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About prospects of development transport of the automobile transport in agro-industrial complex

Didmanidze O.N., Karev A.M., Mityagin G.E.

One of factors of increase of competitiveness and profitability of producers of agricultural production is the stimulation of researches and the development of progressive technologies within the transport processes as transport is an important component of agrarian and industrial complex, and the agriculture is one of most transport-capacious of branches of a national economy. The article is devoted to the directions and prospects of increase of efficiency of use of transport due to the improvement of structure of park, a design and the organization of operation of vehicles.

Change of quality of fuels at their mixture

Sereda S.V., Pulyaev N.N.

The results of tests of various mixes of modern fuels presented in article allow to prove the possibility of the content of impurity of one fuel, for example automobile gasoline, as a part of another, for example diesel fuel, without deterioration of fuel as a result of mixture of fuels at emergence of force-majors on oil depots.

Features of strategic management at the enterprises of the mining and chemical complex of Russia

Gendon A.L.

The main methods of strategic management industrial, including mining and chemical, by the companies are presented in the article. The analysis of the main aspects is carried out and features of strategic management at the enterprises of a mining and chemical complex of Russia are noted. Recommendations about strategic management mining and chemical the company in modern branch and market conditions are developed.

Increase of ecological stability of reservirs of the river shu''s basin at their complex arrangement

Kireycheva L.V., Mustafayev Zh. S., Kozykeeva A.T., Dauletbay S.D.

On the basis of generalization of results of long-term researches on studying of a condition of reservoirs of a river Shu's basin the forecast of the water mode of agricultural grounds before carrying out melioration is being carried out and the assessment of ecological stability of agro-landscape systems that allowed to offer the nature protection actions providing the general ecological stability of the territory is being given.

Major factors of production of the bird''s dung on poultry farms

Golubov I.I.

Classification of factors of production of a bird's dung at the poultry-farming enterprises is created. It is intended for development of methods of management on increase of efficiency of functioning of poultry farms.

Modern aspects of the development of agro-industrial complex at the regional level (Volga federal district)

Zhirnov A.V., Safonova O.N.

Problems of development of agro-industrial complex at the regional level on the example of the Volga Federal District (VFD) are being considered. The analysis of development of the enterprises of agro-industrial complex is being carried out. The Volga Federal District takes the leading positions among federal districts that causes the necessity of formation of a high rate of economic development of the regions which are its part. On the example of the Penza region the main categories of economic development are shown, statistical data on the basis of which the main conclusions and offers which are carried for all regions which are a part of Volga federal district are formulated are submitted. Authors reflected the crisis consequences which affected agriculture as technologies changed and what approaches need to be applied for the purpose of increase of profitability of the agricultural enterprises and occupied in them the population. In article it is offered to attract large investors who will allow to increase the potential of agro-industrial complex.

Multimedia presentation in the process of teaching biology

Babayeva Z. Ya.

The role of information and communication technologies and interactive methods of training in the course of teaching biology is being considered in the article. The special attention is paid to the features of the multimedia presentation. The results of the made experiments have shown that the appliance of the multimedia presentation in classes of biology promotes the development of high level of abstraction in students, develops oral speech, causes keen interest in occupations etc.

Place and role of "The explanatory dictionary of living great russian language" of V. I. Dahl in the history of the russian linguistics

Pudovkina N.V.

The value of "The explanatory dictionary of living great Russian language" under the editorship of V. I. Dahl in the history of the Russian linguistics, as the result of long-term work of the great expert on the Russian national word which became practically the encyclopedia of the Russian life of the XIX century, is being considered.

Recommedations about greation of the virtual museums: concept, text and visual row

Maximova T.E.

The questions affecting culturological aspect of the concept, text and a visual number of the virtual museums are considered. A number of the practical recommendations submitted on assistance to effective use of the virtual museums for successful achievement of the objectives put by the author is given. A scope of recommendations is the virtual museums of any profile, including agricultural subject.

Recommedations about greation of the virtual museums: structure and sections

Maximova T.E.

The questions mentioning sections and structure of the virtual museums, and also the conceptual principles of selection of the software are being considered. A number of the practical recommendations submitted on the assistance to effective application of the virtual museums of any type for successful achievement of the objectives is being given.

Social and ecological importance of processing of secondary dairy raw materials

Makarenko V.V.

Questions of social and ecological efficiency at full processing and utilization of secondary dairy raw materials are considered. The solution of this problem will create conditions for release of qualitative production on reasonable prices which at regular the use will promote increase of immunity of the population of our country, and also will help to solve a number of environmental problems.

The dynamic modelling of the system of training for the master''s program within the vocational education system

Chistova Ya. S.

The questions, regarding the dynamic modeling of the system of training for the master's program within the vocational education system are being considered in the article under consideration. A backbone factor of the called model is the formation of research competence which consists mainly from more than 80% of the competences presented in the federal state educational standard of higher education in the direction of training of master's program "Vocational education". Such methodological approaches, as system, competence-based, personally focused and synergetic are the cornerstone of dynamic model. The target component of model is projected according to the principles of the advancing professional education. The substantial component of model of the system for the master's program is based on the principle of double occurrence of a basic component which is in the system of training of master's formation of research competence. It is presented by apical and implicit components. Research practice which is realized on individual educational trajectories acts as an apical component. For the implementation of the content of training in a Master's degree, the technological component of model of the system of training for the master's program within the vocational education system is being allocated. The application of the innovative pedagogical technologies, such as problem, contextual, design, active training and others, giving trained opportunity as much as possible to show the abilities and to act as the active subject of educational process is preferable. The diagnostic component consists also from the invariant part - total state certification and variable parts - an assessment of all components of process of training with the fixation of results in the mark and rating diary of the undergraduate. The presented dynamic model promotes the increase of efficiency of training of master's program within the vocational education.

The formation of social and professional indentity of the student in the conditions of modern professional education

Semyshev M.V., Semysheva V.M., Andryushchenok E.V., Kutsebo G.I., Garbuzova G.V.

The question of the formation of social and professional identity of students in the conditions of professional education, stages of its social and professional formation are being considered; psychology and pedagogical means and conditions of development of a professional orientation of the personality are being suggested.

The strategic analysis for the effective management of the mining companies

Gendon A.L.

In the article, the importance of the strategic analysis for the effective management of the mining companies is being proved. The instrumental basis of the strategic analysis of the external and internal environment of the company is being described and applied. The specific features of the mining companies having impact on their strategic situation which need to be considered in the strategic analysis are being highlighted.

To the question of the economic assessment of quality of equipment

Kovalyova E.V.

Tendencies of security with main types of equipment of the agrarian and industrial complexes enterprises of Russia, questions of quality of technical means of production are analyzed. Conceptual positions of scientific maintenance of the developed problems of improvement of the economic relations of partners on the basis of mutual interest, an economic assessment of the changing quality of cars during use term are considered. Theoretically reasonable technique of an economic assessment of quality of equipment with use of the compensating expenses and the leveling charges, regularities of their change is offered, providing mutual interest of partners of the market. By researches it is established that the leveling charges adequately reflect the reducing quality of the car.

To the question of the establishment for the condemned the perfomance standards on production: management and control

Koryakin E.A.

In the article, the establishment of correctional facility of performance standards by administration and control of the given-out task when attracting condemned to a remunerative work is being considered. The assessment of the relations on performance condemned duties to work is being given.

Transformation of the electric car with the usage of flowing batteries and prospect of integration of batteries into the car design

Kalinin V.V.

The analysis and comparison of the existing types of accumulators is carried out: lithium -ion, flowing, vanadic redox-accumulators, the hoquinonic and built in directly a car design. The most perspective are hoquinonic batteries and flowing accumulators with suspension.

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