Instrumental composition with word: problems of theory and history of the genre

Petrov Vladislav O.

The paper is concerned with the problems of theory and history of a genre which was formed in the second half of the 20 m century, an instrumental composition with word. The author reveals specific features of the genre; besides the statement of the individual signs of the genre, the author stipulates the reasons, why the instrumental composition with the word has been practiced on a large scab in modern music. The most important reason among those mentioned is the striving of many composers of the late 20t h century towards the synthesis of arts and their urge to expand the sense ground of the instrumental genres.

«Jenseits der schatten»: parallel meanings

Tretyakova Anastasiya V.

The paper deals with one of the last works by Vladimir Tarnopolsky, «Jenseits der Schatten» (2006). This work represents a new type of 21 s t century music and identifies the main features of the composer' s musical style.

Jerome Kern, the father of american musical

Monde Olga - Lisa

The article considers creative heritage of Jerome David Kern, a noted American composer, in the field of musical theatre. As many as 19 musicals, written by him, are reviewed through the prism of the composer's changing philosophy, regarding the place of music and songs in dramatics, as well as the role of a musical as a musical and dramatic art genre in revealing social ideals of the society.

«Short method of singing» by Gavriil Lomakin

Rogacheva Julia M.

The paper deals with a famous 19th century textbook«The Short Method of Singing» by Gavriil Lomakin, one of the greatest masters of choir art in Russia. The author shows how Lomakin's book, forgotten in our days, helps to restorative character traits of Lomakin's composer style and the performing style of epoch in general. Examples of cult and temporal music are compared in the article.

Singing in the cadet corps of imperial russia: in the class, in hull, in church

Filaretova Svetlana M.

The paper deals with one of musical education form in the Cadet Corps, singing. The basic provisions of the organization of studies in the hull and the church choir: terms of enrollment, duration of employment, the requirements to the repertoire in the normative documents and its analysis. As an example the program by M.N. Ezersky which was used in one of the corps in Imperial Russia is examined.

The particularities of information resources for specialists of musical art in the sphere of the higher education

Varenko Rimma G.

Information resource for specialist of music art, who deal with teaching activity and exploratory work are considered here. And so it is given the differentiation of information resources on different bases, which formed as on base of the processing of music information, so on its use.

The problems of contemporary vocal interpretation of 17th century italian operain the aspect of historically informed performance

Fomina Valentina P.

The article deals with the methods of vocal performance of Italian operas of the 17l h century. The main problem is that the performance is not based on scientific knowledge in contemporary Russian theatre and concert practice and the interpretation becomes stylistically unauthentic.

The wedding lamentations of pomorye as a phenomenon of traditional culture of Russian North

Reznichenko Eugenia B.

The subject of the article is the music-and-dialect structure of the wedding lamentations of Pomorye. Complex areal pattern of the phenomenon, peculiarity of the forms indicate the special status of the culture in the system of the local traditions of the Russian North wedding lamentations

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