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Authorities and the public in subjects of the Russian Federation: problems of relationship (on the example of the Republic of Buryatia and the state media)

Romanov Yu. A.

The decision and implementation of national objectives is impossible without interaction of authorities and society. Continuous dialogue between it is necessary for optimum work, to carry out which perhaps and by means of mass media. In this article the author analyzes a question of possibility of use of the state media as the tool of system of public relations of public authorities.

Comparison of some techniques of providing agricultural machinery with spare parts

Korolkova L.I., Biryukova T.A.

On the example of providing the K-700, T-4A tractors with spare parts comparison of various approaches to calculation of number of spare parts is being carried out.

Counterfeiting of products of light industry in the Russian market

Belova K. Y.U., Vinogradova A.V.

In the article, the existence issue in the Russian market of counterfeit goods of light industry is being highlighted. The condition of branch is being considered, results of poll of consumers are being given. Solutions of the touched issues are being offered.

Decision of socio-economic problems based simulation

Gorbov N.M., Gorbova T.M.

The author presents the basis of modeling the resolvation of social and economic tasks. The model of organization used by the authors for diagnostics of industries conditions is considered

Decrease in idle times of the rolling stock of the motor transport with use of systems of global positioning

Andreyev O.P., Tambovtsev M.A.

The review of use of global system of positioning is submitted. The made use experience of foreign countries on monitoring of location of automotive vehicles, tracking of parameters, operational management in real time, allows to resolve the transport issues connected with reduction of idle times and optimization of routes. On the basis of this experience there is a need for application of similar practice and in the territory of Russia.

Economic identity and adaptation of the subject of social and economic process

Shadoba E.M., Mityuchenko L.S.

The purpose of development of the state first of all is defined by welfare of the population and increase of a level of quality of life. In the Russian Federation transformation of the economic relations and system in general isn't always compatible to a vector of development of social society. In article psychological compatibility of the individual with economic transformations, transformation of human outlook taking into account new values and a materialization of spiritual development is considered.

Education philosophy: the mechanism of the social order in vocational training (professionally-oriented education)

Silaychev P.A.

The justification of inclusion of the category "social order" in discipline "Philosophy and history of education" is being carried out when training teachers of a vocational education. The mechanism of communication of the social order for quantity and quality of skilled work in agrarian production with training of teachers of a vocational education is being revealed and studied out.

Influence of social and economic processes on system of formation of the real monetary income of the population of Russia

Mikhaleva E.P., Shadoba E.M., Sevryukova S.V.

The system of formation of the real monetary income of the population at the present stage of development of the state is considered, the analysis of a ratio of the nominal and real monetary income of citizens taking into account a rate of inflation over the last ten years developments of social and economic processes and impact on material well-being of the population is given.

Innovations in transport and logistic infrastructure in the context of interaction of the state and business

Shmatko A. Yu., Ozoling A.E.

The priority directions of development of the Eurasian transport corridors lying across the territory of the Eurasian economic union are considered, the special attention is paid to the administrative and technological innovative solutions in the customs and logistic sphere directed on realization of transit capacity of the Russian Federation.

Joint activity of teachers and students on formation of social and professional installation of future experts of the agricultural profile

Pudovkina N.V.

The maintenance of each stage of formation of social and professional installation of students of agricultural higher education institution on development of their social and professional competence proceeding from the formed component, the pedagogical purpose, the solution of objectives, forms and kinds of activity of teachers, forms and types of educational and out-ofclass activity of students are being submitted.

Main methodological approaches of optimization of structure of the capital of the agricultural organizations

Zaruk N.F., Sinelnikova O.V.

The theoretical and practical aspects of management of the capital of agricultural branch and organization especially actual in modern economic conditions, for the purpose of adoption of administrative decisions on their financing are being presented.

Method of calculation of option of connection of the water carrying out pipe with the diffuser regulator

Gaysin A.A., Snezhko V.L.

Types of a design and method of calculation of options of connection of the water carrying out pipe with the diffuser regulator are developed, at reconstruction of the existing low pressure water throughput construction by means of the flat or rectangular diffuser. The offered technique allows to pick up the diffuser with necessary coefficient of resistance at a stream exit in the volume of a canal pound, or to set necessary coefficient of change of an expense after reconstruction.

Motivation of the choice of economically effective technology of processing of manure on the basis of the generated resource and raw complex in the conditions of the Rostov region

Kachanova L.S.

Dynamics of receiving solid (covering), semi-fluid and liquid manure by agricultural enterprises of the Rostov region is being analyzed. The volume of potentially made solid organic fertilizer is determined by traditional technology and the volume of the concentrated fertilizers received when using intensive production technologies by method of the accelerated microbiological composting. At calculation of level of an organic-supply for each of types of organic fertilizers recommendations about application of technologies of processing of manure on the basis of the generated resource and raw complex are offered.

Optimization of quantity of transporty means on cleaning of grain crops

Stepovoy D.V.

The version of the solution of a problem of minimization of need for transport on cleaning of grain crops is being offered.

Pricing on production of agriculture in agro-industrial holdings

Galyautdinova D.F., Shibalkin A.E.

Results of research of pricing for production of agriculture in agro-industrial holdings are being presented.

Tendencies of development of science in Russia and abroad

Mikhaleva O.M., Matyushkina I.A., Igolnikova I.V.

In the article, the comparative analysis of development of science in Russia and abroad is being carried out, and also the comprehensive analysis of development of scientific potential in the Bryansk region is being submitted.

The essence of the regional market and factors influencing its formation

Gajah Nasiri Gulamguseyn Ogla

In article formation of the regional market in the republic and the factors influencing it is investigated. It is noted that the regional market is the end result of economy of the region. The essence of the regional market, the loudspeaker of supply and demand and formation of features of the regional market are being analyzed.

Theoretical aspects of creation of innovative infrastructure at the level of diversified holding

Titov A.B.

In the article, the assessment of development of innovative processes in modern Russia is being given. The model of innovative infrastructure on macro- and mezzo-level is being presented. Basic elements of national infrastructure are being considered. The dynamic model of development of innovative infrastructure with emphasis on its development at the level of diversified holding is being presented.

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