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Agricultural insurance as a mechanism of financial risks control

Lobyrev I.S.

The paper deals with current insurance companies activity in Russia, generally and in the Bryansk region in particular. The author presents calculation of the cost of insurance sum and losses, analyzes. Also the agricultural insurance development holding factors are examined.

Agricultural insurance as risk-management instrument in agriculture

Zimin N.E., Bogatikov A.V.

The paper determined by species and forms of risk-management in insurance, presented results of agricultural insurance indicators monitoring in two years. The author offers the ways of risk-management improvement in agriculture.

Characteristics of regional investment potential

Ragimov M.R.

The paper presents research results of some theoretical and methodological formation issues of region investment potential. The author detects the basic factors that determine investment environment and presents different positions of scientists in evaluation of region investment potential. Several directions of region investment politics activation were determined.

Cluster mechanisms of realization of innovation and investment strategy

Gerashchenkova T.M.

Preconditions of existence of the klasterny relations between economic agents in the agrarian sphere of economy of the Leningrad region are considered. Are designated by conditions of efficiency of functioning of an agrocluster. The development directions an interaction cluster-nogo are revealed.

Control system of electrostatic belt trieur potential electrode positioning with electric actuator

Uglovskiy A.S., Shmigel V.V.

The paper presents the modeling results of linear drive work (actuator) by PID-controller with Matlab/Simulink r2012a software.

Development of technological process quality logical control system model

Sachkov I. Yu., Antipov D.V., Gushyan Yu. G.

The paper deals with issues of production quality supply using logical approach to the quality control of machine-building production. The author shows that presented approach will allow the operational corrections of the process and detected errors.

Formation of informational and communicational competence in the process of usage of the modern pedagogical evaluation tools

Semyshev M.V., Andryushchenok E.V.

The paper deals with preconditions of formation of informational and communicational competence of the modern pedagogical evaluation tools in the usage process in the agricultural universities. It gives the definition of students' knowledge evaluation rating system, describes its functions, characteristics and advantages.

Imitational modeling of technological process of forest plantation growing

Onuchin E.M.

The paper presents approaches to imitational modeling of technological process basic operations of forest plantation growing. The author describes and formalizes connections between basic parameters, characterized as nature and production conditions of work and usage of technologies and technical resources, as well as efficiency increase of silvicultural production.

Influence of teaceher’s personal examples on comprehensive education of primary school students

Agaev R.

This paper discusses the positive effect of personal examples of teachers and parents on children’s education.

Issues of efficiency increase of combined harvesters usage in the agricultural complex companies

Kushnarev S.L., Suleymanov N. Kh.

A special place in grain production is taken by jobs, associated with harvesting. In conditions of production and technical reduction of rural commodity producers potential and deterioration of harvest equipment, there is a problem in providing a regular and high quality mechanized harvesting processes and works. Conditions and factors, which reduce efficiency of harvest combines usage are discussed in details

Kickback regularization in hydrodynamic modeling of river runoff with using neural networks

Cherkezov R.I.

In this paper we consider regularization issues when solving inverse problems in simulation-based system of Saint-Venant equations, which arise while approximating hydraulic characteristics of the river bed using artificial neural networks.

Losses prediction of automobile gasoline in storage conditions

Kvashnin A.B., Privalenko A.N., Golovchenko L.E., Dunaev S.V., Pulyaev N.N.

The paper deals with physical model of automobile gasoline vaporization process in storage facilities. The model allows to determine automobile gasoline losses in various exploitation conditions, and additives activity efficiency, that reduce gasoline vaporization speed in storage time.

Methods of tank cleaning for the fuel and lubricants storage

Bogdanov V.S., Popov V.N., Kovalenko V.P.

This article describes classification of reservoir cleaning methods and short classification of these methods.

Metodological basics of indicative management of social industries organiations

Tkhorikov B.A.

The paper presents methodological basics of indicative management of social industries organizations and describes the structural and logical process scheme of indicative management. The author presents basic values and restrictions of studied method, formation procedures and selection of management goals and their realization monitoring.

North american experience of territorial differentiation of structure of grain production

Ozherel'ev V.N., Ozherel'eva M.V., Nikitina A.O.

This paper deals with territorial differentiation of structure of grain production in USA and Canada. Some regularities of regional grain specialization development were identified and compared to the trends, typical for Russian regions, which have agroclimatic analogs in North America. Conclusions were made about almost complete exhaustion of reserves in extensive growth export grain output in Russia.

Olericulture in supplying of national food security

Polevoy D.I.

This paper reveals the trends in development of olericulture department in Russia.

Optimal management model of the enterprise human resources potential

Kosorukov O.A., Makarov A.N.

The paper deals with basic aspects of decision making dynamic model building for human resources balance progress for russian enterprises. The author offers method of human resources misbalance evaluation of the enterprise. The calculation of losses of the human resources misbalance in the enterprise and the choice of optimal reducing method were presented.

Serviceability evaluation of meliorative and agricultural machines on the physical and mathematical refusal models basis

Mammaev Z.M., Orlov B.N.

The author presents analytical equations, that connect machines evaluation indicators on the random exploitation interval with integral evaluation indicators on the beginning and ending of interval. Determined by the evaluation indicators as random functions from the beginning of exploitation operating time.

Simulation model of automobile engine warming-up process by idling

Manyashin A.V., Manyashin S.A., Karnaukhov V.N.

The paper deals with simulation model of automobile engine warming-up process in the beginning of moving. Presented model reproduce the work of injection control electronic block with low temperatures adapted insertion. The results of simulation experiment can be used for optimal detection of thermal preparation conditions of internal combustion engine in winter season.

Teacher's exemplary activity role in succesful educational problems solving

Agaev R.

The paper deals with importance of teaching and educating the students’ conscious activity on the educational and developmental education stages in pedagogical and psychological aspect.

Theoretical definitions of tank pollutions and cleaning efficiency indicators

Popov V.N., Bogdanov V.S.

The author presents formulas for the theoretical definition of the adsorbed and diffuse pollutions amount of tank internal surface and indicators for their cleaning efficiency evaluation.

Theoretical justification for applying the method of assessing the quality of components (FMEA) on the basis of establishing the boundaries of acceptable risk

Varnakov V.V., Varnakov D.V., Dezhatkin M.E.

The paper considers the application of the method of assessing the quality of components (FMEA) on the basis of scores (rank the importance of the defect, the rank of the incidence of the defect, the rank of the average cost to remove the defect), and establishing the boundaries of acceptable risk. The algorithm of the FMEA-teams. Analyzed the effectiveness of the suppliers and the costs of the dynamics of the elimination of failures of domestic and imported cleaning equipment.

Uncontrollable movement of the financial capitalas a factor of macroeconomic instability

Shcherbakov G.A.

The development of the international financial system, advancing the growth of export and world production, became the main motive power of globalization of the world economy defining modern nature of the international economic relations. At the same time, crossborder streams of the financial capital during the last decades played a role which is essentially different from that in the economic theory, proved as a destructive sphere rolling between the countries and regions and destroying weaker markets. This fact allows to assume that the world financial system became a leading factor of the crisis process which role grows as far as globalization of the world economy. The presented article is devoted to the specified problems.

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