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Basic principles of legal regulation of Azerbaijan agrarian branch

Akhmedov G.A.

The paper gives particular consideration to internal and external factors influencing legal regulation of an agrarian sphere. The author sums up results of a ten-year period of agrarian reforms and proves necessity of working out a new agrarian policy in compliance with modern requirements.

Bitumen compoundns for agricultural machinery corrosion protection

Pavlov I.A., Pavlov I.P., Sergeev V.M.

The paper gives account of various bitumen compounds for agricultural machinery corrosion protection.

Control correction of reference signals

Boldina E.A.

The paper provides grounding for the use of transfer functions in calculating of regulator settings.

Cooperation of the Azerbaijan republic with the European union

Garibov A.D., Dzhabbarzade M.A.

The authors state that having become a subject of international law the Azerbaijan Republic strives to become an equal partner in international relations and tries to develop bilateral and multilateral relations with countries from the far and near abroad, including the EU. All this promotes the development of economic relations between states, regions, as well as their own social and economic development.

Development of descriptive geometry as a science

Chepurina E.L.

The paper features the history of origin and development of descriptive geometry as a science, as well as contribution of domestic and foreign scientists to its development.

Factors influencing extended agricultural reproduction in transition period

Babayev M. Yu.

The author claims that accumulation sources in a broad, sense or extended reproduction as a whole along with surplus produce include a compensation fund that can serve as a source of extended reproduction. Besides, more effective utilization of available manufacturing conditions can also lead to extended reproduction, and, consequently, to accumulation in a broad sense.

Foreign experience of car maintenance and repair organization

Burak M.L.

The paper presents an overview of foreign experience of car maintenance and repair organisation by examples of the European Union and the USA countries. The author suggests ways of this experience introduction and distribution in the Russian Federation.

Fundamentals of determination of optimum of characteristics of maintenance waste discharge points

Pil'shikov V.L., Mityagin G.E., Zhurilin A.N.

The authors prove that cars have negative influence on the environment not only while moving, but also during routine maintenance or repair procedures, as well as after being discharged. They suggest solution to the problem of environmental protection through preventing landfill disposal of maintenance waste. Particular consideration is given to perspectives of establishing a network of maintenance waste discharge points both combined and not combined with car recycling enterprises.

High-speed electroarc bult-up welding of cylindrical parts

Mashrabov N.

The paper presents a description of high-speed electroarc argon built-up welding of cylindrical parts.

Home market protection as paramount problem in globalization conditions

Ibragimov E.R.

The author claims that effective forms of integration processes development in the Azerbaijan Republic are connected with re-establishing former economic relations, applying trading and currency restrictions in mutual relations of the former union republics and developing trade relations with the far abroad countries. The author states the need for stimulation of farm production, effective protection of commodity producers against harmful influence of a foreign market and establishing a reliable home market as the most significant components of the agriculture sphere regulation mechanism.

Information support of farm enterprise modelling

Ibragimov E.R.

The paper reveals correlation between agrarian enterprise activity efficiency and information support level. Detailed consideration is given to farm business problems and scientific grounds for efficiency increasing of information support are provided.

Macroeconomic model adjustment with Newton method

Katargin N.Y., Filippovich E.A.

The paper provides evaluation of coefficients of macroeconomic models with the use of the Newton's method incorporated in the Excel Service Solver.

On factor of resistance of paintwork material particles in air stream

Puchin E.A., Pavlov I.A., Sergeev V.M., Pavlov I.P., Korneev A.M.

On analyzing hydrodynamic characteristics of air stream created by pneumatic paint sprayer the authors determined values of air stream longitudinal speed at various distances from the paint injector exhaust outlet.

Regulator setting calculation in systems with inexact object parameters

Boldina E.A., Soldatov V.V.

The article outlines significant advantages of compensating devices synthesis based on reducing the dominating poles of a closed-loop system.

Role of estimation mechanism regulation in agriculture sustainable development

Rustamov A.A., Abbasova M.M.

The authors state the vitality of estimation mechanism perfection for agriculture sustainable development in terms of poverty level decreasing and providing of national food safety as this mechanism is considered a motive power of production stimulation. The authors also prove the necessity of carrying out a set of measures for estimation mechanism perfection.

Strategies of utilized machinery collecting and transporting

Aldoshin N.V.

The paper outlines possible strategies of utilized machinery collecting and transporting. The author presents data on non-uniformity of utilized machinery distribution intensity in different regions received basing on mathematical apparatus of the graph theory, matrix calculation and Markov chains. With consideration of Markov extended chain the author shows calculation results of time share necessary for machinery collecting and transporting depending on the chosen strategy in three areas of Russia.

Tendencies of land market development of Nizhniy Novgorod region

Basharov Ch. Ph.

The author presents analysis of farm land market condition in the Nizhniy Novgorod region.

Training of students with use of deviation monitoring

Shulga E.F.

The author states the necessity of teaching training to manage system «moving and stationary objects» on the basis of global navigating satellite system data. Defining the concept of «integrated approach to management» the author suggest teaching students to find optimum set of schedules, control their performance, update, and adjust deviations of real objects in real time conditions.



The author presents the results of synthesis of new fluorine organic additives in consistent greases and development of a way of grease modification based on nanotechnology. The paper outlines the results of researches carried out and proves the opportunity of using fluorine organic surface-active substances as antifrictional and antiwear additives.

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