• Publisher Открытое акционерное общество Всероссийский научно-исследовательский институт организации, управления и экономики нефтегазовой промышленности
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The Journal reflects the most urgent scientific and scientific-industrial problems in relation to prospecting, exploration and development of oil fields, including methods of geological and geophysical research, complex evaluation of oil and gas content of some territories and local objects, geological-economic zoning, hydrocarbon reserves calculation as well as prediction of non-traditional traps.Problems in relation to geological-prospecting management in new conditions, legal and finance regulation of subsoil assets usage, cooperation with foreign companies in the field of extraction of oil and gas resources are also discussed in the Journal. Official documents on the above-mentioned problems issued by Ministry of Fuel and Energy and the RF Government are published in the Journal as well. The Journal submits information about the most important results of prospecting-exploration work in Russia, in the countries of Commonwealth of Independent States and abroad, about newly-opened oil and gas fields, their geological structure and prospecting peculiarities, about implementation of modern techniques of data processing, obtained during geological-geophysical studies, their integration as well as about development of field-geophysical methods. Problems of getting concessions on carrying out prospecting-exploration works, agreements on fields’ development by foreign and joint companies are likely to be reflected. The highest premium is assigned to the problems relating to assessment of the influence degree of the main geological-physical factors on technological indicators of development of oil and gas fields, analysis of efficiency of various systems providing maintenance and regulation of formation pressure, rational pattern of wells, enhancement of oil extraction out of low-permeable, strongly heterogeneous and clay-containing collectors. The Journal reflects problems of modern state and tendencies in development of thermal, physical-chemical, gas, micro-biological and wave methods of enhanced oil recovery both in Russia and abroad.

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