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Banking Sector and Economic Development of Uzbekistan's Regions

Abdunazarova Nodira

This article provides empirical analysis of the banking sector Uzbekistan's regions, the effects of financial intermediation of banks on the economic development of Uzbekistan's regions in 2004 - 2010. The results of the analysis show a gradual reduction of differentiation in the development of regions' banking sector. However, a statistically significant relationship between the level of commercial banks' credit activity and economic growth in the regions in the short run has not been detected.

History of Russia's Purchases of French Rents in 1847 - in the Context of Results of E.F. Kankrin's Financial Policy

Tatarinov Sergei

Institutional Problems of the Creation of an International Financial Center in Russia (Point of View)

Navoi Anton

Leasing Finance on the Contemporary Russian Marke

Boitemirov Timur

Managing Excess Reserves: the Experience of the U.S. Federal Reserve

Akimov Oleg

Mortgage Securities as an Instrument for Mortgage Securitization

Belozerov Sergei, Lupyr Aleksei

The article presents the results of an analysis of mortgage securitisation securities. The authors identify the common characteristics and differences between various kinds of mortgage securitisation securities as well as their economic and issuing structures. The authors compare Russian and foreign mortgage securitisation securities, offer their classifications and come to the conclusion on their comparability.

Overcoming Banking Crises: Fundamental Strategies and Instruments

Larina Olga

The article investigates the crisis in the banking system. This article examines used in Russia and abroad coping strategies and specific anti-crisis tools suitable for various states, as well as their implications. The author considers that there is no perfect and universal strategy, but the government involvement in the process of overcoming a banking crisis is necessary, because in the absence of government intervention banking crises have dramatic consequences for the economy.

Regulation of the Market for Energy Derivatives: Plans and Reality

Zhukov Stanislav, Kopytin Ivan, Maslennikov Aleksandr

Some Aspects of Inflation Rate Targeting - International Experience and Armenian Monetary Policy

Voskanian Mariam, Manukian David

This paper reviews the conditions and the results of the experiences of the inflation targeting in a number of countries and in Armenia. An attempt was made to explain not very successful experience with given this regime application. An alternative for inflation targeting is also proposed.

Some Aspects of the Archival Activity

Gatiatulin Asadula, Gamilov Anvar

The Bank Deposit Insurance Agency: Actions on the Advance Notification of Bank Bankruptcy

Bochkareva Olga

Article is devoted to the role of Deposit Insurance Agency in the readjustment of problem banks. Consideration of teamwork of Agency with Bank of Russia on realization of a series of measures on financial improvement of the credit organizations is resulted. In article the question of prolongation the period of validity of the Federal law № 175 after 2011 is brought up. As a result of the analysis of work of Agency resulted in article on insurance of contributions the author does a conclusion that full refusal of Agency functions on financial improvement of banks can cause negative consequences for economy in view of presence of a constant demand of the debugged mechanism of restoration of financial stability of the problem credit organizations.

The Birth and Development of Credit Cooperation in Russia

Vychugzhanin Aleksandr

The Influence of the Export and Import of Capital on Gross Accumulation in the Russian Federation

Bulatov Aleksandr

Theoretical Approaches to the Assessment on the Optimal Range of the Interest Rate Corridor

Shevchuk Ivan

The paper is discussing theoretical problems of central bank interest rate band estimation. Thus the special attention is given to principles formulation and theoretical model of interest rate band estimation. The paper contains practical methods of interest rate band estimation for the Bank of Russia.





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