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Acceleration of the implementation process of innovate projects in sectors of agroindustry

Shepelin A.A.

The article shows relevance of accelerated implementation of innovations in agro industry and considered factors that influence implementation of innovations. Suggestions for acceleration of implementation and development process of innovation were presented.

Analysis of evaluation possibilities of the technical condition of machines with board computer systems on example of internal combustion engine

Zhenevskiy D.A.

The paper presents the results of analysis of evaluation possibilities of the technical condition of machines with board computer systems on example of internal combustion engine.

Cost effectiveness of the farmer economy of Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

Li O.L.

This paper presents the evaluation of farm effectiveness, according to Ministry of Agriculture data and Food Policy of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in 2010 on reporting of farms @ № 1-KFKh and № 2-KFKh @ in consolidated statements of farms in the republic and in the context of its 29 regions.

Development of industry quality management systems in agriculture

Nepomnyashiy E. Yu.

Based on the analysis of problems of food and economical security and the quality of agricultural products, the article reasons possibility of forming industrial quality control systems of crop and livestock production in Russia. With the use of factor analysis, production and economic indicators of agricultural enterprises in Krasnodar region, Southern Federal District and Russia in general were examined. The principles of industry quality management of agricultural products were determined.

Development of innovative processes in the poultry industry

Shklyar M.F., Chuprina N.N.

This paper shows the main directions of innovate development in poultry industry and necessity of development of scientific and technical progress in industry based on the implementation of technology and high-crosses of poultry. Paper includes innovation development data of Belgorod region farms.

Economic justification of planning labor protection measures

Lapshin Y.A., Lapshina G.W.

The issues of effective planning for safety in the implementation of OSH management system in the organization, which is based on consideration of all costs and losses associated with labor protection and safety of staff.

Evaluating the effectiveness of crisis management through public-private partnership for regional industrial complex

Romanova M.V.

The article focuses on the technique of assessing the effectiveness of crisis management industry through the PPP, which makes the changes at the federal criteria for evaluating investment projects. These are defined fundamental strategic factors of attractiveness of the PPPs project, the methods of integrated performance assessment and models of determining the value of each structural element.

Financial mechanism and state financial support of agricultural services

Efimenko T.I., Zhidyak A.R.

This paper considers conception of “financial management”. It shows financial practices and financial instruments of state support of agricultural producers

Forecast of development of the banking system up to the year 2020

Nazarov P.Y.

The banking market will move to the largest players of the decrease by 40 %.Усиление happen at the expense of banks that follow the leaders. The bipolar structure with two main owners of the banks: the state and non-residents. Scenarios of development of the banking sector.

Formation of organizational and economical development conditions of the investment activity in the regional dairy farming

Kolosov D.V., Vodolazskaya L.V., Sorokin V.S.

Based on the results of studies, the most effective option for the development of milk production, processing and implementation is cooperation of agricultural producers.

Governmental support for modernization of rural park of farm machinery

Nechaev V.I., Burak M.L.

The article lists the main tools of technical and technological modernization of agriculture. These specific measures will contribute to the growth of sales of new farm machinery, providing implementation of intensive agricultural technologies in agriculture of Russian Federation.

Influence of relative displacement of stars on wear of the chain transmission parts

Usova E.V., Usov A.S.

The authors examine the influence of idlers displacement upon the details wearing of agricultural chain transmission. They outlined probable ways of improving the situation under discussion and they also have made concrete suggestions on the alternation of the transmission dimensional parameters.

Mathematical model of the separation process of the emulsion "diesel-water" in cylinder-conical hydrocyclones

Varnakov V.V., Kundrotas K.R., Varnakov D.V.

The paper shows mathematical model of the separation process of the emulsion "diesel-water" in cylinder-conical hydrocyclones. It was found that under certain conditions, it is rational to calculate coefficient of hydraulic connection on the basis of Stokes law. Concentration of the dispersed phase in the upper and lower product was found.

Method for determining the volume of equipment utilization and area coverage of the reception center services

Didmanidze O.N., Mityagin G.E., Avdeev E.A., Bisenov M.K.

Organization an effective recycling system can’t be without a number of enterprises, the lowest part of which will be reception centers for equipment recycling. Effective functioning of reception centers can be with the right choice of the location and identifying the optimal processing characteristics.

Methodology of the driving cycle synthesis

Manyashin A.V., Manyashin S.A.

This paper considers methodology of creating a high-speed driving profile, which displays the average vehicle operating modes. Also shows the required minimal amount of statistical sampling. It offers specialized software for collection and processing of necessary experimental data.

Modeling of territorial agro silvicultural bioenergetic complexes with energy systems based on the catalyst units

Medyakov A.A., Onuchin E.M., Kamenskikh A.D.

This paper considers modeling approaches to agro silvicultural bioenergetic complexes and provides analysis of bioenergetic complexes.

Principles of mathematical modeling of the energy system of the territorial agricultural and silvicultural bioenergy complex

Sidyganov Y.N., Onuchin E.M., Medyakov A.A., Kamenskih A.D.

The article describes the details of modeling power of the territorial agrolesovodstvennogo bioenergy sector. The principles of modeling, description of the model generation process.

Prospects for adaptive-modular technology in forest sector

Onuchin E.M.

Presented technical and technological aspect of intensive forest management with the use of adaptive modular technical and technological means, proposed a general idealized model quantitative estimation the efficiency and availability of adaptive modular properties.

Prospects of silicate deposits of Georgia as repair agents autochemistry

Balabanov V.I., Becherikidze A.V., Bolgov V.Y.

The results of the assessment of the prospects of silicate deposits of Georgia as repair agents autochemistry.

Reasoning for extension of the agricultural machinery service life

Borisova E.V.

This paper shows current condition of material and technical provision with the emphasis on the use of agricultural machinery outside of its optimum time service.

Volume electromechanic mandreling with reference to fixed directing sleeves

Morozov A.V., Baygulov A.V.

In the given operation materials of research of efficiency of application of volume electromechanical mandrelling are presented and the comparative estimation of offered technique and existing manufacturing methods and sleeve installation in the jig is spent.

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