«Gallant Style», «Rococo», «Mannerism», «Decadence» in the System of French «Baroque Music»

Tchebourkina Marina N.

This article deals with the etymological analysis of the terms «gallant style», «гососо», «mannerism», «decadence» and their manifestations in French organ music of 17th-18th centuries. The author ascertains that these phenomena have the position of «minor styles» in the context of French «Baroque Music».

Instrumental timber-intoning in musical tradition of vyatskian mari

Kosyreva Svetlana V.

The paper deals with the problem of tool timbreintonation in the musical tradition of Vyatskian Mari. The special attention is given to vocal heterophones whish have instrumental features. This phenomenon is considered from the point of view of influence of timbre and sound on the height system of Mari aerophone shuvyr on vocal esthetics.

Kazakh dombra and other typologically related musical instruments of turkic peoples

Utegalieva Saule I.

Comparative analysis of Kazakh Dombra and other typologically related necked lutes undertakes in this paper. There are two-three stringed lutes, which widespread by many Turkic-, Iran-, Mongol- and Slavic-language people of Eurasia. Author is concerning the questions of morphology and origin of this type of instrument, examines the etymology of this term.

Poulenc''s musical theatre

Kindyukhina Elena A.

In the paper the great French composer Francis Poulenc's works for musical theatre are considered as poles apart. On one hand there is a ballet with its esthetics of «les annees folles». On the other hand there is a mode of nostalgia, switching over to the sphere of psychology in operas after French writers G. Apollinaire, G. Bernanos, and J. Cocteau. The author makes a picture of composer' s evolution from neoclassical experiments to the research in vocal melodic.

Some aspects of vocal apparatus diseases diagnostics in the solo singing class

Akhmadeeva Rida A.

Solo singing is one of the musical disciplines where the problem of health protection is particular/ pointed. In the paper the author analyzes the neuropsychic aspects of singer's action which stand in the periphery of contemporary musical education. Different phonation theories are considered, some methods allowing to detect singer's voice condition are offered.

Theatrically - aesthetic conception of opera by G. Fr. Malipiero «Venere Prigioniera» (1955)

Belorusova Maria V.

The article deals with the unexplored opera ofG. Fr. Malipiero «Venere prigioniera». The author analyzes libretto's features and the musical language of the work against a broad historical and stylistic background.

То the history of an unfulfilled idea. Prokofiev, Meyerhold, Malraux, Eisenstein (Part II)

Savkina Natalia P.

A sketch of the synopsis of Andre Malraux's novel«La condition humaine» («Man's Fate»), made by Prokofiev in 1933, has confirmed that the composer probably planned to write music on this work.The success of the novel was stipulated by its peculiarities: recognition of absurdness of life led by the characters; the motives of revolution activities as the overcoming of human destiny; the desire for death which elevates the hero. In this paper the author studies the peculiarities of the novel's poetics, congeneric to the nature of Prokofiev's art, such as the reporting manner of storytelling, the propinquity to the nature of cinematography. Malraux's novel is notable by elaborated sound palette; the repeated «stroked» phrases, typical for Prokofiev's operas, can also be found in it.



В статье представлен краткий теоретический и исполнительский анализ оригинального сочинения для баяна «Концертной партиты № 1 в стиле джазовых импровизаций», а также выявляются характерные черты композиторского почерка одного из ярчайших представителей современного баянного искусства Владимира Зубицкого.

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