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Apostate and apostasy

Hrapovitskaya G.N.

Regarding the notions apostate and apostasy the author stresses the fact that historians and writers had different interpretations of these notions and that the perception of them changed through different epochs.

Award as a subject of social-philosophical research in Russian tradition

Malinkin A.N.

The author considers the phenomenon of «award» as a component of political culture, that also helps to reveal culturological, social, ethical, ethological, sociobiological, social-anthropological phenomena and processes.

Axiology in the structure of philosophical knowledge

Kuskova S.M.

The article is devoted to the role of axiology in the philosophical and science system. Axiology, the author insists, considers ethics, esthetics, logics as particulars.

«Essential human phenomenology» by M. Scheler: the stages

Bedritskaya N.V.

The doctrine by M. Scheler on the person as a pattern of philosophical anthropology and the idea of «Essential human phenomenology» is under concern in the article. The author draws a parallel between philosophical doctrines on personality by great XX century thinkers.

Genealogy of culture idea: W. Jaeger and M. Heidegger on the notion of «education» in ancient Greece

Asoyan J.A.

The content and meaning of the notion «paideia» in the interpretation of German philologist W. Jaeger and philosopher M. Heidegger are analyzed in the article.

Is the culture project finished? (the concept of posthistorical university of B. Ridings)

Asoyan J.A.

The concept of posthistorical university bу Canadian researcher B. Ridings is grounded upon two points: the decay of national state and deactualization of the culture idea. The author believes that the idea of the culture project finishing does not have the solution yet.

Money: from economics to metaphysics

Samokhvalova V.I.

Article is devoted consideration of a phenomenon of money, specificity of its role and functioning in a modern context. Money is not only economic means, but a difficult phenomenon of forming of relation of the person with a society, with the world, with themselves, finding of the place in the world, self-determination of the person. Modern life of money and its «new» values becomes basis of radical revision of many traditional norms and values for the person: cultural, moral, psychological, religious etс.

Regarding the filiation of Hellenistic archetypes and forms in Russian classical literature

Asoyan A.A.

The problem of reception of the antic literature in Russian literature, the concepts of antiquity by Pushkin, Tyutchev, Mandelstam, Tsvetaeva and others is regarded in the article. The author analyses as antique forms, semantics of Greek myth, transform in Russian literature.

Russian history today

Makhlin V.L.

В статье рассматривается вклад известного польского историка А. Валицкого в исследование русской истории. Методически исследования А. Валицкого относятся к англо-саксонской традиции и истории идей, «или интеллектуальной истории». Эта традиция не перестает быть значимой и полезной. В приложении дается перевод отрывка из первой главы книги А. Валицкого «История русской мысли: От Просвещения до марксизма».

«Silver age» or «Russian Renaissance»?

Mildon V.I.

The author introduces a notion of «Russian Renaissance» in spite of the «Silver age». Some Russian thinkers used the word Renaissance, describing the Russian culture on the edge of XIX–XX cent. The same atmosphere of creativity was revived during the silver age, the author notes.

Sitcom cultural value (based on evolution of the American family representation)

Belenkiy Y.M.

The article deals with one of the most popular TV genre, sitcom. It argues about sitcom value from cultural and social prospective as sitcom probably more than other mass communication genres represents society changes and accumulates this knowledge.

The Apostle Paul and the New Testament science

Cherniavski A.L.

The article considers the works by Albert Schweitzer and Saunders on the history of Christian doctrine emergence, based on the study of the New Testament as the most valuable historical document.

The concept of «human identity». Philosophical-anthropological analysis

Dorofeev D.Y.

The author tends to find in the anthropological dictionary of philosophy those notions and concepts that mean not only some human quantities or faculties but the hole human identity. He relies on investigations by R. Descartes, I. Kant, P. Ricoeur, M. Scheler.


Walicki Andrzej

The impact of famous Polish historian in the Russian history research is analyzed in the article. The translation of the first chapter from A. Valitski book «The history of Russian thought: From from Enlightment to marxism – is supplied to the article».

The model of European spirituality by Schopenhauer and Nietzsche and its evolution in the philosophy of Max Scheler

Stolbova N.V.

The author regards the crisis model of European spirituality by Schopenhauer and Nietzsche, the critics of Nietzsche resentment doctrine by Scheler – from the point of phenomenological view.

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