All Facets of Information Security (Forum 2016)

Demianov Denis

Boosting Economic Growth: Challenges and Approaches

Medvedev Georgy, Brovkina Natalia

The world has entered a period of technological development based on NBIC-convergence. Russia's economy faced with serious geopolitical and economic challenges, is declining. Market mechanisms stalled. In these conditions one of the most important sources of credit market development funds become the Bank of Russia. Monetary policy of the Central Bank, maintaining the stability of the national currency, should be focused on solution of strategic tasks of the country and to contribute to economic growth. The article examines how adopted strategic plans consistent with the purposes of development of the credit market and the economy as a whole.

Building Efficient Cooperation Strategies for Insurance Companies and Banks

Averchenko Oleg

In the article the basic approaches to interaction of insurance companies and banks - organizational and productional - are considered. The portfolio of alternative strategy of interaction of insurance companies and banks is offered, the most actual strategy are allocated. To effective strategy of interaction of insurance companies and banks are carried: strategy of differentiation (granting of the financial services more attractive for their characteristics for clients, than services of competitors), decrease in expenses (reduction of expenses of operational activity) and strategy of growth (concentration of the capital due to operations of merge and absorption).

Challenges and Prospects of the Global Monetary System

Bazhan Anatoly

Contemporary Russian Banking System: Topical Issues

Sukhov Mikhail

Expected Inflation in Neoclassical Growth Model with Cash-in-Advance Restriction

Gorelikov Kirill

The paper presents a neoclassical growth model with restrictions on cash in advance. The object of the research is the monetary economy with neoclassical constraints (cash-in-advance). The aim of the work is analytical proof of the negative influence of money in models with cash-in-advance on the real variables (consumption, production, employment). The main differences from the canonical model of C. Walsh is that, first, agents can adjust labor supply, the leisure in their utility function; secondly, the restriction on cash in advance applies not only to consumption but also on investment.

FX Interventions. Motives and Instruments of Central Banks

Moiseev Sergey

Management of a Bank’s Cash Flow

Motovilov Oleg, Milkov Yury

The article highlights the challenges faced by the banking sector, as well as existing approaches to the management of bank liquidity. It is proposed to consider the behavioral model with customers profiling, enhancing the quality of the forecast of funds withdrawal and, consequently, reducing the amount of resources required to maintain the bank's liquidity.

On Approaches to International Regulation of Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin) in Certain Foreign Jurisdictions

Kuznetsov Vadim, Yakubov Aleksandr

The article is devoted to the approaches of the international regulation of the use of one of the cryptocurrency varieties - Bitcoin.

On Chinese Economic Environment

Cheskidov Boris

On Enhancing the Banking Sector in the Current Economic Environment

Tosunyan Garegin

On the Efficiency of Mergers and Acquisitions in the Banking Sector

Fedorova Yelena, Rybalkin Pavel, Bedretdinova Lilia

In this work the influence of various factors on the efficiency of M&A deals in banking is estimated. The efficiency of M&A deals was evaluated by cumulative abnormal return on 3-watch windows (-1, +1), (-4, +4), (-7, +7). As an empirical base there used the characteristics of 166 M&A deals in banking from 2006 to 2014. The methods involved the lineal regression and calculation of conditional volatility of financial indicators basing on the GARCH model. As a result of the research it was defined that M&A efficiency is influenced by overall financial market conditions. What is more, this influence changes depending on the period of research. In addition, the strongest influence was determined in the period prior to crisis.

The Interest Rate Has Already Played Its Part?

Matovnikov Mikhail



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