Hugo Distler’s choral cycle Dance of Death‌

Lopantseva Vera A.

The paper deals with motet Dance of death of German composer of the 1st half of the 20th century Hugo Distler. The author scan motet at the context of Dance of death’s history. Basing on example of motet the author considers specific features of composer''s choral style.

Special types of polyphonic texture in verkhny oskol tradition‌

Kuznetsova Natalia S.

The paper studies the tunes which are realized in specific types of polyphonic texture. Thei area which covers the southern part of the Verkhny Oskol song tradition(Belgorod region). The considered group of folklore texts includes double choirwedding songs, seasonal duos with antiphonal canonical structure, seasonal and wedding songs with specially vocalized supporting voices, as well as wedding songs in a special artistic technique, uzvizgivanie (squealing). The consideration of this group of musical texts confirms the hypothesis of their implementation in a single system or a single musical intonation space, despite the various forms of performing.

Terminology paradoxes in A. B. Marx''s textbook on compositional theory die lehre von der musikalischen komposition

Lomtev Dr. Denis

The theory of classical form in A. B. Marx''s textbook is often criticized due to its terminological liberties and inaccuracies in the analysis of musical works. However,the meaning of many seemingly erroneous judgments changes in the context of the hypothesis, based on Marx''s own statements about the dialectical unity of the forces of stability and instability as one of the main principles of musical organization.

The concepts of instrumental theatre‌

Petrov Vladislav

The given article is devoted to the consideration of the theory of genre of the instrumental theatre. The instrumental theatre is presented as an artistic intertextaul phenomenon, as a occurrence, synthezing in itself senses, texts and languages of various kinds of arts.

The phenomenon of metric extrapolation in the time of J. Titelouze and the theory of «song-form»‌

Tchebourkina N.Marina

The author presents and analyzes the formulation of the principle of metric extrapolation by R. Descartes (1618) and reveals the existence of this principle in the French organ music of this period. Laws formulated by Descartes are traced by the author in France at a later time - in the theories of M. de Saint-Lambert (1702), J.-F. Rameau (1722), J.-J. Rousseau (1768). The article reveals the deep relationship of the concept of «songform» («Liedform») of modern Russian music theory with French Baroque categories and terms.

The phenomenon of timbre and typology of texture in the genre of accordion concerto‌

Lebedev Alexandr E.

The article examines the relationship between accordeon timbre and musical texture. The author analyzes the specifics of accordion timbre, interaction of right and left hands parts, the phenomenon of multitimbre. Particular attention is paid to the study of different types of texture, based on the use of bass and chromatic system in the left keyboard. As the research material used concertos for the accordion and orchestra of Russian composers of the 20th century.

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