Formation of Russian-Language Terminology in Russian Music Theory of Late 18

Presnyakova Inga A.

The article is devoted to the formation of Russian music-theoretical terminology end of 18

Fraction of the Red Professorate and its Role in the «Proletarization» of Moscow Conservatory

Vlasova Ekaterina S

The present article presents research on one of the forgotten pages in the history of Moscow Conservatory, connected with the activities of the Fraction of the Red Professorate (FKP). The personal makeup of this group is listed, its Declaration is published, concrete actions of the Fraction are recounted: the work of the Sunday Workers' Conservatory, the formation of the Soviet system of «aspirantura» (i.e. post-graduate studies) and the practices of candidates for promotion. The article is based on archival documents and historical facts, extracted from materials of the press, published here for the first time.

Hugo Distler. Destiny and Music

Lopantseva Vera A.

The article is devoted to the famous in Europe but almost unknown in Russia German composer, organist, harpsichordist and conductor of the I-st half of 20

International Scientific and Practical Conference «Traditional Folk Culture in the Modern System of Education»

Adischev Vladimir I.

Modern Approach to the Education of Variety Singer

Koval Larisa M.

In the paper theoretical and methodological approaches of the pedagogical system formation are revealed, based on the complex method of variety vocalist education in the higher educational institution usage.

On Correlative Sets in Concert Activity of a Performing Musician

Beskrovnaya Galina N.

In the given article the author is considering the question of the regulating influence of psychological sets upon the correlativeness of premeditated (planned beforehand) and unpremeditated (improvised) elements in the realization of the sound image. The are 2 distinguished types of sets by means of which such regulation is achieved. On the material of creative activities of some prominent masters of musical performing art the author shows the character of influence of these sets upon the artistic result.

Sigismund Neukomm: with Haydn's Blessing to Russia. To the 200th Death Anniversary of Joseph Haydn

Lomtev Denis G.

This article presents a survey of Sigismund Neukomm's activity as a conductor of the German theatre in St. Petersburg and Moscow from 1804 to 1808, his relationship to the teacher Joseph Haydn, as well as perception of Neukomm's music and personality in Russia. Particular attention is focused on Neukomm's previously unknown melodrama for Friedrich Schiller's tragedy «The Bride of Messina».

Signs of Art Nouveau in Russian Music at the Turn of the 20

Skvortsova Irina A.

The paper is concerned with style features of Art Nouveau in Russian music. The author considers its iconography and expression means.

Style Solfeggio in Today's Vision

Lyudko Maria G.

The article is concerned with the difficulties of professional ear training, the place of the solfeggio course in the current phase of musical art's development, appearing of new directions and educational programs depending on social order. What is the style solfeggio? What are its background and tendencies of development? How does one see it today and tomorrow? These are the questions that the author of this article is trying to answer.


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