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Algorithmic model of agribulk logistics

Kopteva N.A., Udintsova N.M.

The article is dedicated to elaboration and application of operating costs calculation during agribulks’ transportation algorithmic model. This model can be used as the tool of optimization of the particular enterprise’ carrier vehicles’ structure.

Analysis and evaluation of driver’s abidance of the car’s recommended motion trajectory with sattelite navigation means usage

Saraykin A.I.

The results of analysis and evaluation of driver’s abidance of the car’s recommended motion trajectory at the specific road sectors of Orenburg region are presented.

Conception of social unions with function of nationally significant social interests garmonization development

Noskova M.V.

Survey of expert assistance and political decision' making in the State bodies in the terms of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation and Councils of the Federal executive authorities activity process is presented. To increase public authorities’ activity effectiveness attendance of the social control and direct work of the Public Councils of the State bodies is the necessary element for the high quality preparation and political deision’s making in the sphere of the state management. Thank for the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation as the civic institution there is business and science in the legislative establishment of the state administration fortification and attendance; thereby the system of interests delegation to the authorities is being created.

Concept of the system approach in cooperation and integration in vegetable grocery sub-complex usage

Khudyakova E.V., Krylov V.S.

Substantiated statement that it is necessary to study and justify ways of vegetable grocery sub-complex development from the point of view of system approach. Concepts of the system approach during the cooperation and integration in vegetable grocery sub-complex functioning studying are stated. Types of trends proper for vegetable grocery sub-complex as a system are stated. System concept of cooperation and integration development in the vegetable grocery sub-complex, steps of the system analysis in he vegetable grocery subcomplex.

Crop growing competitiveness of Orel region

Goncharov A.A.

Indexes of region agriculture crop growing effectiveness analysis which is focused on its competitiveness in a comparison with the other regions of Central Federal District (CFD) of Russia Federation revealing is carried out. Competitiveness definition is oriented to increase of the region’s agriculture effectiveness based on the competitive approach.

Electrotechnology strategies in seed pelleting process

Andreev S.A., Zaginaylov V.I., Tarushkin V.I.

Reasonability of seed pelleting is justified. Main technical complexities of pelleting at production field are listed. Methods and technical means of automatic pelleting management are considered. Constructions of the automatic equipment for the pellet’s size definition by optoelectronic method, with help of the electromechanical sample taker and according to the electrical capacity formed between the electrodes size are described.

Energy usage analysis and market of the renew generations market development acceleration

Doguchaeva S.M.

In recent years in the conditions of green growth country development strategy realization “green” technologies are being developed in a quickened pace. Energy storage devices’ sphere of creature plays a peculiar role in development of the renew energetic because it lets to store and use these kind of energy in some time.

Family and teaching envirinment role of mamed said’s ordubadi world view forming

Alieva R.M.

It is said in the article about surrounding society of Mamed Said Ordubadi - distinguished educator, poet, writer, playwriter of Azerbaijan; about this environment’s role in his creative work and education policy Ordubadi kept for his nation.

Management of the tertiary non-linear economical object

Kolesnikova S.I., Dubina N.D.

Problem of method of aggregate regulators analytical design application to the small business financial element’s management is considered. Management object is presented as the system of non-linear ordinary differential equation with chaotic mode in predetermined combination of characteristics. Analytic synthesis of scalar and vector management systems transferring the original object from unstable condition to stable and ensuring further object stabilization in the condition.

Model of foresight platform as tool of the effective agrarian policy of the region forming

Lemetti Yu.A., Kelebay R.R.

Key aspects of elaborated by the authors conceptional model of the regional platform “AGROforesight” forming are presented. It is justified that the model's practical application both at the regional and at the national level will let to increase effectiveness of the agrarian policy of the country (region) meaningfully.

Peculiarities of foreign students teaching of reading in multinational group of nonlinguistic university

Kurbatova S.A., Burak M.L.

Specific of teaching of reading in the multinational group is considered. On the basis that reading is basic instrument of the specialty acquirement for the nonlinguistic institute’s students description of the goals, approaches and methods of reading teaching at every step according to the peculiarities of the different groups of students is given.

Revisiting import substitution in the agriculture

Chutcheva Yu.V., Asadova Sh.D.

Questions of problems of subsistence and food supply security by import substitution in the conditions imposed by USA and EU in the case of Russia are considered. Paces of national production expansion, reasons which restrict achievement of the ideal level of population self sufficiency of food suppliers are adjusted.

Theoretical foundations of the enterprises’ current assets


Theoretical explanation of current assets, their forming and rationing, basic models of their management are considered. Actuality of the chosen topic in that current assets and their management mechanism are the main stimulator in any modern enterprise development. Current assets management mechanism elaboration and its efficient practical application if the actual problem nowadays because effective current assets volume forming and regulation support the optimal liquidity level, ensures industrial and financial activity cycles efficiency, and therefore high enough paying capacity and financial steadiness of agro-industrial enterprises.

Theoretic aspects of cooperation development and integration in vegetable grocery sub-complex

Khudyakova E.V., Krylov V.S.

Theoretical aspects of the agricultural cooperation development in vegetable grocery subcomplex are considered. Cooperation and integration in vegetable grocery sub-complex in agribusiness are presented by the authors as is objective necessity of extend division of labor in the branch. Vegetable grocery sub-complex is understood as cooperation and integration of economic entity of the first, second and third spheres of agribusiness; similarities and differences of the business scheme of cooperation and integration in the vegetable grocery sub-complex are presented; pros and cons of cooperation and integration in the vegetable grocery sub-complex activities are given.

Tools of forming and realization of innovational policy in the sphere of information technologies and cloud structures development

Doguchaeva S.M.

Since adoption of information and social economy popularity of information-processing systems and management of the company increased seriously. Many companies are at the very beginning of the way and don't know how to start.

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