• Publisher Автономная некоммерческая организация Независимый институт гражданского общества
  • Country Россия
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The journal was born in the walls of the Russian Academy of Sciences and owes its high status to many. At present, it is an official publication of the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences (director - Corresponding Member of the RAS Smirnov Andrey Vadimovich, Moscow). It all started in 1999, when a group of like-minded people, consisting of representatives of various scientific and educational institutions, started publishing the socio-humanitarian scientific and practical journal Personality. Culture. Society. Over the years, the editorial board and the editorial board have been able to gather around the journal serious intellectual forces in Russia, near and far abroad. Prominent Russian scientists and organizers of science and education are collaborating with the journal: G.I. Goering, P.S. Gurevich, A.I. Dontsov, L.M. Drobizheva, A.A. Zinoviev, M.S. Kagan, V.N. Kuznetsov, N.I. Lapin, V.M. Mezhuev, K.H. Momjyan, E.A. Orlova, K.S. Pigrov, K.E. Razlogov, B.C. Stepin, V.A. Tishkov, J.T. Toshchenko, V.G. Fedotova, V.N. Shevchenko, V.V. Shcherbina, V.A. Yadov.On its pages for the first time in Russia the translations of the works of the classics of sociology, political science, culturology, philosophy, management theory were published. In total, more than eighty translations have been published, commissioned by the editorial staff, including works by G. Bateson, E. Burgess, M. Weber, E. Hoffmann, C. Clackhon, G. Cohen, C. Levy-Strauss, R. Linton, R.D. Mackenzie, B. Malinowski, T.Kh. Marshal, J.G. Meade, G. Mosca, R. Merton, T. Parsons, V. Pareto, R.E. Park, F. Ratzel, A. Radcliffe-Brown, G. Simon, E. Tirikyan, L.A. White, J. Feyblmana, R. Firt, J. Habermas and many other authors.Interdisciplinarity is one of those fundamental grounds on which the entire editorial policy of the co-publishers of the journal is built. And this number-by-number approach proves its productivity. After all, the view from the outside often allows us to see familiar and well-established scientific concepts, methodological approaches in an unusual perspective for the given subject area. Interdisciplinarity of the journal Personality. Culture. Society opens space for dialogue, diffusion and mutual enrichment of philosophy and sociology, cultural studies and social anthropology, history and art history, jurisprudence and psychology, economics and political science, theory of organization and management.

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