An unknown concerto of Arno Babadjanyan

Hayrapetyan Araksya A.

Piano works of Arno Babadjanyan has a special place in the world musical culture. Along with the well-known works, such works as «Elegy» in the memory of Aram Khachaturian, Polyphonic Sonata piano cycle «Pictures», «Heroic Ballad» for piano and orchestra, there is still unpublished and unknown Concerto for Piano and Orchestra. The paper aims to restore the Concerto on the base of draft manuscript stored in various archives, studying and introduction to the performing arts. This reconstruction will be able to provide pianists with new musical material, that unites Armenian folk melodies and traditions of Russian professional musical culture.

Instrumental texture of contemporary works for bayan in the context of traditional performing of music

Lebedev Alexandr E.

The article is devoted to the problems of formation bayan texture and its typological characteristics. In the comparative analysis of the concertos for accordion and orchestra by K. Volkov, G. Shenderov, V. Semyonov identified general principles of texture, their relationship with the methods of thematic development, and the most characteristic differences.

Rêverie Orientale by Alexander Glazounov: historical and textual aspects of research

Latyshev Nikolai A.

In the following article «Rêverie Orientale” by Alexander Glazunov is being described. This composition exists in three versions: for two clarinets, clarinet with a string quartet and orchestra. The detailed analysis of the handwritten and typed sources gives an amazing opportunity to follow Glazunov’s creative process. The comparison between «Rêverie Orientale» in its clarinet version and other clarinet compositions written on the turn of the 20th century helps to find out parallels in the development of clarinet music.

Semantic multidimensionality of music: on the problem of connotations of meaning

Stognij Irina S.

The article discusses categories such as «text» and«piece of art» required to understand the process of formation of meaning in music. This article reveals the mechanisms of connotations, that are important for the interpretation of music.The musical material of the paper related to the disclosure of the features of interpretation works synthesis of genres and interaction of musical forms, which play a major role in the formation of the sense of multidimensionality.

The phenomenon of sound imitations in saami tradition

Solovjov Igor V.

The article searchs for the aspects of perception in the sound imitating tradition of saami. The imitations of the sounds of nature are compared with the technics that are typical for traditional saami instrumental performance. The author analyses the complex of expressive means used in voice imitations of fauna and herdsmen's reindeer calls.

Vocal diction in the aspect of the problems of contemporary vocal interpretation of italian operas of the first half of the 17th century

Fomina Valentina P.

The article deals with the problems of singing comprehension and expression, it describes the main components of vocal diction. Wafting poetic text through clear vocal pronouncing is defined as a stylistic feature of performing Italian operas of the first half of the 17th century that influences the authenticity of historically informed vocal interpretation.

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