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And logic exercises information of mental processes of students

Aliev I.B.

The article defines the importance of didactic games, fascinating and logic exercises in the formation of mental processes in mathematics elementary education.

Common information system of agrarian and industrial complex

Medennikov V.I., Salnikov S.G.

The article considers the concept of creation of the common information system of agrarian and industrial complex of the Russian Federation. Results of the analysis of a current situation with use of Internet technologies in agrarian sphere of the Russian Federation are presented. The typical composition and representative structure of farming knowledge in the Internet are offered. The summary on current products in the given sphere is presented.

Competence approach to preparation of engineers for technical service in agrarian and industrial complex

Zubrilina E.M., Danilov M.V.

Main principles of formation of curricula for two-level education are listed. The purposes of the competence approach are described for professional training of engineers. The article represents the results of questioning of engineering employers carried out by employees of laboratory of social and pedagogical researches for the purpose of revealing of the main competences.

Control of the objects via GPS navigation data

Shulga E.F.

Complex control of system of «moving and stationary objects» via GPS navigation data is considered. The complex character of control is in application of advancing, operational deviation control for the optimised unit of schedules and material incentive for quality of control operatuion.

Defects of body details and ways to correct them

Komar V.D.

Defects of body and cab details are considered. The ways to prevent them and correct are revealed.

Development of computer technologies in agrarian and industrial complex

Gorbachev M.I.

The analysis of the software products is represented, allowing to automate the estimation of economic efficiency of milk production technologies. Data on some most widespread description methods and models of technological processes in animal husbandry are revealed.

Experimental research of interaction of methyl ether of the rapeseed oil with water

Kovalenko V.P., Ulyukina E.A., Buryakov A.S., Galko S.A.

The article represents the results of laboratory studies of methyl ether of the rapeseed oil hygroscopicity and its eadiness to hydrolysis during the interaction with water. On the basis of the received experimental data the necessity of dehydration of this product is recommended during transporting, storage and refueling operations.

Features of designing in graphic editor KOMPAS-3D

Chepurina E.L.

The article considers the use of computer program KOMPAS-3D for assembly drawings.

Features of the projecting of pedagogical process of health care

Ismailov H.

The features of projecting in pedagogical activity are presented. The problems of creation of productive technologies for pedagogical process, projections of ability, stages of formation of readiness of the students, projecting the health care of students areconsidered.

Independence of educational activity in students' viewpoint

Lysenko E.E.

The article analyzes the social, psychological and pedagogical aspects of the problem of independence as a property of the person and as a way to realize the educational activity of students. The empirical data represent the attitude of students to independent educational activity when studying the subject «Tractors and cars» and the revealed difficulties of its organisation.

Influence of lubricants on the technical state of farm machinery

Gaidar S.M.

The article represents the lubricant developed on the base of molybdenum disulfide, titanium dioxide, colloidal graphite, aluminum and single-component oil-soluble corrosion inhibitor to protect the threaded couplings of the farm machinery units from the thermal-oxidative and corrosive «gripping». It represents the analysis of the influence of lubricant component proportions on the torque during dismantling of the fastening unit «bolt

Interrelation of spirituality and freedom

Allahverdev G.V.

Questions of interrelation of spirituality and freedom are analyzed, the essence of concept of «spirituality» is revealed. Interrelations of spirituality and freedom and the factors strengthening it are revealed as well. The article concludes that the human spirituality has the impulse of its free activity. It is underlined, that the modern public life with inherent deep shifts in the field of development of spirituality of the person causes the further strengthening of its bond with freedom. These two integral qualities are essence of the person.

New multifunctional inhibitor of atmospheric corrosion of metals

Gaidar S.M.

The article represents the developed multifunctional inhibitor of atmospheric corrosion of the metals that is condensation product of the boric acid with diethanolamine and synthetic fatty acids of the fraction C

Operated and uncontrolled movements

Sergovancev V.T.

The control as an influence process creates various movements of machinery, people, substance, energy, etc., i.e. operated movements. The analysis of differences of operated and uncontroled movements is represented.

Planning of the cost price for grain crops

Devyaterikova O.L.

The work proves the necessity of cost price planning for production, goods or services. Rational methods of the estimation of the cost price are offered.

Psychological support of training during introduction of the automated control systems

Jukov Y.M., Juravlev A.V., Pavlova E.N.

Psychological support of training of the personnel is one of the most perspective and resource-intensive directions of activity of the expert psychologist. In Russia. This direction is especially actual now because of mass implementation of modern systems of a corporate control, which can be budgeting, resource analysis, balance system, etc. All these systems are based on the use of modern equipment and demand urgent and mass training of the personnel during the introduction. Underestimation of this component or faults during the solution of the problems of training can cost much. Undoubtedly, that introduction failure (it occurs, by some estimations, more than in half of cases) is substantially defined by underestimation of «the human factor» or «natural resistance of a human material» during training or conversion training.

Restoration of thin-walled components of the sliding bearing made of copper alloys

Poluyan V.A., Ivankov G.V.

The article considers the wide use of sliding bearings in tractor and car units as well as in other farm machinery. It considers the problems of repair of bearing units. To choose the optimum method of restoration the analysis of the wearing conditions of the internal surface of the conrod small end bushing of the tractor YaMZ-240B is carried out.

Study of interaction of methyl ether of the rapeseed oil with constructional materials

Kovalenko V.P., Ulyukina E.A., Pulyaev N.N., Shaidurova O.N., Buryakov A.S.

The article represents the results of the study of interaction of methyl ether of the rapeseed oil with the various materials used in manufacture of the transport, storage and refueling equipment as well as the results of the study on tolerance to methyl ether of the rapeseed oil of the components of the fuel system of the tractor MTZ 80/82.

The analysis of producers of materials and equipment for electrocontact welding

Burak P.I.

Materials for electrocontact welding particularly metal powders, tapes and wires are considered. The major producers of the given materials and equipment are listed.

The quality estimation of domestic and foreign farm machinery

Erohin A.V.

The article represents the analysis of reliability parameter data on time to failure of the new import and domestic machinery used in agriculture. The stages of expansion of the foreign producers to home gain market of the Russian Federation are presented. The disadvantages of the correct organisation of maintenance and repair are revealed when implementing the import machinery presented in the Russian market. On the basis of the analysis the domestic experts offer the measures necessary to increase the competitiveness of domestic machinery, supplied to the agriculture.

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