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Barriers of formation of the analytical platform of national innovative economy

Feshchenko V.V.

Various approaches to definition of barriers in development of national innovative economy are considered. Successful development of innovative activity will be more effective if in due time to reveal the objective nature of such barriers and to offer ways of their overcoming.

Benefits of illustrative form of presentation of topic "The pathology of cellular membranes created by adverse working conditions"

Bykova E.K., Merzlyakov M.V., Patshina A.S., Kvachantiradze E.P.

The purpose is detection of advantage of an illustrative form of supply of material on the subject "The Pathology of Cellular Membranes Created by Adverse Working Conditions" for the maximum perception by students on lecture occupations.

Component structure of didactic model of management of the educational trajectory in network electronic educational and methodical complexes

Shchedrina E.V.

The component structure of didactic model of management of an educational trajectory in network electronic educational and methodical complexes is considered. In relation to the considered didactic model, training represents dynamic process which can be described the differential equation with the late argument in which as the parameter of an order, the operating parameter quality of training acts.

Definition of the total cost of delivery of freight via the railway terminal

Sogrin I. Yu., Malikov O.B.

The object and process scheme of delivery of freight through the transport and logistic centers (TLC) is made. The parametrical description of the processes influencing the cost of delivery of freight is carried out. The formula allowing to determine the cost of transportation operations is made. This formula can be used for an economic justification of transportation of goods through TLTs, research of influence of indicators on the cost of delivery of freight and for determination of parameters of the railway terminal.

Determination of efficiency and payback of the temporary log of development of the investment project

Glechikova N.A., Reva A.F.

Efficiency and payback of the investment project depending on various rates of inflation and a rate of refinancing are defined. The time log of development of investments for three groups of farms, depending on various volume of attraction of borrowed funds is calculated.

Economic growth and production efficiency

Shafronov A.D.

Problems of economic growth of national economy, factors of increase of its competitiveness, production efficiency calculation methods are considered.

From history of formation of the education system in Nakhchyvana

Akhmedla Sh. V.

In article the history of creation and development of an education system, since the Middle Ages and till the modern period is extensively stated. It was told about a role of outstanding people of Nakhchyvan in development of an education system. In article the analysis of preparation of pedagogical shots in Nakhchyvana is given.

Improvement of technology of distribution of fodder mixes on small farms

Frolov V. Yu., Sysoev D.P.

For improvement of technology of distribution of fodder mixes on small farms the structural and technological scheme of the considered line is offered and the economic-mathematical model of an assessment of process of distribution of forages by the small-sized distributor mixer with working body of screw conveyor type with the new cutting segment is developed.

Justification of the choice of the topic presentation form: "The physical production factors breaking work of nervous system of the worker"

Rezanov A.V., Terekhova S.I., Kvachantiradze E.P.

On chair on specialization "Technosphere safety" an obligatory subject is "Humanphysiology", however it is necessary to consider specifics of studying of this subject, namely: to study normal and pathological physiology. The purpose of work is the choice of a form of supply of material on the subject "The Physical Production Factors Breaking Work of Nervous System of the Worker" for the maximum perception students on lecture occupations. The form of supply of material by means of presentation including use of tables, schedules and fragments of educational films of medical subject was developed for the solution of a goal.

Management of training on the basis of adaptive didactic model

Shchedrina E.V.

The model of management of didactic process in hybrid educational environments, for the purpose of improvement of quality of training of students of higher education institutions is considered. The didactic model is constructed taking into account basic provisions of system approach and the general theory of management. The central place in model is taken by the adaptive algorithm of an individualization of training realized on the basis of network electronic educational and methodical complexes with elements of adaptive testing.

Results and their assessment: motivation in the higher education

Borisova M.N., Vorontsova R.T.

Different views of scientists on motivation of work of teachers and students of higher education institutions are presented. Views of authors of article, solidary with results of experiences and assumptions of foreign scientists, experts in the field of work incentives, have to arouse grains of doubt of the heads who are engaged in introduction of innovations of an assessment and stimulation of work of teachers and studies of students of the Russian higher education institutions. Article can be useful to workers of the sphere of the higher education, addressees and performers of new ideas.

Role of colour in the course of perception and storing of scientific information at distance learning

Leshova K.V., Kvachantiradze E.P.

In work influence of color as the irritating factor of nervous system at demonstration of printing information for identification of the best combination of color of a background and a font for ensuring the best assimilation and storing is considered. Experiment is made among 20 students of financial college of the city of Moscow. The best effect of storing of 4 casual words on slides the combination "showed a blue background - a yellow font".

System of federal dairy market agreements as the mechanism of regulation of the market of milk in the USA

Poleshkina I.O.

In article in a historical retrospective experiment of the USA on use of system of dairy market agreements and the programs for settlement of an imbalance interconnected with them in the market of milk is analyzed. Recommendations whenever possible of use of the mechanism of the classification prices and market agreements for the solution of problems of the dairy market of Russia are offered.

Technique of improvement of consciousness

Agaev R.A.

In article the problem a technique of improvement of consciousness as brain activity of the person, about its advantage, value, and ways of development in the sphere of formation of the identity of the person at the present stage is considered.

The conflict of interests as the mechanism of achievement of general welfare in system of representative democracy

Alekseeva A.A.

The problem of the conflict of interests as source of political process and mechanism of functioning of representative democracy is considered. Also in article the problem of general welfare as "product" of representative democracy is analyzed. The author comes to a conclusion that lack of the conflict of interests in political process excludes possibility of the solution of public problems within system of representative democracy.

The principles of the budgetary federalism, their realization in model of the interbudgetary relations

Khodak S.E.

The fundamental principles of the budgetary federalism without which realization it is impossible to provide effective functioning of the interbudgetary relations are considered. The main problems of practical realization of the considered principles in the working model of the interbudgetary relations are allocated.

Use of color codes for division of ears of corn when sorting

Petunina I.A., Kotelevskaya E.A.

Features of color codes of the cleared and crude ears of corn from wrappers are considered and considerable distinctions of their color scale are established.

Virtual museums and national art crafts

Maksimova T.E.

The thematic review of the various virtual museums connected with national art crafts is provided. The main directions of use of the virtual museums for preservation, development and promoting of national crafts, including economic aspect are analyzed.

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