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Analysis of the cutting ability of the cultivator point grain blade

Farhshatov M.N., Fayurshin A.F., Pavlov A.P.

Plant ripping with serrated blade is known to be more efficient than with plain blade. The article proves the reasonability of sphere-shape grain usу as solid inclusive. It represents the analysis of the cutting ability of the cultivator point grain blade

Milk ejection stimulation with massage and stripping device

Kirsanov V.V., Arhiptsev A.V.

The article represents the prospective trends in the development of the portable automatons performing pre- and after-milking operations

Phase equilibrium in the CuInSe

Babaev Ya. N., Mamedova G.T.

The article reveals the prospects of the application of CuInX

Seed stimulating optoelectronic system

Bashilov A.M., Belyakov M.V.

The article reveals the principles and approaches of the improvements in seed stimulating optoelectronic technology with correcting effects that improve processing quality due to spectral sensitivity of seeds and optical influence amount feedbacks. The function circuit of seed stimulating optoelectronic system is suggested.

The analysis of the dismantling-free evaluation of the technical state of the piston-cylinder unit of the automobile and tractor engines

Petrovskaya E.A.

The article represents the diagnostic techniques of the piston-cylinder unit of the automobile and tractor engines. The following requirements were taken into account: the possibility of the timely identification of the necessity in the minor and major repairs of the piston-cylinder unit; the possibility to use the unit during operation and repairs; low laboriousness, ease and workability of the equipment; the maintenance staff skills

The analysis of the farm hybrid power unit operation

Orsik L.S., Didmanidze O.N., Ivanov S.A.

In order to improve the farm hybrid power unit operation it is suggested to analyze the installation of the hybrid power unit with electrical transmission on the mobile power unit.

The comparative durability studies for serial and experimental ploughshares

Novikov V.S., Pozdnyakov N.A., Saburkin D.S.

The article reveals the results of the experimental ploughshare tests made of the steels 65Г and 40Х and hardened with plate and cone of the steel Х12 and glue composite via welding with electrode T-590.

The friction torque optimization in the sliding bearing

Belov V.M.

The article represents the technique to estimate the functional maximum clearances in the sliding bearing and the value of tolerance that in turn allows hole or shaft fit in the chosen system. The article is based on the M. Kovchinksy and D. Kodnir's works that allow to find the maximum thickness of the fluid wedge that provides bearing operation in the fluid friction mode.

The fuel losses reduction during storage

Varnakov V.V., Martsev Y.P.

The article reveals operations of catching and utilization of vapours during tank fuelling. The existing methods of hydrocarbon vapour utikizationare are analysed. The device for reduction of fuel losses at filling stations and fuel storage bases is offered.

The improvement of the machine and tractor aggregate on the base of 1.4 class tractor

Kravchenko V.A., Senkevich S.E., Senkevich A.A., Maksimenko V.A.

The article represents the results of the field tests of machine and tractor aggregate that prove the efficiency of the machine and tractor aggregate improvement via implementation of the damper mechanism in the transmission of the 1.4 class tractor. It contains graphs of the slipping change in time that prove the decrease in slipping of the sample aggregate mover.

The influence of the rapeseed oil on the farm machinery hydraulic system wear

Bugaev A.M.

The article represents the results of the wear study for the friction pair «sleeve valve - hydraulic distributor» in rapeseed oil. The study resulted in the values of the wear for the samples lubricated with rapeseed oil and by the oil M-10B2 as well as in the graphic relations of the friction ratios for these cases.

The purpose and operation analysis of the power live storage unit in the hybrid power unit of the hybrid vehicles

Asadov D.G., Ivolgin V.S., Shapoval S.N., Shapoval A.O.

The article represents the analysis of the power live storage unit in the hybrid power units taking unto account the unique characteristics of the supercapacitors. It suggests a solution of the problem of maximum mass reduction of the unit without losses in its functions

The restoration and strengthening of the components via bimetal coatings

Burak P.I.

The article represents the results of the production research of 45 steel shaft coating with the steel

The substantiation of the constructive and technological hydraulic cyclone parameters to reduce the fuel pollution during the fueling of the farm machinery in the field

Varnakov V.V., Sidorov E.A., Varnakov D.V.

The article considers problems of diesel fuel cleaning from mechanical pollutions and water. The existing methods of disperse systems division are analyzed, the technique of substantiation of constructive and technological cyclone parameters is offered. The results of operational tests of diesel fuel cleaning from mechanical impurities and water are revealed.

The vehicle tire improvement

Pak A.L.

The article represents the data of vehicle tire improvement principles. It represents general constructive and technological parameters influencing the technical and operational characteristics of the vehicles.


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