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Agricultural wheeled transporting-traction car

Zagarin D.A.

The paper considers problems of providing agricultural enterprises with vehicles and their solving with a family of wheel transporting-traction cars.

Decreasing vibration loads of assemblies and units of agricultural vehicles

Leonov A.V.

The paper outlines some support devices of the power unit and their world counterparts. The author gives requirements for a power unit support of a multipurpose agricultural vehicle and describes a hydraulic support of the power unit meeting these requirements.

Freedom and social norms

Allakhverdiev G.V.

The paper gives an analysis of interaction of freedom considered as a measure of human activity and the social norms regulating it. It is noticed that social norms including methods of persuasion and compulsion assume rules of inevitable joint social life, its ideals and values without which freedom is impossible. In terms of admissible borders of freedom the author ascertains relative affinity of moral standards to it and proves the idea of further strengthening of social norms unity and freedom in a modern society.

Increasing of reliability of agricultural chain drives with driving roller chain

Popandopulo K. Kh., lamin V.A.

The autors offer a new design of an experimental sprocket for a chain drive with a driving roller chain. They also analyze the operation of the experimental chain with hinge joints of internal and external links depending on the chain wear.

Influence of multilink character of truck trains on productivity in certain operating conditions

Abashidze I. N, Khabadze M.A., Abashidze 1.1., Dzaini M., Abashidze A.I.

The paper describes the influence of truck trains on productivity in certain operating conditions

Modelling of material and information systems

Kachanova L.S., Galchich M.A.

The authors raise questions of functional modelling of systems: support of reengineering process and support of CASE-technologies of software computer designing. The programs supporting CASE-technologies are particularly analyzed.

New three-axle small dimension lorry with wheel formula 6x6

Kozlovskaya M.A.

The paper proves the necessity of designing a new three-axle lorry of small dimension with wheel formula 6x6 for countryside cargo transportation. The short analysis of efficiency estimation criteria of its power drive is given as well.

Operational features of small dimension lorry with wheel formula 6x6

Kabanin P.A.

The paper considers preconditions of developing a small dimension lorry with wheel formula 6x6 and centerpoint suspension of the hack cart intended for operation in the conditions of agricultural production. The author presents features of operational properties and the design of a three-axle car with centerpoint suspension.

Optimisation of enterprise resource management with use of information technologies

Kachanova L.S.

The author considers challenges of MS Project automation for resource loading distribution. Using network planning we can optimize marketing of goods in conditions of limited firm financial resources.

Organization activity modelling for reengineering

Galchich M.A.

The author proves the necessity of activity modelling and subsequent reengineering of any organisation, describes stages of its carrying out and specifies typical errors.

Organizational forms of large business entities in innovative entrpreneurila activity

Akhmedov G.

The role of innovations which are vital for competitive production has considerably increased in modern economy. The article provides a detailed consideration of the entities of innovative business including enterprises and organisations involved in innovative activities.

Place and role of geographical sciences in ecological education of pupils

Valieva G.G.

The article investigates the opportunities of ecological education of pupils in the system of geographical sciences. The author reveals a number of issues concerning ecologization of pupils' education including a course of studies ranging from physical geography to economic and social ones.

Possible risks in technical systems at agribusiness industry objects

Pryakhin V.N., Karapetyan M.A., Dobrenko С, Mochunova N.A.

The article considers hazards arising in a «person-machine» system, and also the risk occurring when analyzing hazards and safety management of various technological processes of manufacturing. The authors present priority aspects of comprehensible risk.

Repair and updating of the equipment

Voronin E.A., Zakharov D.N.

The paper presents a variant of agribusiness industry system analysis by the results of the All-Russia agricultural census for 2006 with the use of modern methods of canonical correlation analysis.

Research of bearing systems of cabs of frame-panel design for agricultural vehicles

Zhuravlev A.V.

The paper presents a final-element model of a bearing system of a frame-panel cab developed for agricultural vehicles and the results of natural static test of the cab according to rules of the UNECE.

Research of stages of earring out didactic games in mathematics training in elementary school

Aliev L.B.

The author lists stages of carrying out didactic games and defines the purpose of each stage. It is proved that didactic games in the course of training help pupils in elementary school to master teaching material.

Research of working conditions of agricultural vehicle operator

Semikin S.N.

The paper presents the results of researches of working conditions of an agricultural vehicle operator. The conclusion is drawn on the necessity of manufacturing vehicles with the built-in central air conditioning.

Some features of bench design for testing and adjusting fuel injection pumps

Korneev V.M., Ustinov M.Yu.

In the course of diesel operation fuel injection pump parameters often exceed specified limits due to mechanical, physical and chemical effects. To obtain the required values proper control and adjusting operations should be performed with the use of special means - benches for testing and adjusting of diesel fuel equipment.



Представлены направления развития пищевой промышленности в Азербайджанской Республике.The paper presents main trends of development of the food industry in the Azerbaijan Republic.

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