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About one approach to the problem of enterprise risk management

Sinyavskiy N.G.

The article considers the relationship between elementary and integral risk within the risk universe of the enterprise for the most common cases, when the processes of an enterprise are divided into preparatory and final. It is shown that the performance of the risk management system is determined by the ratio of risk of poor work processes with final quality and poor performance of supporting processes.

Analysis of the agriculture in the province Khainan (PRC) in the poin of view of the branch integration model development

Chen' Tsan'chzhan , Pizengolts V.M.

The development of science and technology contributes to the development of agriculture in the direction of modernization and industrialization. Driven by economic globalization and informatization, traditional boundaries between primary, secondary and tertiary sectors of the economy are becoming increasingly blurred, there is a tendency of mutually integrated development of all three sectors of the economy. With the rise of new types of agriculture as organic farming, precision (precision) agriculture, rural tourism (agritourism), the integration of agriculture and related industries is a prerequisite for the development of the modernization of agriculture, and the question of studying the integrated development of agriculture and related industries It becomes extremely important. This article first summarizes the integration development of agriculture and related industries background, concept and connotation, and then focus on analysis and discussion on fusion problem in the development of agriculture and related industries of Hainan province, PRC, and finally attempts to propose models for an integrated development of modern agriculture and other allied branches in Hainan province, PRC.

Analysis of the dynamics and stress level of uncia uncia stress in the imitative conditions monitoring

Khomenets N.G., Gurina R.R., Trishina A.A., Veselova N.A.

The authors conduct analysis of the dynamics and stress level of Uncia uncia under the impact of scent (olfactory) environment enrichment. Due to it they defined changes of the moving activity of Uncia uncia (Irbis) under the impact of scent environment enrichment, estimated change of the studied animals stereotype behavior level in the result of the environment enrichment, analyzed the level of produced derivates as the indicator of the studied animals stress load by noncontact monitoring and characterized correlation of the activity dynamics and hormonal status of the studied animals.

Analysis of the of manipulative influence of media on youth cohort specificity: experts opinion

Kovaleva Ya. G.

The results of study of the influence of mass media on the youth cohort implemented through the expert survey are presented. Despite the fact that the impact of media on youth is actual the problem of manipulation remains to be poorly studied in its social aspect.

Catering business role in the Russian economics

Dzhanelidze N.T.

Catering is considered as the branch of national economics. The classification of public catering enterprise is presented.

Improving the efficiency of the service station that supports cars with the gas equipment

Suleymanov M.S.

One of the promising alternative fuels for road transport in Russia is natural gas. The number of cars with gas equipment rapidly increases, but nevertheless the use of natural gas fuel has remained low. It is due to the lack of infrastructure for vehicles equipped with gas-cylinder equipment (GCE).

Improving the quality of milk by combi washing milking machines

Matveev V. Yu.

The paper considers the issues of creation of energy-efficient dual flushing system on the basis of the mobile electric device with active working bodies. The use of this system allows you to divide the processes of washing milking machines and milk line, which ensures the effective hydromechanical washing of milking machines and clean milk mobile device with a minimal amount of cleaning solution. The proposed system reduces the time of washing, the consumption of detergent and energy by 50 %.

Information modeling and models of geodynamic risks in the construction industry

Minaev V.A., Mokhov A.I., Pizengol'ts V.M.

Information modeling in a construction (BIM technology) is new technology of information maintenance of a construction object. It allows to specify influence of the changes and risks made in it (including geodynamic) at all stages of lifecycle. Objects include products, the building equipment, a technological platform, the building, engineering, transportation networks and systems of communication of buildings. The model expands possibilities of implementation of innovative technologies, allowing to create reasoned economic decisions.

Intellectual components of IT-infrastructure in the strategy of russian innovative breakout

Doguchaeva S.M.

Today urban models give an opportunity to consider the daily tasks of cloud ant information technologies promotion nontraditionally. Cloud geoinformational technologies let to see the target group, to define the competitive points and to accept the effectiveness decisions in the IT-infrastructure promotion.

Management system of banking risks in Russia improvement

Shereuzheva M.A., Gazzaeva S.E.

Subject of banking risks is considered and classification of the main risks peculiar to the banking sector of Russia is conducted. Analysis of bank assurance development is conducted and directions of risk assurance of the commercial banks are presented.

Methodology of the engine temperature mode studying

Popov K.S., Nikishin V.N.

Problems connected to the combustion engine cooling in the whole and particularly working temperature of the vehicle aggregates are dedicated. Temperature distribution of the hot blast inside the engine compartment is revealed. The main indexes of the cooling system aggregate test data are presented.

The assessment of the environmental situation anisovich the Syrdarya river under conditions of anthropo-technogenic deyatelnostyu the human environment

Mustafaev Zh. S., Kozy'keeva A.T., Majmekov Z.K., Abdy'valieva K.S.

Based on the systematization of years of information and analytical materials of South Kazakhstan hydrogeological-meliorative expeditions and the Aral-Syrdarya series of electric plants basin inspection on regulation of use and protection of water resources, describing changes in the natural environment in the lower reaches of the Syr Darya river in the context of irrigated areas the assessment of the environmental situation in the context of irrigated areas as human habitat.

Volume of financial appropriations inside the “green box” for the guarantee income of the agri-producers supply forming modelling

Seregin A.A., Glechikova N.A., Reva A.F.

Algorithm considering necessarily of the condition is elaborated: financial appropriations can be in that case if there is the category of workers whose income is lower than the level of the cost of living and if the inflation level is critical for the agriculture that the cost disparity is observed. In this case it is required to form necessary volume of the financial appropriations inside the “green box” for the guarantee income of the agri-producers supply.

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