About Relations of Melodic Declamation with Hebrew Cantillation Traditions in the Operas of Steve Reich

Bakumenko Mikhail N.

The art of American minimalist composer Steve Reich, consist of different and sometimes non-compatible influences. There are rhythmical patterns of African drumming, polyphonic style of baroque, contemporary electronic music tools. Among of them, Hebrew cantillation is one of important elements. In this article we try to carry out an analysis of this influence, which is close to composer's nationality. The material for researching are documentary video-operas «The Cave» and «Three tales». Musical content of this works have an wholeness with cantillation style, but composer does not resort to any musical quotes.

A new life of «partes» music during the age of classicism

Posternak Kirill V.

In the article the author analyses the first identified sample of adaptation of an "partes" (part-singing) hymn to the new classicist style, becoming widespread in the Russian church music in the last third of the 18t h century.

Bell music of К.К. Saradjev: from the archive documents

Tararatskaya Natalia V.

The subject of the article is the notions about music of Konstantin Saradjev, the famous Moscovite bell-ringer of an early 20t h century, and his attitude to bells as musical instruments, in particular. Saradjev's bell compositions deeply affected the audience emotionaly.

Eduard Napravnik''s draft letters(toward the problem of epistolary heritage studying)

Aidarov Nadim Zh.

The paper deals with draft letters of Napravnik, scrutinazing his working methods with the epistolary. The problems of studying and publishing of correspondence are designated in the paper.

Lullabies of Uliyanovsk region tatar-mishars

Scharifullina Nailya M.

The Uliyanovsk region is an area where many different ethnic groups and peoples have left traces. The main subjects of the research are the lullaby as a part of Tatar- Michar region's musical folk tradition.

Oral traditions of Kievan Rus'' chant culture

Zabolotnaya Natalie V.

The article is dedicated to the reconstruction of the initial stage of Orthodox Church Chant during the pre- Mongolian period of Kievan Rus'. The role of oral traditions in the adaptation of Byzantine chant heritage is considered.

Yuri Kasparov. Chamber Symphony No. 3Light and Shade - Setting Off for Seven Performers (1999): the concepts of senses

Dyachkova Ljudmila S.

In the paper the author analyses the concepts of Light, Shadow and Confrontation which determine the sound images in Yuri Kasparov's symphony and the ways of their interaction.



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