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Aspects of the organization of system of firm service of agricultural machinery

Akhmetov T.A.

All complexity of the system of the firm service (FS) of agricultural machinery existing now is considered, a number of the factors of firm service influencing quality of firm service is allocated.

Development of additive for decrease in losses from the evaporability of gasolines

Kvashnin A.B., Vingert I.V., Privalenko A.N., Pulyaev N.N.

The active additive to gasolines, in which as a basis the fractioned 50% - niy solution the chloridbenzil-dimetilammoniya is being used in total with known components having rather low cost and a small expense on considerable volumes of the stored gasoline, is being offered. The usage of this additive will allow to reduce losses from evaporation of automobile gasolines at their storage in tanks on oil depots and warehouses of fuel.

Development of hierarchical system of multigrocery models of optimization of transportations of organic fertilizers and management of placement of platforms of processing of raw materials

Kachanova L.S., Vukolov M.V.

For the solution of a problem of improvement of infrastructure of production and supply with the concentrated organic fertilizers on the basis of integration processes of the agricultural organizations, the hierarchical system of multigrocery models of optimization of transportations of organic fertilizers and management of placement of platforms of processing of raw materials is developed. The hierarchical system of multigrocery models is realized in three modifications with economic-mathematical support of each modification. Optimization of placement of points of processing of raw materials is urged to provide effective implementation of integration processes in material support of the organizations of agro-industrial complex.

Didactic value of experiments in the course of training in the chemistry course at comprehensive schools

Mamedov B.G.

On the basis of M. V. Lomonosov, M. Faraday, D. I. Mendeleyev, V S. Polosin, K. Ya. Parmenov and V. N. Verkhovsky's statements about school experiments in the course of training in a course of chemistry their role and value in this training is being defined.

Experiment in chemistry and conscious activity of pupils at modern school

Mamedov B.G.

Pedagogical and psychological basics (feeling, perception, representation, memory, attention, will, interest, understanding, recall, abstraction, comparison) of the school experiment in chemistry making essence of the principle of presentation are being covered. It is established that at theoretically correct assessment of a role of experiment in informative process, exact definition of area of its application skillful use of school experiment in teaching chemistry positively affects process of assimilation of a training material.

Formation of professional competence of future gardeners

Pudovkina N.V., Burlaka G.A.

The component structure, the maintenance of a technique of formation of professional competence of future gardeners with application of active and interactive methods of training is presented. Results of researches of formation of cognitive, behavioural, motivational and valuable and semantic components of professional competence of students are given.

Justification of the directions on increase of efficiency of the organization of production of forages for dairy cattle breeding

Solovyova N.V.

The main directions on formation of conditions for creation of steady food supply for dairy cattle breeding, and also the main indicators having impact on production efficiency of forages on the basis of which ranging on the main forage crops regarding costs of their production is carried out are considered. Groups of estimates of an intensification of a forage production are being specified.

Legal regulation of activity of expert persons in the criminal procedure Code of the Russian Federation and the criminal procedure Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan: comparative and legal research

Charykov A.V.

The analysis of standard regulation of activities of expert persons for the Code of criminal procedure of the Russian Federation and to the new Code of criminal procedure of the Republic of Kazakhstan is carried out.

Methodical features of evaluating the effectiveness of investments in innovation development and technical base of crop

Kuzmenko O.V.

The methodic is being proved and calculation of economic efficiency of investments into technical updating of branch of plant growing is being provided.

Methodological approaches to justification of economic efficiency of use of organic fertilizers

Kachanova L.S., Parshina D. Yu.

For an assessment of efficiency of technological processes of use of organic fertilizers for the purpose of reproduction of soil fertility it is offered to use coefficient of effective use of organic fertilizers. The qualitative and quantitative factors influencing coefficient of effective use of organic fertilizers are defined. Analytical expression of its definition is offered. The method of calculation of the offered coefficient is developed.

Methodological bases of innovative activity in the customs and logistic environment

Ozoling A.E., Ropotova I.E.

The main methodological bases of innovative processes in foreign economic activity are opened. Influence of public financing of innovative development on the example of the “Ust'-Luga” project is being considered, the special attention is paid to inductive and deductive methods of influence on the customs and logistic environment.

Problems and perspectives of the development of branch of poultry farming in the conditions of accession to WTO

Yushina N.N.

Dynamics for the production of poultry farming in recent years is being considered. The forecast of a domestic production of eggs and fowl till 2020 is being submitted, problems of the Russian poultry farming are being exposed, and ways of their decision are being planned. The dynamics for export and import of production of poultry farming is being given.

Research of phase composition of electroerosive nichrom

Ageev E.V., Scherbakov A.V., Hardikov S.V., Latypova G.R.

Results of the X-ray diffraction analysis of the nichrom powder received by method of the electro-erosive dispergating in the distilled water from waste which is carried out by means of the x-ray Rigaku Ultima IV diffractometer are being presented. It is experimentally established that the main phases in powder are paramelaconit, copper and iron.

Strategic need of creation of the state trade enterprises in Russia

Lugovskoy R.A., Sycheva E.V.

The developed situation in the consumer market in Russia and St. Petersburg in particular is being considered. The problems inherent in effective development of trade enterprises in constantly changing conditions, especially in the conditions of sanctions of the USA and Europe are being revealed. The need for the creation of the state trade enterprises is being proved. The measures of increase of efficiency of activity of trade enterprises promoting better training in branch are being offered.

Synthesis of the digital correcting device (adjuster)

Lazarenko L.M., Lazarenko M.L.

We consider the method of synthesis of digital adjuster via the set point channel in order to significantly improve the quality of transient processes in case of step change of the set point signal.

The contract of leasing of agricultural machinery in the sphere of ensuring the state needs

Rybakov V.V., Vinogradov D.V.

Single questions of application of the contract of leasing of agricultural machinery for satisfaction of the state needs are considered. Authors analyze experience of application of the given contract in the sphere of agriculture, the most effective directions of use of the leasing relations for ensuring the state needs are designated.

The methods for the assessment of the efficiency and quality of work of innovative formations in agriculture

Boykova I.V.

The contents of the concept "quality of work" as extent of use of potential opportunities of innovative formations in agriculture is being considered. The quality of work of innovative formations is being estimated in size of the integrated indicator including a numerical assessment of five basic potentials: scientific and technical, production, economic, social and ecological.

The tasks for creation of architecture of the integrated control systems of data

Donetskaya Yu. V., Gatchin Yu. A.

The components, which are directly influencing the architecture of the integrated system at its realization at the set enterprise, are being allocated. The requirements, characterizing the system are being presented. The dependences between the requirements and components of the system are being presented in the form of problems of backpack type that allows to form the optimum structure of the integrated system according to the tasks solved by the set enterprise.



Представлены современные проблемы миграции, положительные и отрицательные стороны. Сделан вывод о необходимости легализовать миграцию на государственном уровне, создать условия для привлечения в страну квалифицированных, образованных и законопослушных мигрантов. Экономически выгодно заниматься планомерной организацией приема, размещения, повышения образования, интеграции в общество мигрантов.

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