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Analysis of Banking Sector Impact on the Quality of Economic Growth in the Republic of Belarus

Vlasenko Maksim

This article presents the results of the decomposition of the Belarus’ GDP dynamics on the intensive and extensive components and provides a comprehensive analysis of the impact of the banking sector on the structure of economic growth in terms of its quality. It was discovered that the Belarusian banks participate in the redistribution of the results of intensive economic growth in favor of extensive, which is not efficient enough from the position of socio-economic objectives. The article also describes changes in the sectoral structure of the economy of Belarus due to the activities of the banking sector and also discloses the contribution of local banks in social efficiency of the economic growth.

Analysis of Regional Credit Market Dynamics Using Bank Lending Terms Indicators

Gordeev Vasily, Kobzev Andrey

The article focuses on methods of modeling credit markets dynamics in the regions of the Russian Federation. The relationship between official bank reports data and results of the bank lending conditions survey is studied with application of methods of time-series analysis and methods of panel data regression. The results are applied to analysis and forecast of regional credit markets by the example of the Samara Region.

Banking Supervision Development on the Basis of International Principles

Khasianova Svetlana

After the recent financial crisis in many countries there was a noticeable reinterpretation of the supervision and its role in improving of reliability and efficiency of financial intermediaries. Before that was the introduction of the basic principles of supervision, but now the main attention is given to the quality of supervision and enhancing its role in prevention of crisis situations. Transition from formal to meaningful supervision is possible only when the particularities of banks’ functioning in specific country are considered. This article suggests the ways of improving the supervision and regulation of Russian banks taken into account the level of banks’ capitalization and the specific risks of their activities (in parts of prudential requirements).

Characteristic of the Banking Sector of the Cheliabinsk Region: Current Tendencies

Smirnova Nadezhda

The article examines the place of the banking sector of the Chelyabinsk region in the Russian banking sector. The estimation of the role of credit institutions operating in the Urals Federal District is given. The analysis allowed the author to draw the conclusion about the stable functioning of the regional credit institutions and the dynamic development of banking in the Chelyabinsk region.

Conceptual Approaches to Modernization of International Monetary, Credit and Financial Relations in the Framework of Modern Global Challenges

Krasavina Lidia

The article deals with conceptual framework and issues on further improvement of international monetary, credit, and financial relations (IMCFR) over a new take of the school of thought amid global challenges. We developed a set of suggestions on how to enhance the role of IMCFR in innovation-driven growth of the Russian economy. We also suggested steps on modernization of monetary and external credit and financial policy from the perspective of international challenges, including sanctions against Russia. Besides, we proved that IMCFR should be further substantiated by advanced legislation as well as by state regulation and governing documents.

Financial and Banking Agenda of Global Leaders from the Viewpoint of Emerging Market Economies’ Business

Preksin Oleg

The article contains an analysis of core issues of international monetary environment in their global and regional context. Among the challenges facing business leaders and the authorities, the author emphasizes those that will be passed with high probability from the G20 agenda for Australian Brisbane to the agenda of future Turkish presidency in «Big 20». The G20-B20 actions in banking and finance are compared to the BRICS activities, where the leaders and business work jointly on financial and banking infrastructure for mutual cooperation and where Brasilia will next year pass its presidency to Russia.

Gold in International Reserves of the Russian Federation: Transformation of Management Methods

Alferov Vladimir, Navoy Anton

Sanctions Against Russia - Destructive and Counterproductive Measures

Portansky Aleksey

The Diversity of the Russian Socio-Economic Space in the Projection on the Banking Sector

Starichkov Mikhail

To the Question of the Reform of the International Monetary Fund

Khlebnikova Daria

The article comprises an attempt in the light of the recent crises and G20’s recommendations to analyze the basic trends of the IMF reform that aim to strengthen its regulatory role in the international monetary, credit and financial relations. Special attention has been given to Russian participation in the current reform and perspectives of cooperation with this international financial institution.

Transition to the Inflation Targeting Regime in Latin America

Khmelevskaia Natalia

Latin American inflation targeting frameworks and risks they faced when liberalizing exchange rates regimes are discussed in this article. Colombian experience proves that central bank’s open market operations will be inevitably modified. But initially extensive interventions are necessary to make their amount appropriate to smooth shocks and to mitigate inflation expectations. Calculations made for Brazil’s money demand shows that exchange rate part in inflation pressure is low now, but market expectations have been moved onto Selic rates. After reduction of «fear of floating» the exchange rate will float within a wider range, and at the same time correlation between money demand and interest rate will also grow.




Выступление заместителя Председателя Центрального банка Российской Федерации М. И. Сухова на XII международном банковском форуме «Банки России - XXI век», 4.09.2014, г. Сочи

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