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Agricultural trade on example of Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine''s membership in the World Trade Organization

Zhorova M.D.

Agriculture has traditionally played an important role in the economy of the Kyrgyz Republic and Ukraine. Russia remains one of the major trading partners of both countries. The article shows that accession of Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine to the WTO had rather negative impact on agriculture and trade in these countries. The author concludes that membership in the Customs Union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan) would bring better results for the economy and agriculture of the Kyrgyz Republic and Ukraine.

Basic directions of the governmental support and regulation of innovative activity of scientific and technological parks

Lyubochkin F.V., Nikulin N.A., Novikov E.V.

The basic directions of the governmental support and regulation of innovative activity of activity of Scientific and technological parks are presented. The author proves the need for special venture capital funds, where risk insurer is government.

Calculations of error minimization of joint measurements with limited resources

Nguyen Quang Thuong , Duong Quoc Hoang

The paper presents the models of linear and hyperbolic equations using the method of Lagrange uncertain multipliers for the solution of the direct problem of determining the optimal method for measuring the parameters of complex technical systems (ITS).

Computer-aided simulation of super-ductile forming from BT6 and BT23 titan alloys

Vargin A.N., Burhanov G.S., Dung N.X., Polkin V.I.

This paper presents results of computer-aided simulation of process super-ductile forming during the shells free-blowed from BT6 and BT23 titan alloy sheets by programming Deform-3D. The dependences of the cupola height and deformation rate at the top of the cupola on the time, the distribution of deformation intensity and the deformation rate on the cupola radius at various moment of formation process are reported.

Conceptual approaches to formation of managerial staff of the power industry enterprises

Belik V.D.

The conceptual approaches to formation of managerial staff of the power industry enterprises under conditions of information economy.

Developing a risk management control system for companies as subjects of natural monopolies

Matulenko M.A.

The scheme and stages of the risk management control system is presented considering the features of enterprises as subjects of natural monopolies. The paper offers risk classification compiled on the basis of structuring problems of risk management of natural monopolies.

Development and adaptation of text books for implementation of the Federal state educational standards

Lebedev S.V., Silaychev P.A.

The paper presents analysis of the basic approaches to the structure optimization and keeping of educational and methodical literature, oriented to the realization of the requirements of federal state education standards of third generation.

Development of perspective means of visual analysis and data management of polytypic structure

Goryunov I.G., Sytnik D.A., Petrov A.N., Strelets A.V.

The paper presents the principle and visualization software of direct and hidden connections between data objects, which determine the processes of scientific and technical functions by implementation of federal target programs. The author considers the possibility of using tools developed by governmental customer coordinators and specialized directorates responsible for the implementation of activities of federal and regional programs as a tool to support management decisions.

Education in cooperation as a part of design technology

Semyshev M.V., Andryushchenok E.V., Semysheva V.M.

The issues of education in cooperation as a part of design technology are considered. The value of education in cooperation for the profession is justified. The author lists the conditions of realization of its developmental potential and shows the advantages and possible difficulties.

Evaluation of existed system of operational accounting in agricultural organizations of Moscow Region

Afanas'eva S.A.

The results of analysis of organization and structure of operational accounting in agricultural organizations of Moscow region are presented. The author offers the implementation of dispatching services and creation of automated data collection, processing and information analysis for the management decisions making.

Formation of advanced professional training for automobile industry companies' staff system

Kurilova A.A.

The author presents the concept of formation of advanced professional training for automobile industry companies' staff system, which must provide conformity of education quality with current scientific and technological requirements of the industry innovative development in the region, its basic regulations and contradictions which the system is designed to solve are presented.

Mathematical modeling of heat transfer processes in the climatic chamber

Lazarenko M.L.

The mathematical model ofheat transfer dynamics in climatic chamber is received considering spatial distribution of parameters of the simulated objects. This model should be used to calculate the setting values of temperature controllers, which provide high quality control of those processes.

Method of evaluation of sustainable development level of rural areas (on example of Republic of Kazakhstan)

Ismuratov S.B., Tashmagambetov T. Zh., Sysoev A.M.

The issues of evaluation of sustainable development level of rural areas are revealed. In the presented method of evaluation, priority is given to the block of social development, as the provision of social benefits was put on the first place by the rural population.

Methodological approaches to the system of professional personnel training design for the companies of automobile industry

Kurilova A.A., Sednev O.G.

The paper presents the methodological approaches to the system of professional personnel training design for the companies of automobile industry, also organizational and pedagogical conditions for the implementation of advanced training systems for the automobile industry companies are justified.

Modernization of regional agroindustrial economics in Russian food security system

Sysoev A.M.

The results of study of the functioning of Russian agro-industrial regions are presented. The need for complex modernization of all aspects of the regional economy is concluded.

Modern problems of agricultural producers and their solutions for renewable energy supply usage

Bauer U.V.

The paper presents the current basic problems of native agricultural producers, and also the solutions for these problems -- implementation of renewable energy supply and its efficient use in agricultural production by all industries of this field.

New methods of performance characteristics evaluation of EURO diesel fuels

Privalenko A.N., Sharin E.A., Luneva V.V., Pulyaev N.N.

The paper considers such indicators of diesel doped fuels as foam forming during filling in the gas tanks and pumping, corrosion aggressiveness and water fuel emulsions presence in the fuel. The existed controlling methods of these indicators are analyzed, their limitations are revealed and improving methods are proposed.

Problems of masters training and experience of their resolution in the transition to the level of higher education system

Silaychev P.A.

The paper presents the analysis of the basic modern problems of masters training and the ways of their resolution are summarized.

Selection of parameters and calculation of diffusion coefficient in multicomponent diffusion saturation

Kostikov V.I., Eremeeva Zh. V., Sharipzyanova G. Kh.

The influence of parameters on the multi-component diffusion saturation of the hot- powder materials produced by different technological schemes and hot stamping (GSH) diffusion chromosiliconizing (DHS) and DHS GSH. The features of the structure and phase composition at different heating rates, temperature, and saturation time. The comparative results of the multi-component diffusion saturation and the activation energy.

Usage of SWOT-analysis for evaluation and forecasting of company’s work

Krutsko V.G.

The paper presents the features of SWOT-analysis use which allow to evaluate strong and weak sides of company’s work together with analysis of opportunities and threats. Modernization of SWOT-analysis matrix is presented. The essence of it lies in the pairedfactors values multiplication in each of the four fields. The author recommends four-stage analysis, which will allow to develop not only a management strategy, but also a marketing strategy of the company.

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