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Application of modern information technologies in teachingmathematics in establishments of secondary professional education

Pichuzhkina O.S.

Possibility of use of modern information technologies in teaching mathematics in establishments of secondary professional education is considered. Use of the tabular MS Excel processor when studying such subjects, as creation of function graphs, the decision of systems of the linear equations, creation of surfaces of the second order, the graphic decision of systems of the equations is proved. This work shows features of the innovative techniques of teaching based on use of the modern information environment of training.

Distribution of charges at the cell of hlorella who is on the loaded dielectric surface

Shmigel V.V., Sukhovsky N.A.

The issue of the charge distribution in the microscopic algae Chlorella, located on the charged dielectric surface is revealed.

Documentation for operational and technological control of machinery

Garanin G.V.

The system documentation has been developed for the operational and technological control of agricultural machine-complexes, tables of standard operational and technological indicators and technical means of control of a state and control, blank sheets or forms of registration and estimated documentation for filling at registration of compliance of an operational and technological condition of cars to requirements.

Ecogeographical research of quality of fibre of the cotton in contrast climatic zones of the Russian Federation

Grigoriev S.V., Illarionova K.V., Miroshnichenko E.V., Boiko A.P.

The exposure of cotton fibers properties to contrast climatic conditions of desert and subtropics in Russian Federation has been evaluated.

Ensuring reliability of the assessment of the level of quality of food products

Makarova L.V., Tarasov R.V., Batynova A.A., Zhegera K.V.

The algorithm of receiving the generalized assessment of a level of quality of production taking into account the error of estimation depending on qualification of the experts who are taking part in procedure of an assessment of coefficients of ponderability of single indicators of quality of production is offered.

Experience of the Russian landowners in improvement of system of agriculture (on the example of Avchurino of D. M. Poltoratsky''s economy)

Pichuzhkin N.A.

In this article, the problems of the development of agriculture in Russia on the example of D. M. Poltoratsky's economy - Avchurino's manor in the Kaluga province are being considered of the XVIII century. The necessity for the combination of the advanced agronomical receptions (the many-field technologies of crop rotations), new equipment and technologies of cultivation of the earth is being proved. It is shown that in the advanced landowner farms there was a process of transition to new forms of conducting agriculture. This work contains the comparison of a condition of agriculture in the Kaluga province in the historical past and now.

Imitating model of functioning of the membrane and absorbing gas-dividing systems providing improvement of the biogaz consumer properties


Gas-dividing Systems Providing Improvement of Consumer Properties of Biogas" establishing interrelation between their constructive and technological parameters, service conditions and indicators of efficiency of their functioning is developed. The purpose of imitating modeling is offered, the basic principles and procedures of imitation are described, and also the example of creation of approximating analytical decisions is presented.

Influence of improvement of tax administration of the Azerbaijan Republicon social and economic development

Bagirov I.B.

Formation of market economy in Azerbaijan is evidence-based. The policy of improvement of taxes its integration into world economy, improvement of the administrative taxation, strengthening of base at the expense of taxes, stimulation of investments into economy, creating favorable conditions for businessmen is offered. Results of studying and increase in the available economic potential, increase of material welfare of the population, the direction of acceleration of social economic development are presented.

International licensing of technologies

Sklyarenko R.P.

The conflict of globalization processes is caused by distinction in social and economic development of the countries included in a uniform production chain, lack of mechanisms of coercion in relation to multinational corporations at the international level, distinction of jurisdiction of the same process. The countries are compelled to prove the right for existence. Russia has to expand access to the practices for friendly developing countries.

Issue of the food security in the conditions of sanctions

Zhirnov A.V., Lapshin Yu. A., Lapshina G.V.

The problems connected with ensuring food security of the country in the conditions of the international sanctions are stated. Possibilities of development of agricultural production at the expense of infrastructure megaprojects with participation of the state investments are analyzed.

Organizational and economic mechanisms of import substitutionof dairy products in the conditions of sanctions

Poleshkina I.O., Eydis A.L.

The article deals with the problem of supplying the Russian population with domestic milk and dairy products. This problem is relevant in connection with the introduction of economic sanctions in Russia for the supply of agricultural products from a number of foreign countries, which is accompanied by a general reduction in the number of cows and milk production. The paper identified the main problems of milk production in Russia. These problems are linked to the low attractiveness of the business to investors and disproportionate distribution of profits between producers, processors and resellers of dairy products. The article offered the direction of development of the regional dairy industry through the creation of integrated structures with a closed cycle of production, processing and marketing of milk and milk products.

Organizational and economic prerequisites of applicationof the resource-saving production technologyof the concentrated organic compost in the conditions of the Rostov region

Kachanova L.S.

The resource-saving production technology of the solid concentrated fertilizers on the basis of a composting of liquid and semi-fluid manure, α-additives and straw with receiving the concentrated organic compost is developed. The resource source of raw materials of receiving semi-fluid and liquid manure on areas and natural and agricultural zones of the Rostov region is analyzed; recommendations about application of the resource-saving production technology of the concentrated organic compost are developed. Production and use of the concentrated compost will allow the increasing in the specified territorial educations profitability of production of grain crops on 25...28% will also promote obtaining the additional income from realization of agricultural products.

Raw preferences in the market of textiles and the offer to production of fibre in Russia

Illarionova K.V., Grigoriev S.V.

The diversity of fiber row material and its percentage in readymade textiles, that offered in markets of RF and EU studied. The properties of cotton lint, that produced in Southern RF evaluated.

Research of influence of the method of processingof waste of rubbers on properties of the rubber crumb

Gusev A.D., Petukhova N.A., Samoshin P.P., Melnikova V.M.

Influence of various methods of processing of waste of rubber products on the received production is investigated. Physical-mechanical indicators of composite materials on the basis of the regenerating rubber received by various methods of mechanical processing and the polyurethane binding are studied. The assessment is given to the most effective method of processing.

To the problem of theoretical aspect of the category "innovation" in economic researches

Pizengolts V.M.

The analytical analysis is provided and the assessment is given to various points of view of domestic and foreign authors by definition "innovation".

Ways of ensuring food security - problem of scientific and personnel activity

Kramskaya O.V.

The main standard and legal documents regulating the solution of questions of food security of Russia in modern conditions are considered, the main directions of perspective development are formulated and proved.

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