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Attraction of investments into agrarian sector to provide food safety

Aliev P.G.

The article represents the investment state in agrarian sector of Azerbaijan. The great attention is paid to creation of the favorable investment basis. Trends of the governmental regulation of investments in agrarian sector are considered

Economic analysis of bank credit use

Gadzhiev R.I.

The analysis of bank credit use begins from the enterprises check and an estimation of the credit security. To check the security of credit statements of bank and primary registration data are used. On the base of the business plan and the basic economic indicators of production, performance and services the sheet of the special indicators supplying reception and credit recovery is made.

Essence of the strategic management mechanism at the small business entities

Orudzhev A.I.

Management problems at the small business entities are considered. The essence of strategic management is revealed. Monitoring is considered in terms of specific features of business at the small business entities.

Increase in the reliability of the engine in hybrid vehicles

Zakarchevsky О.V., Demidov E.I., Hlebantsev A.V.

The cars with hybrid power supply are often at motor shows. Interest of car manufacturers to work out suck products is quite justified: capacity of internal combustion engines (ICE) them is twice less, fuel consumption is also lower, as all pulse loadings (acceleration, maneuvering, etc.) are taken by the storage or condenser battery. Thus ICEs can work in a stationary mode that causes the decrease of harmful blowouts in atmosphere. Last factor influences not only on the environmental contamination reduction, but also on increase in time of operation of a vehicle.

Marketing at the enterprises of the petroleum mechanical engineering of Azerbaijan

Musaev Z.D.

Problems of marketing activity formation are studied. The modern situation in Azerbaijan and in republics of the former Soviet Union is analyzed. It is proved, that marketing activity at the enterprises of petroleum mechanical engineering is one of the factors necessary for effective and stable functioning.

Policy of regional development of the state in the market environment: the experience of the world

Bagirov A.M.

The regional policy realised by the countries with a market system of economy is considered. Their current and strategic targets of achievement for social and economic development of the regions are defined

Rationalisation of the calculation of farm machinery chain drives using the program complex MS Excel

Samoilenko A.N.

The article represents the description of the developed program complex that is intended for calculation of units of drive gears of farm machinery. Influence of input data on the subsequent calculation of the chain drive is analyzed. Stages of calculation of a chain drive are described step by step. The efficiency of the unit of the farm machine is estimated according to results.

Role of a banking system in the course of formation of national economy of the Azerbaijan Republic

Abdulazimov A.

The article considers the problems of development of the banking system in the conditions of market relations in the Azerbaijan Republic. Necessity of reforms for the banking system due to transition to market relations is reasonable. Directions of activity and a role of a banking system in the course of formation of national economy of Azerbaijan are revealed. Specific proposals and recommendations about banking system development are given.

Social status and struggle of peasants of Azerbaijan in late 19th - early 20

Shahverdiev Z.A.

The archival researches spent by the author allow the reader to present a picture of difficult position of peasantry of Azerbaijan in late 19

Some reasons of stagnation in the Russian economy

Kushnarev L.I.

Principal causes of low efficiency and stagnation in the agriculture and industry are defined. The paper reveals the trends to increase the efficiency and restoration of production capacity of agricultural production on the basis of improvement and development of material base in the country, the solution of labour problem of agriculture, the reation of highly effective system of technical maintenance of agrarian and industrial complex on the basis of a firm method of technical service

Sources and ways of a moistureappearance in rape methylether during transportation and stowage

Kovalenko V.P., Uljukina E.A., Buraykov A.S.

The article represents the watering mechanism of rape methylether (biodiesel fuel) during transport, storage and refuelling operations. Mathematical expressions for calculation of the max cumulative quantity of the moisture which has got in rape methylether are resulted. The analysis of the reviewed mechanism of watering of рапсового rape methylether allows to draw a conclusion that removal of the dissolved water from a product is inexpedient, if this product contacts free air. The problem is to remoce from rape methylether the emulsive water, that negatively influences the motor engines.

The agricultural enterprises in logistics system

Pilahchikov V.L.

One of forms of market relations - logistics can raise the farm-production. The article represents the technique to define the total amount of a material flow in internal chains of industrial logistics of the agricultural enterprise. To estimate the control system material resources the indicators of reliability of supply are used. The procedure of payments of necessary requirements for materials and an estimation of reliability of supply can be used in estimated indicators of a material balance of the agroindustrial enterprise.

The analysis of investment projects in gas-and-oil producing industry

Safarov G.A., Mamedova I.H.

The production efficiency problem in gas-and-oil producing industry should be considered in terms of economical problems of oil branch as the petroleum industry is a key economic branch of Azerbaijan and takes about half of profitable part of the budget of the republic. The article represents the build-up blocks of the international method of oil project evaluation, factors and criteria of their estimation. The net current value and divisible profits are calculated on the basy of variation of variable arguments.

The future of Russia in terms of nonlinear dynamics

Katargin H.V.

Difficult natural and social and economic systems can be modeled as the objects consisting of units with nonlinear links in multidimensional informational and geometrical space. The systems of the nonlinear differential equations describing them can have various types of solutions: tendency to asymptote, periodic or acyclic oscillations (dynamic chaos), catastrophe, i.e. change of system laws. Application of this theory to the forecast of the future of Russia is considered.

The importance of labour migration for development of Russian economy

Margalitadze О.N.

Problems of labour migration for Russia, the relation to migratory practice of the first persons of the state, politicians are considered. The thought is expressed, that the next decade the normal functioning of a national economy needs to involve nearly 20 mln. Of «риrе» immigrants

The paper reveals the tendencies of development of a grain growing, cattle breeding, gardening and wine growing in Azerbaijan in 19th - early 20th century

Shahverdiev Z.A.

Social and economic features of development of the post-reform Azerbaijan village are defined, expansion of trading agriculture, strengthening of economic relations with the Central Russia is special underlined

Use of city electromobiles

Otarsky A.A., Demidov And. V., Znamenaky О.I.

The analysis of use of city electromobiles is given. Data by efficiency of their use are cited.

Use of economic and mathematical methods in agrarian and industrial complex practice

Kaehanova N.R.

The article represents the features of modern agriculture on the base of which the economic and mathematical methods and models are offered. The activity and recommendations about optimum development of the agricultural enterprise are given bythe example of the system «The agricultural organisation».

Watering process of the rape methylether during storage

Kovalenko V.P., Uljukina E.A., Buraykov A.

Rape methylether (biodiesel engine) due to the ecological compatibility is a perspective fuel for diesel engines. However this product which belongs to the class of esters, has high hygroscopicity. Presence of the water in rape methylether can complicate essentially its use. as engine fuel, therefore it is reasonable to find the mathematical dependences describing process of water collection in this product during its stokage

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