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Development of scientific and technical cooperation in system of modern international relations

Garibov A.G., Bagirova I.V.

The scientific and technical policy of any country should correspond to state interests. As the separate branch is included into national economy system as its subsystem achievement with its help of the greatest effect for other branches should be the higher optimality criterion of a scientific and technical policy in each branch and, is final, for a national economy as a whole.

European union activity on economic and legal regulation of trade and economic relations with developing countries

Makhmud A.M.

The article represents the analysis of the actual problems of the international economic and legal regulation of trade and economic relations of the European Union countries with the developing states. The main principle and a policy of EU in the given area is application of general preference system. The basis of such a policy is the principle «assistance through trade», providing assistance to the developing states by application of unilateral and gratuitous preferential privileges.

Financial crisis and world financial architecture

Djabbarov D.P.

Financial crisises of 1990-s caused the necessity to reform the world financial architecture. The optimum architecture of a world financial system should meet three basic requirements: not to infringe the national sovereignty, to supply regulation and supervision of financial markets, to reduce risks, to make operations at global financial markets.

Historicism: the theory and methodology of Fuaulo's studies

Alieva G.

The article represents the specific features of the Azerbaijan Fizulio's studies in 1958-1968. The basic researches which generated this stage as scientific system of aesthetic princi ples in terms of the history and theory and methodology.

Innovative investing orientation as a basis of steady growth of modern economy

Yuzbashiev I.G.

The article revelas the necessity to develop the own niche in the world market, i.e. to develop the global innovative market along with already existing technological market. It will allow to change a modern trend of social and economic development and to find the new geoeconomic status. Creation and development of the production based on the new and high technologies is not only means to achieve or to keep high competitiveness of domestic economy at the world market, but also the important tendency in realisation of qualitative transformations in the economy structure, promoting social and economic development of the country.

Method to estimate the combine node failures and the analysis their consequences

Varnakov V.V., Dejatkin M.E., Turaikin P.A.

The article considers the problems to estimate the practical significance of either imperfections of combine details. The procedure of definition of the average costs for imperfection elimination is offered. The key diagram of decomposition and build-up of the extended model of the quality control system are developed

Moscow state agroengineering university named after V.P. Goryachkin

Kravchenko I.N., Chepurin A.V.

The article considers the influence of outsourcing on management and the organisation of modern business. Interaction of industrial system and industrial outsourcing.

On changes in the cost keeping list under simplified taxation system

Varnakova G.F.

The article considers the additional list of costs which can be included in structure of costs by small enterprises when estimating the single tax.

On the problem of the simulation of contact forces during the movement of the heavy duty transport on the absolutely hard rough road surface

Didmanidze O.N., Znamenskii O.I., Pilschikov V.L.

The article represents the simulation describing the contact forces that act during the movement of the deformed wheel on the absolutely hard rough road surface. The piecewise-linear approximation for the characteristic of the contact force is accepted. The static and sliding local friction factors coincide. The model could be used to simulate the braking forces at different modes of movement.

Processing methods to apply the interlayer for electroarc welding

Burak P.I.

Processing methods and existing demands for interlayers for electrocontact welding are observed. Advantages and disadvantages of expedients of preparation of interlayers - a metal dust, amorphous tape solder, a metal paper - for electrocontact приварки are presented.

Role and significance of programs of the external economic aid for relations between the countries

Gabibbeili A.

This article is about foreign aid conceptions, strategies and projects of different countries. Author indicates different models of models of foreign aid by purpose and mechanism of implementation of bilateral aid projects. Two models of foreign aid-American and Japan models are the subjects of investigation. Activities of governmental aid agencies such as USAID, JICA, SECO were analyzed. At the same time all these analyses concludes that there is a great need for Azerbaijan to determine its own strategy on the implementation of foreign aid projects.

Romantic poet Thomas Moore and his contemporaries

Gabibbeili U.

The article represents the general characteristics of literary movement in Ireland, creative activity of the Irish poet, singer and biographer Thomas Moore (1179-1852) as well as the problem of similarities and paralells in the works of his contemporaries. Special attention is paid to the comparative analysis and topical features of the oriental poems by Thomas Moore and George Gordon Byron, written and published at the beginning of XIX century.

The development of the effective system of feeding of powder materials to technological electric arc plasma generator

Korotkii V.M., Blohin V.S., Puchin E.A.

The article represents the data on perfecting the systems of feeding of fine-grained powder materials to a technological electric arc plasma generator of the universal plasma and metallurgy installation to carry out the processes of spraying the composite powder materials on corresponding elements of the products of industrial and special purposes.

The effective use of service facilities and charge of the storage elements of the vehicles with the combined power units

Mityagin G.E., Legeza G.V., Ivakina E.G.

Expansion of the application of the vehicles with combined power units in our country is restrained due to absence of a complete service network. The article represents the general principles of the effective use of the technical maintenance facilities for vehicles with the combined power units on the basis of queuing theory.

The importance of investments for economy development

Alieva F.N.

The national economy development and expansion of business activity are proved to, depend on provision of all branches of economy with capital resources. It is performed through investments into various branches of economy. It is shown, that investments play the important role in the development of micro- and macroeconomics of the country.

Theoretical aspects of the enterprise investment policy

Varnakova G.F.

The article considers the investing problems, offers the technique of enterprise investment policy development, represents the main principles used at when choosing the investment policy.

The page exchange as a form of creative cooperation of the newspaper «Sovet Nakhichevani» with regional federal printed publication

Guseinova K.

The article tells about influence of the political processes occured in the former USSR in second half 1980 during realization of the politician of publicity and reorganization, on activity of mass media of the country. The author investigates changes during this period in activity of newspaper «Sovet Nakhichevani», which was a publication of regional committee of Azerbaijan communist party and also forms of creative cooperation of the given newspaper with regional newspapers of national autonomies of former Soviet Union. The article marks the role of an exchange of the pages which has been carried out by regional newspapers for development of friendly communications between people.

The problems of ecological education in the Azerbaijan ethnical pedagogic

Askerov A.A.

The article considers the problems of formation of ethnic consciousness among the Azerbaijan people. The experience collected for centuries is said to be a source of mental, moral, labour, aesthetic, physical and ecological education of young generation.

Trends to improve the accounting itemization of material resources

Frolova I.

The article presents some trends to improve the accounting itemization of material resources in the conditions of an accounting computerisation. It offers to consider the main and auxiliary materials as separate items of accounting, to take stock of production wastes on the separate independent subaccount «Production wastes» to the account 10 «Materials», the account of all kinds of fuel and petroleum should be indicated on the synthetic account "Fuel" with subaccounts, etc.


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