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Analysis of intellectual property innovation efficiency in St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region

Smirnov S.В., Tkalich V.L.

The authors give characteristics of scientific panting and licensing efficiency in St.-Petersburg and the Leningrad region within the national nanotechnology network, summarize the results of scientific innovation research, state the main problems and offer recommendations on perfection of intellectual property management.

Applying graphics editor KOMPAS-3D in machine parts designing

Chepurina E.L.

The paper considers applying the computer program K0MPAS-3D in computer-aided designing of machinery parts in graphics editor K0MPAS-3D, as well as making use of KOMPAS-Shaft 2D libraries in shaft designing.

Determination of reliability and safety indicators of "man-machine" system

Mochunova N.A., Pryakhin V.N., Sokolov V.V.

The authors state that technical systems become interconnected only due to the human actions. Therefore it is necessary that the human factor should be taken into account when analyzing reliability of real systems.

Domestic pharmaceutical industry: problems of development, requirements and growth prospectives

Zelentsov N.V.

The paper considers the prospects of domestic pharmaceutical industry development and determines the requirements for strategic growth for the drug manufacturers. Particularly highlighted are the results of examining the present situation in the domestic pharmaceutical industry as well as the analysis of international experience. The author determines the main growth aims of the domestic pharmaceutical companies and

Experimental research of crawler tractor ЧН-6 moving elements influence on soil pressure

Bukharovskaya A.N.

The paper outlines the crawler tractor ЧН-6 with triangular crawler contour influence on soil pressure

Hyperbolic model of supply and demand dynamics in perfect competition conditions

Shishkm V.V.

The author presents a mathematical description (model) of interdependence between merchandise sales rate and the amount of goods (at the optimum price) in the course of economic functional system operation. The author reveals a hyperbolic character of this dependence and shows its linear anamorphoses. Moreover, he also defines a concept of constant imagability factor showing a real ratio between supply and demand for any specific economic functional system.

Improving nanotechnology research competitiveness assessing

Gatchin Yu. A., Tkalich V.L.

The authors analyze approaches to competitiveness assessing of R&D activities in the nanofield and offer a new approach considering the conformity of R&D research results to intellectual and technological parametres and requirements.

Increase of farm machines reliability by working out and optimization of their working bodies restoration methods

Bondareva G.I.

The paper offers a new way of stage-by-stage optimization of machine parts restoration technique. This technique incorporates all processes of machinery repair and maintenance and also provides for quantitative assessment of the process accuracy and determination of the parametres values that are beyond the tolerable limits. The author stresses that this is especially important in modern economic conditions.

Influence of enterprise technical equipment on labour productivity

Muzarov S.A.

The paper highlights technical and technological availability issues of the Tver region agricultural enterprises. The author reveals interrelation between the levels of labour productivity and farm power supply, as well as the degree of tractor and automobile operability, machinery service life and its repair time.

Intellectual property management strategy at regional level

Bogdanova E.L., Vasil'ev V.N.

The paper features stages of intellectual property management strategy development at a regional level, describes a data base functional model differentiated according to the organisations creating and using the intellectual property, and suggests the measures aimed at intellectual property management improving.

Main requirements for operating control system methodology

Petrova S.A., Petrova E.V.

The paper concerns vital issues of improving control systems at modern enterprises requiring brand-new effective operating control systems based on real-time ("fast reaction") information supply automatic systems.

Modern condition of tractor and automobile fleet in Bryansk region

Kovalev A.F.

The article examines the modern condition of tractor and automobile fleet in Russia and, particularly, in the Bryansk region, especially, concerning reliability of tractors and combine harvesters. The author offers main directions of farm machinery maintenance improvement.

Modernization directions of automatic control system of technological processes "Skala-mikro"ofLeningradatomicpowerstation

Karpushin E.S.

The author dwells on the drawbacks of the existing automatic control system used at the Leningrad atomic power station and offers some ways of their elimination.

Modern state and concept of precision farming based on geographical information systems

Temnikov V. N, Temnikov K.V.

The paper concerns precision farming, as a means of increasing, efficiency of land resources utilization aimed at all-inclusive field condition and farm management improving.

Monitoring and measuring in quality management system of farm machinery maintenance enterprise

Zhurbitskaya O.V.

The paper outlines the approach to estimation of quality management system efficiency of farm machinery maintenance enterprises as a mechanism of enterprise internal control system perfection. The author claims this will allow operative solving the enterprise current problem while competent introduction of efficiency estimation methods including monitoring and measuring systems will become a powerful tool in achieving organisation goals.

On patenting and licencing efficiency of national nanotehnology network in St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region

Voronov E.P., Smirnov S.B.

The authors give an overview of patenting and licensing work within the nanotechnology networte on an example of the organisations of St.-Petersburg and the Leningrad region. The paper features a statistical data analysis concerning efficiency of patenting and licensing work and provides recommendations on its further perfection.

Optimization of automobile service personnel competency

Novikov A.N., Bukalova G.V., Mavlyuberdinova A.V.

The paper presents a complex problem of maintaining efficiency of automobile service enterprise personnel based on professional competency optimization with particular consideration of social and professional phenomenon of an employee's competency.

Plastic deformation in coating making with electrocontact welding

Bulychev V. V, Latypov R.A.

Tha authors consider some features of plastic deformation of metal in electrocontact welding and estimate the influence of plastic deformation conditions on active centres density and "coating-base metal" joint durability.

Pressing issues of monetary and credit policy in Russia

Mekhdiev Kh. O.

The author scrutinizes critically the purposes of a carried out monetary and credit policy and considers the role of the bank sector as a subject of the monetary and credit policy. Particularly analyzed is the activity of Islamic banks as a way of emphasizing the role of commercial banks in crediting of the economy real sector, as well as a possibility of the Islamic banking model introduction in Russia.

Prospects of statistical methods application at fam machinery maintenance enterprises

Samordin A.N.

The author discusses the prospects of service quality management statistical methods application at farm machinery maintenance enterprises under present market conditions concerning maintenance and repair of transport and agricultural machinery.

Reliability and safety increasing of automatic control systems used in farm technological processes

Pryakhin V.N., Sokolov V.V., Zlobin A.D.

The authors outline the ways of reliability and safety increasing, of automatic control systems of farm technological processes in various conditions.

Secondary use of utilized machinery parts

Aldoshin N.V.

The author determines the practicability of secondary use of utilized machinery good parts and offer a control methodology of their condition basing on such mathematical methods as Markov's chains, matrix calculation and the graph theory. Offered as an example is determining the number of control operations necessary for stating potentially reusable products.

Timeliness indicators of operator's actions in "man-machine" system

Bukharovskaya A.N., Pryakhin V.N., Mochunova N.A.

The paper considers the main indicators of an operator's actions in system and visualizes behaviour of the "man-machine" system in course of technological process.

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