«An Unintentional Autobiography»,or Francis Poulenc''s letters in 1910-1963

Bakoun Maria I.

More than a thousand letters by Francis Poulenc that became a captivating chronicle of the French cultural life from the 1920s to the beginning of the 1960s, and the composer's «unintentional autobiography», and a large number of the cultural celebrities who corresponded with the composer, are presented in the last edition of the composer's letters «Francis Poulenc, Correspondance 1910-1963». The article explores the history of this publication, as well as a number of key topics, discussed by the composer in his private and official correspondence.

Competition between rival leading piano factories in Russia in the second half of the 19th century

Lomtev Dr. Denis

The commercial strategy of factories, CM. Schroder and J. Becker, as the leading piano makers in Russia in the second half of the 19th century will be analysed on the basis of printed sources (periodicals, the reports of exhibitions), service documents and the instruments still intact.

Double exposition in the triple concerto.A problem baroque didn''t know

Soldatova Svetlana E.

In the paper the Concert for piano, violin and violoncello op. 56 by L. van. Beethoven is analyzed from a special point of view: how the presence of three soloists influences on double-exposition sonata form. The Triple concert is compared with the preceding genre of symphony concertante in which the presence of several soloists was standart.

Luigi Dallapiccola: Divertimento in quattro esercizi (1934)

Dubravskaya Ekaterina S.

L. Dallapiccola's «Divertimento in quattro esercizi» was based on the texts from thirteenth-century secular Italian poetry. The verses are very diverse in terms of their character, expressive means, and poetic language; all of them are landmark pieces, each imbibing historical layers of artistic and cultural references. At the same time, the diverse texts have one thing in common: they all belong to the same cultural layer, which is more or less rooted in folk art. Their diversity is therefore a personification of the various aspects of the Italian spirit and soul, represented by their deepest (oldest) layers.

Noise instruments in female music performance (on mordovian traditional music material)

Zybkina Larissa N.

The tradition of female vocal and vocal/instrumental performance with usage of noise instruments, including instruments of labour and household tools, is an original phenomenon of Mordovian traditional musical culture. The most archaic forms of female instrumental music performance probably originated from magic rites with strict sex differentiation practiced the past. Author in the study of noise tools complex lean on the system - etnofonichesky method (J. Maciejewski). This method presuppouse a close synchronous learning of tool and music performed on it.

The search of truth(on some aspects of the study of azeri mugham)

Pazicheva Inna V.

In the paper some aspects of the study of the problem of Azeri mugham variance are examined. The author generalized research positions of famous scientists, and also bases her point on self experience of azeri mugham analysis. In this paper variance is shown as a polyphonic category of artistic thinking which absorbs the mode, rhythm-intonation, formgeneration and performance processes in mugham.


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