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Characteristics of bimetallic materials and ways of their producing

Burak P.

The paper considers properties of bimetallic materials and ways of their producing. The author gives classification of bimetallic materials as well as ways of their application of bimetallic materials for producing of coatings with certain characteristics necessary for component restoration. The author offers a method of bimetallic tape producing and its electric contact-initiated welding alongside with a technique of welding quality estimation.

Designing methodical approach to pricing of trucks for agribusiness industry

Kushnarev L., Vereshchagina E.

The authors suggest a methodical approach to pricing of the trucks featuring a minimum initial data requirement and forming the prices on the basis of efficient combination of economic interests of consumers and manufacturers.

Features of entrepreneurship development in Azerbaijan

Orudzhev A.

The paper outlines the process of modern entrepreneurship development in the Azerbaijan Republic. The author analyses characteristic features and development stages of various groups of entrepreneurs as well as fields of their activity.

Imitating modelling as tool of enterprise control system designing

Petrova S., Eidis A.

The paper outlines the enterprise model designed by means of imitating modelling system «Vensim» that allows increasing profit and amount of products sold.

Innovative activity as development factor of regional agribusiness industy (On example of the Ulyanovsk region)

Lapshina G., Gritskov S.

The paper considers agricultural products supply in the given region. The authors determine reasons impeding development of the agribusiness industry and suggest some measures aimed at solving the revealed problems and shifting agricultural production of the Ulyanovsk region to the innovative way of development.

Issues of competitive influence on entrepreneurial decisions and their efficiency

Orudzhev A.

The author states that one of the main principles of market economy is to produce goods in a free competition environment under the most favorable conditions of manufacturing and sale for the enterprise to achieve the best results of its activity. Therefore there is a need in an effective mechanism of competitive influence on entrepreneurial decisions in terms of development strategy making.

Issues of sustainable development of agriculture in the Azerbaijan Republic

Salakhov S.

Transition to market economy puts an important problem before each sovereign republic - ensuring food safety of the country. This gives priority to agriculture sustainable development issues. The article analyses transition process to market economy in agriculture, implemented agrarian reforms, as well as approaches to problem solution aimed at achieving sustainable development of the given branch.

Modelling of ispection test for quality assurance of agricultural mechanical engineering products

Dorokhov A.

The authors prove the necessity of mathematical modelling of inspection test quality assurance of the machine-building products to be employed in agriculture and present a modelling technique and an algorithm of the model implementation aimed at determining basic industrial-technological parametres and indicators of efficiency of inspection test quality assurance of machine-building products.

Optimization of data transfer structure in high school data-computing network

Didmanidze I., Donadze M., Kakhiani G.

The article presents the first stage of Exchange organisation planning which is actually current situation estimation. Then an estimation process of user requirements is considered. The way of documenting current resources by means of a geographical profile is described as well as profiles of physical and logic structure of the considered network. The paper presents administration planning of Exchange system in the Active Directory environment.

Protection of Russian agrofbod market in context of Russia's integration in the world economy

Taranov P., Panasyuk A.

The paper considers a degree of protection of the internal agrofood market in Russia in a context of integration of Russian agrarian sector into the world agrofood sphere. The authors attempt to reveal conformities between provisions of the Doctrine of Food Safety and conditions of Russia's integration in the World Trade Organization.

Role of agroleasing services in economic growth of investments in agrarian sector of thr Azerbaijan Republic

Mamedov U.

The article reveals the role of agroleasing services in economic growth of investments in agrarian sector of the Azerbaijan Republic. The author stresses necessity of some steps necessary for introduction of agroleasing system.

Specific features of agrarian sector long-term development

Rustamov A., Abbasova M.

The agrarian sector plays an important role in meeting the population requirements in food products, and the industry requirements in raw materials. It is characterized by multifunctionality and some specific features. To provide long-term development of agriculture in modern conditions, it is necessary to base on the following grounds: satisfying requirements in food products alongside with the population growth due to continuous local manufacturing, taking measures against agricultural population resettlement to urban areas, stabilizing prices in the food market, raising competitiveness of agriculture, protecting environment, improving land fertility, preventing urbanization processes, counterbalancing region-centre relations.

Theoretical preconditions of shape-generating adhesive compound utilization for technical service in agribusiness industry

Bashkirtsev Yu., Nikishina O.

The paper presents an analysis of adhesive compound components that allows developing shape-generating adhesive compounds for radiator repair. The developed technology of hermetic sealing of a radiator core by means of the produced adhesive compound allows restoring working capacity of any radiator.

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