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Additional educational services in agroengineering staff training

Didmanidze O.N., Dorokhov A.S.

The status and prospects of development of additional engineering training is described. The models of continuous training of university students of engineering disciplines are offered. The use of computer-aided design systems in the learning process is justified.

Analysis of state support of the northern reindeer herding

Azarova L.V.

The results of dynamics analysis of subsidies for development of reindeer herding by example of a particular company are presented. The author analyzed the financial results and revealed the influence of the state support on the financial results of the analyzed object.

Contribution reserves increasing of tourism in Russia’s economy

Margalitadze O.N.

The basic directions of the contribution reserve increasing of tourism in the Russia’s economy are presented, particularly the following kinds of tourism: business, recreational, literary, agrotourism.

Cooperation process of private homesteading in the Buryatia Republic

Butukhanova D.G.

The results of research of regional features of cooperation process of private homesteading and the modern status of this issue are presented. The connection between agricultural enterprises, farm and private homesteading of Buryatia Republic is analyzed. The paper determines the basic trends of homesteading cooperation.

Cost evaluation of the capital invested in the reproduction of agricultural machinery

Kuz'menko O.V.

The methodical features of the invested capital evaluation are justified. The author shows calculation of efficient capital structure and its average cost.

Economic efficiency of production and application of systems of high quality liquid organic fertilizer

Kachanova L.S.

An alternative technology is developed for producing high-quality organic fertilizer on the basis of semi-liquid cattle manure, providing increase of soil fertility, efficiency of cultivated crops and environmental improvement in the conditions of SEC (collective farm ) "Kolos" Matveyev Kurgan district of Rostov region. The technological process of liquid concentrate fertilizer on the basis of semi-liquid cattle manure is presented. The economic effectiveness of the proposed resource-saving technology is determined.

Efficiency evaluation method of the universities integration mechanisms to national innovative system

Kalyuzhnova V.G., Yusova V.V.

Efficiency evaluation method of the universities integration mechanisms to the national innovative system is presented. The option of the indicators system and interpretation of the results of method are given.

Ensuring the operability of pipelines with pressure by using the molding adhesive composition

Bashkirtsev V.I., Bashkirtsev Yu. V., Slivov A.F.

Advantages of the formative adhesives when restoring parts of machinery and equipment are presented. On the basis of a biaxial stress-strain state, a method for sealing pipelines working under pressure was developed, and technology of its implementation was given.

Environmental indicators of gas welding

Aksenov A.V., Latypov R.A., Klyonina O.V.

The results of numerical and experimental studies of environmental indicators of processes of gas welding and cutting. The auther obtained environmental performance of disposability for welding processes using different types of gas fuel.

Features of audit in agricultural organizations

Malysheva M.S., Cherova M.V.

The results of the features research of audit in agricultural organizations are presented. The use of systematic approach in the audit planning is recommended. The author offers the unified methodological approach to the verification of agricultural organizations, to construct a common inspection plan.

Improving the subsidy mechanism of interest rates by investment loans

Margolina E.V.

The paper considers the issues and prospects of the use of subsidy mechanism of interest rates by investment loads and size of lease payments. The author justifies the determination of the subsidies size associated with provision of long-term interests of the bank, project loans, the company which receives the investment credit, and the government, through the use of formal equality criterion of value return per unit of invested capital.

Innovative approaches to the organization interaction of schools and families

Akimova V.A.

The features of interaction of family and school, taking into account social changes and modern state requirements set forth in the federal law "On Education in the Russian Federation" and the federal state educational standards of general education are considered. The basic activities of educational organizations to ensure effective dialogue with the families of students are mentioned. The authors Presented innovative approaches to the organization of social interaction that are realized in the Khanty -Mansijsk Autonomous Region - Yugra.

Issues of the material and technical base recovery of the agroindustrial enterprises (by example of Ulyanovsk region)

Lapshina G.V., Lapshin Yu. A., Zhirnov A.V.

The paper considers the issues of food security supply due to the availability and supply of agricultural machinery in agricultural enterprises.

Methodology of innovation development in domestic poultry

Golubov I.I.

The advantages of the innovative development of poultry farms on the basis of implementation of its capacity are justified.

On the invariant professional competence of the future specialist

George I.V., Ibragimova L.A.

Professional competence is presented as a kind of a meter, indicator, quality- quantitative characteristic of the level of a specialist professionalism. The highlights of the main components of the invariant structure of professional competence of the future expert are given.

Optimization of industrial structure of agro organizations as a factor of efficiency improvement of agricultural production

Stovba E.V., Nizomov S.S.

The paper justifies the necessity of the modeling methods use in determination of the optimal structure of crop and livestock industries of the agro organizations. The results of optimization of the farms industrial structure by the example of a typical rural municipality of South-steppe zone of the Republic of Bashkortostan are presented. The options of the rational food supply of the population of the rural municipality are offered.

Pedagogical modeling of moral and value guidance for students of professional colleges

Ibragimov L.A., Lokteva R.S.

The article focuses on the strategic goals of education for moral education of college students. The developed theoretical model of moral and value orientations of students of professional college is presented.

Production efficiency of private homesteading

Butukhanova D.G.

The results of the research of various efficiency aspects of private homesteading are presented. The status of the research problem at the present stage is analyzed. The main types of production efficiency in private homesteading and their role in the households are determined. The main trends in the development of private farms are considered.

Quality control procedure of mechanized operations

Didmanidze R.N.

The process of sampling execution of mechanized operations in the crop farming is considered. The author uses the Markov's random processes used to describe the process control in small and large samples. The properties of random processes affecting the conduct quality control of mechanized operations in the variable volumes are determined.

Rational water management in a changing anthropogenic climatic conditions of Iran

Jandaghi N., Belolyubtsev A.I.

Analysis of changes in the boundaries of the spring floods and low water in the river basin Garasu (Iran) for thirty years is presented. It is shown that knowledge of the exact time of the beginning of spring flood and low-flow period plays an important role in the effective management of water resources and their rational use in agriculture and other purposes.

Starting a cold engine using starting fluid in freezing temperature conditions

Privalenko A.N., Kvashnin A.B., Pulyaev N.N.

The results of testing of the engine V-46 -6 on EURO winter diesel (Class 4, GOST 52368-2005) are presented. The ability to start the engine with use of starting fluid in the vapor phase at temperatures up to -35°C is displayed. It was found that the use of starting fluid in the liquid phase at low temperatures does not give positive results.

State personnel policy and theoretical basics of its realization

Abbasova M.M.

The paper presents the results of the state policy research and specifications of its realization in the countries with market economy. The author notes that state personnel policy is an important part of social and economy policy and the society development is based on it.

Sustainable development of private homesteading of the Buryatiya Republic

Butukhanova D.G.

The research results of regional features of sustainable development of private homesteading of population are presented. The industrial separation of production and connection between agricultural enterprises and homesteading of the Republic of Buryatia are analyzed. The main factors contributing to the development of private homesteading are presented.

Tax policy and the social and economic value of the tax system

Rustamov A.A.

The paper determines the value of tax policy and tax policy system in protection, safekeeping and fortification of the statehood, economics regulation, formation of state budget and social protection of the population. The basic goals of the tax policy are researched, the mechanisms of the state regulation by the tax policy are presented.

Value of innovative education technologies in engineers training

Bisenov K.A., Abuova N.A.

The need for highly qualified engineering personnel in the Republic of Kazakhstan is proved. The main qualities that competitive engineer should have are presented. It was concluded that the development of these qualities is possible through the use of innovative learning technologies.

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