About the term «french baroque»:«baroque music» of J.-J. Rousseau (1768)

Tchebourkina Marina N.

This article places the focus on the J.-J. Rousseau's definition of« baroque music »forfrench music of XVIIIth century. The author reveals the wealth of this term in the context of different artistic opinions of great french philosopher and music personality of the Age of the Enlightenment.

The main genres in A.P. Isakova''s piano music

Koshcheeva Irina A.

The paper covers the work of the outstanding composer of the 20 * century, Aida Isakova. During all her life Aida Isakova combines composition with pedagogical activity, reflecting. The analysis selected works byA.R Isakova allows to investigate the current question of composer technique and define the importance of Isakova's heritage in the modern music.

The melodies in sacred music by Georgy Sviridov

Fedulova Elena A.

The article describes the features of a canonical text in the embodiment of spiritual melody choruses Sviridov. Concluded that the creation of products based on organic synthesis of words with music, finding the only true intonation, striving to embody not only the general meaning of the text, but also the meaning of specific words. Revealed a wide, almost comprehensive coverage of melodic types, allowing funds to vote to express a rich spectrum of emotions, states, previously available only tools of performance.

T.N. Khrennikov.«Five romances on I.A. Bunin''s poems» op. 39

Tulinova Olga V.

This article is an attempt to review one of the most interesting works by Tikhon Khrennikov a series of romances to Ivan Bunin's poems The author of the article tries to analyse specific features of communication between the music and the poetic lines as well as to uncover dramatic principles of the composition

Tuvan music in the 20th century

Suzukei Valentina Yu.

The 20 t h century was the first in the entire centuries-long history of the Tuvans to bring about a revolutionary transformation of musical life. This transformation occurred both as a result of the change from a nomadic way of life to a sedentary one, and as a result of the introduction of new musical forms and ideas. This social transformation had both positive and, to a negative results. In this article are considered some base parameters of the tuvan music culture, which, in spite of social and political transformations, save own specific configuration stability that itself is new and actual.

«Оиг musical "leadership" has completely relegated the harp to the backgrounds from the correspondence betweenk.A. Erdely and N.A. Obukhova

Podguzova Marina М.

The article presents the unique correspondence between Ksenia Erdely and Nadezhda Obukhova in 1951-1959, located in the singer's archives. Apart from business, the correspondence contains personal letters, which includes poems composed by K.A. Erdely. The unique correspondence can refine the creative and personal portraits as a prominent singer and a brilliant harpist.

То the history of an unfulfilled idea.Prokofiev, Meyerhold, Malraux, Eisenstein (Part I)

Savkina Natalia P.

A sketch of the synopsis of Andre Malraux's novel«La condition humaine» («Man's Fate»), made by Prokofiev in 1933, has confirmed that the composer probably planned to write music on this work.The success of the novel was stipulated by its peculiarities: recognition of absurdness of life led by the characters; the motives of revolution activities as the overcoming of human destiny; the desire for death which elevates the hero. In this paper the author studies the peculiarities of the novel's poetics, congeneric to the nature of Prokofiev's art, such as the reporting manner of storytelling, the propinquity to the nature of cinematography. Malraux's novel is notable by elaborated sound palette; the repeated «stroked» phrases, typical for Prokofiev's operas, can also be found in it.

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