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The conception and major direction of the journalThe Philosophy of ScienceSince 1995 the Institute of Philosophy and Law SB RAS has been publishing the scientific journal The Philosophy of Science: the Scientific Edition on Philosophy, Methodology and Logic of Natural Sciences (7 units of 40,000 ens). It contains articles on philosophical problems of physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, geology, meth-odology and logic of scientific knowledge, as well as the data from archival sources (on philosophy, methodology, logic and history of natural sciences and fundamental prob-lems of natural science) including original ideas which are relevant for the development of modern science remain unknown or little known to the general reader. Philosophers and natural scientists from the Novosibirsk Scientific Center SD RAS, from other scien-tific centers of the SD RAS and the Russian Federation as well as from abroad are among contributing authors.The main sections of the journal are the following:- General Problems of the History and Philosophy of Science- Methodology and Logic of Science- Basic Problems of Modern Science- Extracts from the History of Science- Extracts from the Archives- Letters to the Editor- Scientific Community NewsThe journal is distributed by subscription and Roskompechat is the exclusive distributor. Most of the largest libraries of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, the libraries of the Moscow State University, the St. Petersburg State Univer-sity, the Novosibirsk State University and other universities are among its subscribers. The publication cycle is 4 issues per year. The journal is addressed to scientists, post-graduate and graduate students who are interested in philosophical, methodological and logical problems of modern natural science and mathematics or who work in this field. The issues of the journal became widely popular in the scientific community. The evidence for this claim is the permanent increase of subscribers, increase in orders for both new and previous issues, as well as excellent reviews in scientific and periodi-cal press. It proves that the Editorial Board has properly estimated the relevance and necessity of a periodical journal with orientation like this, since in Russia there were no particularized periodical on philosophy of science. One of the priorities of the journal is amalgamation of the scientific community in order to discuss and solve philosophical, methodological and logical problems of modern natural science and mathematics. It seems to be especially relevant at the con-temporary stage of the development of scientific knowledge, since the crisis broken out in our society resulted in a violent increasing of pseudo-scientific and unscientific pub-lications which distort and sometimes even pervert proper image of science and the style of scientific thinking. That is why publishing of the journal on the mentioned prob-lems is focused not only on the development of new ideas and popularization of science, but also on the advocacy of scientific valuables by discussing, working out, and analyz-ing criteria of scientific character in modern knowledge. In particular, organized and conducted by the Editorial Board “Round Table” meetings and inter-institute seminars holding every two weeks contribute to this advocacy.The Siberian Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences has highly qualified specialists as well as a sufficient experience in the field of development of philosophical and methodological problems of natural sciences. The publication of the journal The Philosophy of Science is highly qualified to join scientists in solving tasks the modern science faces, and to essentially influence and contribute to the development of the sci-entific style of thinking.

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