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Education integration in the course of the international cooperation

Sklyarenko R.P.

The assessment of a role of finance of non-profit organizations regarding distribution of an internal gross product is being given in the article-in-question. The provision for the need of the interference barrier with the entry of the foreign capitals into a field of activity of nonprofit organizations, the necessity to trace the creation of pseudo research and educational organizations are being submitted. The formation of a cultural background of the big family living on the earth, as element of national identity is being considered.

Ehe value-oriented approach in the strategy of innovative and anti-recessionary development of business

Shishkin V.V., Kudryavtseva G.V., Shishkin V.I.

The comparative assessment of traditional and value-oriented approaches in system of the public strategic administration is being presented. Advantage of value-oriented approach in innovative and anti-recessionary development of business is being shown.

Estimating the power of the intermodulation products of radio signal at the output of nonlinear power amplifier with accurate approximation of its characteristics

Sizyakova A.Y., Lyu Hai Nam

The algorithm for the accurate approximation of the experimental complex of nonlinear characteristics of power amplifiers satellite relay is being brought out to the public. The representation of an experienced based model in the form of a series of Bessel functions is being considered and outlined.

Increase of the role of methodology of the illustrative analysis in business projects

Pizengolts V.M.

Basic provisions of the methodology of the illustrative analysis which is an addition to economic methods of mathematical synthesis are being proved in the article-in-question. Results of researches in the form of the evident representations supplementing their essence, on the basis of the concrete agricultural organizations are being also presented.

Indicators of quality of work in the life cycles of information-measuring systems of modern enterprises

Filippov A.A.

Quality indicators in the general model of life cycle of information and measuring system as a whole and its separate components are being considered. It is shown that indicators have to be defined in the specification according to existing standards. The emphasis is being backed up that quality indicators at each stage of life cycle are complex ones, which consist of the corresponding indicators, technical and software and decisions.

Problems of the sustainable development of rural territories of the Republic of Bashkortostan

Stovba E.V.

The Necessity for the development of strategy of a sustainable development of rural territories at regional level is being proved. The short analysis of social and economic development of rural areas of the Republic of Bashkortostan from 2000 for 2012 is being submitted. It is proved that increase of economic efficiency of agricultural production of the agro communities is the key factor expressing positive development of the social sphere of rural territories.

Status of integration processes in industry

Ostrovskaya E.N., Lugovskoy R.A.

This article analyzes the processes of integration and the key issues of industrial development in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. Identified successful projects cluster development and integration processes. The examples of existing government programs to support and development of industrial enterprises. The necessity of further improvement of Russian legislation and the integration processes in the industry are coming along with the mechanisms of the state policy in the field of state strategic planning in the regions of Russia.

System of the balanced indicators as the instrument of increase of cost of the company in market conditions

Filippov A.A.

Innovative approach in the field of strategic management - a technique of an assessment of efficiency of activity by means of the balanced system of indicators which is the major instrument in increase of cost of the modern company is being outlined in the article under consideration.

The concept of reforming of system of milk production and its processing

Eydis A.L., Chutcheva Yu. V.

Suggestions for improvement of the organizational and economic relations of subjects of the market of milk and dairy products on an innovative basis of formation of clusters are being considered.

The history of tobacco growing in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic

Guseinov H.

The dynamics of the development of tobacco growing in the historical aspect from 1901 to 1985 is being outlined in the article below. Also the effectiveness of tobacco production is being backed up by the author and the conclusion about the necessity of further development of tobacco growing in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic is being presented.

The improvement of qualified personnel''s training in the course of various types of farming

Aliyeva L.Z.

In the article, the rational use of labor capacity of the village is being revealed. The value of the development and spreading of continuing education systems are being emphasized.

The influence of the principles of territorial integrity and the right of nations for obtaining of the self-determination in the development of the recognition of states in international law

Gassiev M.C.

The author raises issues related to the practical implementation by States of their right to international recognition. The author believes that the implementation of the right mentioned above should conform to the standards and fundamental principles of international law, two of which - the right of nations to self-determination and territorial integrity - are the key principles of the law of international legal personality of States. Influence of principles of territorial integrity and the right of nations to self-determination on the development of the institute of recognition of states in international law.

The settlement and experimental assessment of distribution of the field of temperatures, cooling and structure speeds at electro-contact welding of the steel tape to cylindrical details

Latypov R.A., Bakhmudkadiyev N.D., Bulychev V.V.

Разработаны расчетная схема и математическая модель, позволяющие рассчитывать и прогнозировать распределение температуры, скорости охлаждения и структурных составляющих в зоне термического влияния при восстановлении и упрочнении цилиндрических деталей электроконтактной приваркой стальной ленты. Показано, что расчетные глубина и конфигурация зоны термического влияния, близкие к экспериментальным, могут быть получены при условии использования расчетной схемы «расщепленного» источника теплоты.

The structure of technological preparation of production of the enterprises of technical service

Korneev V.M., Akhmetov T.A.

In the article, the description of structure of preparation of the enterprises of technical service is being provided regarding technical repair works. This material allows to estimate degree of readiness of service station to rendering services of maintenance and repair, and also to prepare STS (service-technical station) on condition of minimum material, financial and labor inputs.

The technique for the study of frictional characteristics of materials in vacuu

Chernysheva E. Ya.

Features of work of couples of friction in vacuum, types of the frictional communications arising on spots of contact are being considered in the article under consideration. The technique of carrying out experiments is being offered at the stage of study of frictional characteristics of materials.

The theoretical analysis of the problem within the management of creation of the professional career of the student

Verkhoturtsev V.S.

The definition of the concept "creation of career" is being considered. The concepts "career formation" and "career development" are being specified. The analysis of opportunities of creation of career by students in the conditions of modern professional educational institution is being carried out, a number of contradictions are being specified.

Tightness of castings from copper at an alloying by tin and iron

Pankratov S.N., Baryshev K.A., Semenov K.G.

The results of the research of foundry and technological properties of the low-alloyed copper alloys are given in the article. Dependence of tightness of castings on a copper alloying is being studied in tests by small additives of tin and iron.

To the question of methodology of the assessment of efficiency of sanatorium activity

Shvetsova E.K.

The complex of estimated indicators of efficiency of functioning of sanatoria of the South of Russia is being offered. Rational use of the offered complex is being directed on increase of efficiency of medical and improving process as a whole.

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