Деньги и кредит


A Commercial Bank as a Special Type of Financial Institution

Shvetsov Yury, Koreshkov Vladislav

Analysis of the Dynamics of Russians’ Bank Loans and Debt Burden

Kuzina Olga

Assignats Used during the French Revolution and the First Hyperinflation in Europe

Moiseev Sergei

Collective Securitization as a Factor in the Development of the Mortgage Market

Fayzullin Timur

The article describes the main challenges of the mortgage bonds market as an important source of refinancing mortgages. Preconditions of the development of collective securitization that provides access for small and medium-sized banks, mostly regional, to longterm financial resources of the capital market are identified. The definition of collective securitization is provided. The author disclosed the advantages of collective securitization as a factor in the development of mortgage-backed bonds market, and mortgage crediting market as a whole.

Controversial Issues of Taxation: Bank Risks

Surikov Konstantin, Myasnikova Marina

On Anti-Inflationary Measures Used in Azerbaijan

Alieva Nailia

Risk Management and Corporate Governance in the CLS System

Ushakov Valery

Some Topical Aspects of the Yuan to Become Global Reserve Currency

Binder Arkady, Kononov Artem

The article analyzes some aspects of the yuan’s transformation into the world currency. Special attention is paid to renminbi’s role in world trade transactions, to clarifying the prospective of renminbi being added to the central banks reserves portfolios, to analyzing the process of local currency swap agreements ratifications, to scrutinizing the renminbi denominated derivative and spot markets. The research indicates the upturn of the Chinese currency’s role in the world economy and global finances.

The Comprehensive Development of the Regional Economy and the Banking Sector

Yangirov Ilshat

The Current State of Regional Financial Cooperation among EurAsEC Member Countries and Prospects for Its Development

Ulyukaev Sergei, Sheriai Ksenia

The article reviews the activities of the Eurasian Development Bank and EurAsEC Anti-crisis Fund as the mechanisms that promote the integration of EurAsEC-countries by financing integration investment projects. It also indicates the possibility of using EU structural funds experience and the need to create the Eurasian regional financial center to enhance the integration of the region and to facilitate investment growth of the economies.

The Financial Market: the Institutional Structure Adjustment

Skapenker Oleg

In the article the imbalance of the valid architecture of the financial market and the approach applied to its regulation is shown. The institutional uniting of various sectors of the financial market generates the need of an integrated approach to multidirectional participants of the market. In the article the offers for optimization of legislatively established institutional structure of the financial market for increase the efficiency of its functioning are made.

The Interaction between Macroprudential and Monetary Analyses

Pavshok Olga, Sosyurko Vladimir

Журнал продолжает публикацию словарных статей, подготовленных сотрудниками Департамента финансовой стабильности Банка России. В данном номере представлены статьи раздела «Взаимодействие макропруденциального и денежно-кредитного анализа».

The Russian Presidency of the G20: Saint-Petersburg Summit Outcomes

Minin Boris

The Standards of Interaction between the Government Authorities and the Banking Sector

Mardanov Rustem

What Is to Be Done, When the Budget is Lacking?

Aganbegyan Abel

Zero Responsibility: Some Issues of Applying Article 9 of the National Payment System Law

Kakabadze Temuri

The article deals with current issues of application of Article 9 of the Federal Law of 27.06.2011 № 161-FZ "About the national payment system" in line with the analysis of the recommendations of the Bank of Russia and the civil law, including the European experience. The author offers a variety of approaches to implement the requirements of lending institutions to notify the client about the fulfillment of each transaction with the use of electronic means of payment.




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