Music of the bell: methods of approach

Gouseva Anna N.

This article deals with varied approaches to aesthetic and musical treatment of Russian bell sound. The attention is mainly paid to its inner organization. Bell ringing is presented as a sound of specific qualities. The results of such an analysis are directly connected to unequal bell sound richness with different partials, their inner interdisposition and diapason.

National musical departments and opera studios at the Moscow State Conservatory in the 1930s

Salikhova Liliya I.

In the paper questions of the organization and functioning of national musical departments and opera studios in the Moscow conservatoire in 1930s (the Bashkir, Tatar, Uzbek, Kazakh studios and Turkmen department) are considered. Among them are the purposes and problems of studios development, obligations of the Moscow conservatory, structure of studios and departments, educational process.

On the history of the New musical Renaissance in Catalonia

Krasotina Irina V.

The article is devoted to New musical Renaissance in Catalonia, an interesting period of Spanish music history at the turn of the 19

Registration in the Spanish organ school in the 16

Moiseeva Maria A.

The paper deals with the historical registrations in the Spanish organ school of the 16

Some peculiarities of the integrity of musical themes in Claude Debussy's musical landscapes

Perich Olesya V.

The article discusses some peculiar features of musical thematism (integrity of musical themes) in Claude Debussy's musical compositions, united under the concept of musical landscape. The author draws a conclusion about the connection of this concept with art tendencies at the turn of the century.

The canons of vocal music in Vietnamese traditional theatre

Lantuat Nguyen

The paper is concerned with the famous problem of Vietnam culture: inclusion of music into traditional theatre. The author shows different music types in the theatres of Teo, Tuong, Cai luong, and its specific expression.

The Piano Quintet by A. Dvorak as the composer's masterpiece

Soudareva Maria A.

The paper is concerned with one of the most well-known works by Dvorak, his Piano Quintet A-dur. Chamber ensembles account for a significant part of the composer's oeuvre, and the Quintet is considered to be his unquestioned masterwork.

The quiet achievements of Michail Kollontay (Ermolaev)

Toutova Olesya A.

This article is dedicated to the composer Michael Kollontay (Ermolaev) and his work in the sphere of music. He graduated from the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory specializing in piano and composition. M. Kollontay is a member of the Union of composers of Russia. He is currently working as a professor of the keyboard department at the Tainan National University of Arts (Taiwan).

Timbre perception and thinking: to determine semantics

Litvinova Tatiana A.

The timbre perception is one of the most important elements of aural development of modern musician. However most aspects of the theory of tone quality perception are not developed enough. The author traces the evolution of views on timbre and timbre perception.

To the problem of formbuilding meaning of instrumentation. Timbral organized forms

Ponomarev Sergey V.

In this article we investigate the problem of the timbral organized forms, which has more strong formbuilding functions than traditional forms with normal timbretectonics. We consider timbral organized forms in conditions of other multiorginesed (and multiparametral) forms as harmonic, counterpointal (linear or melodical) and rhythmic organized forms. The leading subject of this article is the timbral (and multiparametral) organization and shaping in Jazz and Creol Music.

Uncovered organ manuscript by Louis Couperin sheds light on his significance for keyboard music

Zenaishvili Tatiana A.

The paper is concerned with clavier music of Louis Couperin (1626 - 1661). Due to the first publication of his collection of organ compositions at the beginning of the 21


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