability Framework and Monetary Policy

Braash Bernd

Government Borrowings in the Service of Modernizing the Russian Economy

Makarenko Irina

In this article, we consider ways of improving the Russian government's debt management that would make government borrowings an effective instrument of growth of the national economy. Government borrowings will also support further development of the government bond market that should become an effective mechanism for attracting capital to the Russian economy and encouraging investment activity in the country.

Interval Reservation: A Thrifty Approach to the Use of the Bank Capital

Moiseev Boris

In the article the new approach to reservation allowing to create reserves at a level, minimally sufficient for a covering of expected losses is proposed. The technique is based on the proved statement, that the size of reserves (more precisely, norm of reservation) under credits is directly connected with probability of their default. The method of calculation of probabilities matrix (transitions of credits on categories of quality) which allows to estimate reliably probabilities of defaults, and through them - reserves, both in quiet conditions and during crisis, is presented.

Problems of Reforming of the Macro-economic Institutions in the Post-Crisis Period

Rustamov Elman

The paper is discussing performance of the major macroeconomic institutions in the course of the international financial crisis. Various regimes of exchange rate and monetary policy are evaluated. Approaches to measuring independence of central banks are considered, exemplified by estimation of independence of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan. Amendments to the area of responsibility and policies of central banks are suggested with account of the crisis lessons.

The Analysis of Indicators of the Use of Bank Cards in Russia: Basic Tendencies and Regional Particularities

Kachanova Nina, Ogureeva Nina

The paper focuses on figures of bank cards market and its analysis using statistical methods: clustering method, computation of variation and seasonality indexes. The special attention is paid to the problems concerning the development of cards market in Russian regions. The results of research prove the constant growth tendencies of cards usage in Russia as well as the extension of regional disproportions of wealth.

The Development of the Kaliningrad Oblast Banking Sector in the Conditions of Overcoming the Consequences of the Financial Crisis

Ivaniuk Sergei

The Financial Provisions of the Development Strategy for the Far East and the Baikal Region (through 2025)

Rudko-Silivanov Viktor

The Innovational Activity of Commercial Banks

Semagin Ivan

In article stages of innovative activity of banks, characteristic features of bank innovations, а design procedure of efficiency of innovative bank activity are considered. The maintenance of expenses on bank innovations is defined and propositions on tax stimulation of the banks actually carrying out innovative activity are given.

The International Experience of Utilizing Distance Learning Technology in the Uninterrupted Professional Education of Personnel

Zemtsova Olga, Kalmykov Aleksandr

The Investment Potential of the Russian Economy and Points of Growth

Dobrovolsky Vladimir

The Question of Optimizing the Currency-Financial Global Order

Preksin Oleg





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