Astor Piazzolla's «New Tango»: On the Style Features

Chemezova Ekaterina V.

In the specialist literature on Tango it is not often mentioned the late manifestations of Tango culture in Argentina, a genuine renascense of the genre in the age of post-modernism. In this article the "New Tango" by Argentina's leading composer Astor Piaz-zolla is the main topic of research.

B. Asafyev's intonational analysis of «Evgenie Onegin» by Pyotr Tchaikovsky

Konson Grigory R.

In article the research of P. Tchaikovsky's opera «Evgeniy Onegin» by outstanding Russian scientist B. Asafyev is considered which has applied here method of entirely intonational analysis created by him.

Creation Activity of La Monte Young on the Border of the 1950s - 1960s: in a Dialog with John Cage

Krom Anna E.

The article is concerned with the early period of creation activity of the known American composer-minimalist La Monte Young. The border of the 1950s -1960s passed for him under the sign of an active and fruitful dialog with John Cage, and also marks close collaboration with other prominent representatives of the New York experimental art.

«Davno li Ya, Davno u Batjushki Byla». Genesis of the West Russian Calendar Songs. (Questions of Form of Russian Folk Songs)

Savelieva Nina M.

The article is concerned with the West Russian calendar songs which has roots stretching back into pagan ceremonies. The analysis of formula polytextual tunes with the help of verse modelling method reveals the basis of the one of the song types which takes central place in the Maslenitsa cycle. The author assigns the task to assirt the essential «calendar identity» of occasional song and non-randomness of its position in the cycle.

«Folk Orthodoxy» through the Prism of Traditional Spiritual Poetry of the Funeral Ceremony

Kosyatova Svetlana S.

In the present article it will be a question of some aspects of national religious philosophy, through a prism of the specific art form accompanying Funeral ceremony - a spiritual verse. Questions of philosophical judgement of a category of Death, an arrangement of the "next world", specific understanding and historical transformation of initial ceremonial actions are mentioned.

Motives of Jugendstil Iconography in Austrian and German Operas in the Early 20

Degtyareva Natalia I.

In the article there are considered such typical for

Regs Dastg'ahy - the Multipart Cyclic Composition of Instrumental Dancing Melodies

Сhelebiev Faik I.

In the article two traditional Azerbaijan cyclic musical compositions, playing and singing «mugam dastg'ahy» and instrumental «regs dastg'ahy», are compared. The author exposes resemblance and difference in their structure principles.

The Problem of the Zero Sound Information in the Contents of Music

Polozov Sergey P.

This article is concerned with zero-problem in the sound contents of music. This research is based on the information method. We have considered various ways of realization of quietness in music. Research results in a conclusion that absence of sound events in a musical substance has certain semantics.

«Without Excessive Gestures and Pathos». About Georg von Albrecht's Church Music

Lomtev Denis G.

Georg von Albrecht's (1891 - 1976) religious music is considered in context of the composer's self-determination as "a musician between the East and the West" and his conceptions of harmonious coexistence of peoples under aegis of Christianity and the European Enlightenment. The author analyses compositions which are going back to two traditions of Church music, the main ones for von Albrecht: Catholic (Mass, Requiem) and Orthodox (Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, Opera «Das Vaterunser»).



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