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Account-analytical environment as complex mechanism of the stability provision of organization in agriculture

Katkov Yu. N.

The new concept of «account-analytical environment» is described in the article. Contours and structure of the account-analytical environment of the organization are designated. The author's mechanism of ensuring mobility of the account-analytical environment, with specification on structural divisions, for increase of stability of the organizations is demonstrated.

Analysis of professional availability of teachers'' work with teenagers which demonstrate an aggressive behavior

Istrofilova O.I.

The author presents the results of analysis of the problem of professional availability of teachers and future teachers to diagnostic, preventive and corrective work with teenagers which demonstrate aggressive behavior.

Banking subsystem of the national innovation system of Russia: adequacy of objectives and structure

Krasnoperova T. Ya.

The paper considers the issues of the goals adequacy of the national innovation system (NIS) and its banking subsystem. The causes of insufficient funding of innovative development are revealed. The author proposes changes in legislation regarding the definition of the purpose and structure of the banking sector as the basis for the banking subsystem of the national innovation system.

Calculation of hydraulic filter heater power system for agricultural machinery

Zykov S.A., Aldoshin A.I., Khalturin D.V.

The paper demonstrates the design of a filter for fuel and heating during operation of the machine at low temperatures. A method for calculating the heating element is presented.

Digital Low-Pass Filter Synthesis

Lazarenko M.L., Lazarenko L.M., Frolov D.A.

The problem of synthesis algorithm of digital low-pass filtering to suppress high frequency noise using robust control systems is considered..

Effectiveness of method for the cold forming of trauma proof coatings manufacturing

Gusev A.D., Petukhova N.A., Karpukhin G.A.

An economic evaluation of effectiveness of trauma proof coating manufacturing based on rubber crumb method and a proposed standard hot and cold forming.

Ensuring reliability of power modules of hybrid vehicles electric drive

Starodubtseva I.V.

Power modules are widely used in the traction electric drive of hybrid vehicles. Rigid thermal modes and not optimum refrigerating conditions limit power characteristics and reduce service life of power sections. In this article the analysis of thermal operating modes of power modules of hybrid vehicles is made: process of a warming up of the inverter module with the influence of loading periods by duration of 0,1-30s, pattern of change of inverter’s current loading are investigated. Further the different methods applied to elimination of the main reasons for failures of power modules are considered. The most optimal technologies capable to increase reliability of power section of hybrid vehicles are selected.

Estimated propensity of metals settable in the formation of functional coatings by pressure welding

Latypov R.A., Latypova G.R., Bulychev V.V., Korotkov V.V.

The methods of estimation propensity of metals settable based on computing of temperatures, sufficient to form a single thermodynamically stable hearth setting and its estimated propensity to their metal compounds by pressure welding. It is shown that in case of sharp differences of physical and mechanical properties of metals, predominant influence on the possibility of connection depends on the size of the active site of the less elastic metal, and the main technological method of increasing the size of the active center is to increase the temperature of heating.

Experimental research of burning in ozone-air environment

Andreev S.A., Petrova E.A.

An experiment on the dependence of the efficiency of the combustion modes of ozonator was described. Statistical analysis of experimental data was performed. The mathematical model of the process and quantitative evaluation of the amplitude of the flame from the supply voltage and switching frequency of the ozonator were presented.

Foreign experience of higher education institutions positioning

Minnibaeva G.E.

The article discusses the experience of information and image policy forming and successful positioning of foreign universities on the education market.

Increasing the competitiveness of the workforce in agriculture

Lyuev A. Kh.

The problems of providing the qualified personnel for agricultural enterprises are considered. The paper shows the factors and ways to improve the competitiveness of the workforce.

Labour as an element of corporate social responsibility in agribusiness

Lapshin Yu. A., Lapshina G.V., Zhirnov A.V.

The results of studies of the effect of working conditions on the motivation of workers labor activity in agricultural organizations were presented and priorities for social policy of agribusiness in work safety were proposed.

Management of organizational unit of intellectual capital in construction organization

Serobyan D.L.

In today's economy, intellectual capital and its components form a strategic competitive advantages that have an impact on increasing the company's value. Efficient development of intellectual capital is possible only with the simultaneous development of all three of its types: human, organizational and capital relations, because only together they create a synergistic effect, leading to an increase in value of the company.

Methodological aspects of "innovation" in the poultry industry

Golubov I.I.

The paper provides an analytical evaluation of the term "innovation" and the author's vision of the subject.

Monitoring of directions for efficiency increase of capital use on enterprise

Zimin N.E.

The author considers evaluation of the possible ways of improving the efficiency of capital use by applying factor analysis of indicators changes.

Priorities of formation of sustainable development of agricultural enterprise

Garashov F.A.

In the context of economic, social and other reforms, priorities justification of creating an environment for sustainable development of the agricultural enterprise acquires the particular relevance. The article describes the existing business development environment in the agricultural sector, identifies the factors that contribute to it. The directions for improvement of the system of justification the sustainable development priorities of agrarian business are determined.

Problems of international food security and the role of Africa in their solution

Gyaurgiev A.M.

The author considers the situation of food security in the world, prospects of development and suggests possible solutions to existing problems.

Problems of sustanable development of national insurance business

Korolyuk E.V., Imanova M.G.

In this article the key problems of insurance sector of economics are considered, to which underdevelopment of infrastructure of the financial market, low capitalization level of the insurance companies, existence of risks of institutional planning of insurance institutes refer to. For the solving of the problems shown, it's necessary to develop an economical mechanism, which will work towards optimization of financial flows and ensuring the cost growth of insurance companies.

Research of wear of precision details of the diesel fuel equipment

Novichkov A.V., Novikov E.V., Rylyakin E.G., Lakhno A.V., Anoshkin P.I.

The article presents information about the features of the power supply system pollution of diesel engines and also about amount of pollution accumulations in fuel equipment cavities and fuel tanks under operating conditions. The result of the conducted researches is the existence of water in quantity of 1 % in fuel, strengthens plunger couples deterioration by 2,2 times that is equivalent to abrasive existence in fuel in number of 0,00002%. Their joint existence deterioration amplifies by 4,6 times.

Results of study of hydraulic operating conditions of front bottom of circulation thresholds

Klovskiy A.V.

A brief review of design issues and operation of bottom circulation thresholds. The paper mentions the fundamental contradictions in the recommendations on their system. The problems of experimental studies of the front bottom thresholds with fixed and variable height are considered. The paper shows a diagram of the experimental setup with the description of hydraulic modes of research; shows the obtained graphs, developed on the basis of their dependence for evaluating the performance of these types of thresholds as elements in a straight line with the exciting artificial transverse circulation flow.

Role of state regulation in reducing the rural poverty in agricultural sector

Alekperov E.T.

The results of the study of living standards are presented. The directions of the development of agriculture are considered. The necessity of state regulation of poverty reduction is proved.

State support for agricultural producers in Russia in condition of the World Trade Organization

Kolomeeva E.S.

Evaluation of state support level for agriculture and its compliance with the terms of the World Trade Organization, as well as the needs of the agricultural organizations are presented.

Statistical-economic analysis of pricing for the production of agriculture within a kind of regional aspect in Russian Federation

Galyautdinova D.F., Shibalkin A.E., Kagirova M.V.

The author presents the results of the research of the pricing features for the production of agriculture within a kind of regional aspect in Russian Federation. The basic factors of the limitation of prices of agricultural products are determined and revealed.

Technological line for the manufacturing of rubber roofing tiles and decorative faced plates

Gusev A.D., Petukhova N.A., Karpukhin G.A., Goncharov R.E.

The technological line for production of rubber shingles on the basis of crumb rubber. Economic efficiency of the line is provided.

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