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About tutoring as the method of pedagogical design of self-education of the trainees

Kuznetsov I.N.

The key moments of formation in Russia of institute of tutoring as the phenomenon of open cultural and educational space of Russia are being considered. Considering the long-term strategic objectives of a development of education and culture in our country, the author offers a nonconventional view of a tutoring problem, considering it in various contexts of formation and realization of spiritual and cultural potential of each personality and society in general. In the methodological plan three main types of a context are being allocated by the author: cultural and information, cultural and social and cultural and anthropological. Considering specifics of each of tutoring contexts, the conclusion is being drawn about the need of their synthesis for concrete model of an individual educational program of the personality.

Analysis of approaches to developmen of the program of social and economic development of St.Petersburg

Gatchin Yu. A., Lugovskoy R.A., Rumyantseva S.A.

The current legislation in the field of state planning is considered. The analysis of the situation which developed in St. Petersburg, connected with development of the program of social and economic development is carried out. The problems interfering effective programming of social and economic development in St. Petersburg are revealed and also suggestions for improvement of the current legislation of St. Petersburg are prepared.

External economic capacity of Russia: the way to its increase

Murtuzalieva S. Yu.

Modern problems of increase of the external economic potential, export growth of oil and oil products of Russia are being considered. A resource of growth of an export potential of Russia is the increase in oil production due to development of fields behind the Polar circle. Prospects in this direction, activity of the oil companies, and their vector of development are being considered. The assessment of a modern situation in the world market of oil and oil products is being given.

Formation of the tendencies of the development of the agricultural enterprises in the reproduction concept of the technical base (on the example of the Rostov region)

Seryogin A.A., Glechikova N.A., Reva A.F.

In the article, the indicators, characterizing the amount of production and technical equipment of the agricultural enterprises of the Rostov region are being analyzed. The enterprises for an effective investment of the financial streams and the enterprises demanding development of programs of an exit from a crisis situation are being revealed. The priority directions of sequence of investment of capital in main types of equipment are being offered.

Functional coverings in agricultural mechanical engineering

Serov A.V., Serov N.V., Burak P.I., Latypov R.A.

In the article, the analysis of the main functional coverings used in agricultural mechanical engineering is being carried out. Distinctions between methods of hardening, restoration and receiving functional coverings are being given. Opportunities and perspectives of the electrocontact welding as the way of receiving functional coverings are being considered.

Improvement of the registration and estimated mechanism of use of derivative financial instruments as method of innovative development

Gerasimova L.N., Seredyuk E.A.

The directions of improvement of the registration and estimated mechanism of use of derivative financial instruments are being stated. Both theoretical, and practical aspects of maintaining the account and reflection in the reporting of these types of assets, and also influence of various rules and procedures on reliability of reporting information and efficiency of adoption of these or those investment decisions are being considered. The short description of different types of financial instruments is being given, their influence at the level of macro - and microeconomics is being opened. Problems of the accounting of operations on the return repayment are being designated, and the analysis of the reasons and consequences of distortion of information on this type of assets is being made, shortcomings of the operating system of the accounting legislation are being specified.

Investment climate of the Azerbaijan Republic as the key factor for the contribution of investments into agriculture

Abdulgasanov T.T.

In the article, the current state of investment appeal of agriculture is being considered. The assessment of investment climate and certain offers is being outlined.

Justification of the plan of computing experiment for improverment of the biogaz consumer propeties in gas distibution processes

Sidyuganov Yu. N., Shamshurov D.N., Kostromin D.V., Zagayanova E.N., Kostromina M.V.

The technique and the plan of carrying out computing experiment for the purpose of coordination of settlement and experimental data, a choice of parameters of numerical algorithms, a choice of dimensionless parameters, carrying out parametrical researches in dimensional and dimensionless parameters and coordination of results in processes of a mass transfer in the membrane and absorbing gas-distributing systems providing improvement of consumer properties of biogas are being outlined.

Organization and strategy of the personnel policy of bank

Bagirov E.A.

On the example of commercial banks of the Nakhchyvansky Autonomous Republic the organization of personnel policy of bank, dependence of efficiency of activity of bank on quality of personnel policy, and also strategy of this bank are being considered.

Psychology and pedagogical aspects of formation of competitiveness of future specialists

Semyshev M.V., Semysheva V.M., Andryushchenok E.V., Kutsebo G.T.

The article deals with the problem of forming future professionals’ competence. It describes basic psychological and pedagogical approaches in competence training of highly qualified person. There are considered the main approaches of forming highly qualified specialist during vocational training at high school.

The algorithmic method of the allication of typical values of the statistical massive

Kopteva N.A., Udintsova N.M., Seryogina V.V., Shapovalova L.N.

Article is being devoted to the development and application of an algorithmic method of allocation of typical representatives of the statistical massive of identifying sizes to realization of goods during a certain period of time by a concrete outlet.

The condition of machines and tractors park of the Vilga (Privolzsky) federal district and perspectives for its further development

Lapshin Yu. A., Lapshina G.V., Zhirnov A.V.

The problems of the ensuring food security connected with a condition of machines and tractors park in the Volga federal district, possibility of acquisition of agricultural machinery in agrarian sector of economy taking into account the developed structure of investments are being analyzed.

The factors influencing competitiveness of goods in relation to area of ferrous metallurgy

Shatskih E.A., Moskovtsev V.V.

In the article, the factors influencing quality of production in relation to area of ferrous metallurgy are being considered, specified and added.

The place and the role of metrological service in the system of management of measurements

Shkaruba N. Zh., Levshchanova E.A.

The model of system of management of measurements according to GOST P ISO 10012-2008 is being presented. The analysis of requirements to activity of metrological services of legal entities during the developing, introduction and functioning of system of management of measurements is being carried out.

The regulatory essence of law in I. A. Ilyin''s provisions

Kuzmina A.V.

Methodological ideas of the outstanding Russian philosopher, researcher of methodology of the right I. A. Ilyin in which works the spiritual sense and the state mission of sense of justice are being comprehended and are being considered. The consonance of the idea of I. A. Ilyin about three axioms of justice with a level of development of the theory of the law in modern Russia is being stressed. The law is being considered as the leading institutional regulator of many parties of activity of people, thus the connection of interests and freedom, interests, the rights and duties of various subjects is being emphasized.

The research of distribution of magnetic induction in the working gap of the electro-magnetic separator

Charykov V.I., Mityunin A.A., Yakovlev A.I.

The technique of definition of magnetic induction in a working gap of an electro-magnetic separator is being considered in the article. Theoretical and practical data of magnetic induction presence are being presented. Graphic dependences of distribution of magnetic induction are being given in a working zone of an electro-magnetic separator.

The reserve power plant with the usage of the asynchronous motor with the phase rotor

Golubtsova I.V.

The possibility of the usage of the asynchronous motors with a phase rotor as synchronous generators in the reserve sources of power supply is being highlighted in the article. As a source of three-phase current the three-phase asynchronous motor with a phase rotor can be used.

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