Franz Schubert’s Farse «Die Zwillengsbrüder» and viennese singspiel

Pilipenko Nina V.

The article covers Schubert’s one-act farce «Die Zwillengsbrüder» as a part of Viennese Singspiel tradition. It gets more accurate information about features and types of this genre and its local specificity.

How myths about musicians were born: from the history of medieval Andalusia

Sergeeva Tatiana S.

In the paper the process of formation of myths about musicians, based on historical material on medieval Andalusia is considered. This data differ in degree of completeness: 1) hundreds of names (without facts) in written sources; 2) citations and semilegendary stories in adab literature; 3) myth-history about Ziryab, the key figure of Andalusian culture. The analysis of the creation mechanism of a myth on the basis of Ziryab’s biography reconstruction (on the medieval sources) shows that the process of mythologization of historic facts is the typological phenomenon which characterizes both the Middle Ages and the Ancient world.

Selected features of polyphonyin guitar music of western european classicism

Guryanova Larisa V.

The paper deals with the question of polyphonization of guitar music of Western European classicism. The examples from masterpieces of the first half of the nineteenth century illustrate organic assimilation of polyphonic principles of the musical writing within the limits of homophonic harmony style of the New Time.

The functions of music-rhetorical figure

Fedorovskaya Natalya A.

In the Baroque music, music-rhetorical figure circulatio realizes the idea of circle and creating the visual associations of circulation. The figure is also strengthening the expressiveness of text, interpreting ideas and images through subtext, promoting the structure of musical text.

The phenomenon of artistic time in 20th century music

Krasnikova Tatiana N.

The paper investigates the phenomenon of artistic time based on the creations of national and foreign composers of 20-th century. The emphasis is placed on the principles of musical matter considered through the lens of texture.

The poetics of Benjamin Britten’s vocal cycles

Vasilenko Anastasiya A.

The article is devoted to the poetics of vocal cycles of English composer Benjamin Britten. The artist and a society, illusory and real, night and the motives of dreams interfaced to it are the most important constants of the vocal lyrics of musician. This paper discusses the various conceptual, dramatic, genre and style implementation of verbal text of cycles in music.

The sacral space of music sound: mythology, physics, metaphysics

Shuranov Vitaly A.

The article is dedicated to the sacral-elevated nature of music, which rises from two sources: the inspired human consciousness and the naturally assigned beauty of sound. The laws of acoustic consonance, inquisitively learned by man in the theory and in the musical practice, in the mythological and scientific cognition of the world, shape the underlying structure, as it is indicated in the article, connected with high human aspirations. Its symbolic presence both in the early models of music and in later ones is connected with the steady turning of the intoning thought to the elevated ontological ideals.

To the problem of development of professional musical education in Azerbaijan

Ibragimova Sona G.

In the article the features of musical education process development in Azerbaijan are investigated shortly and the role of great Azerbaijan musician - enlighteners is uncovered.

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