Conception in interpretation. С. Debussy: «Les sonset les parfums toument dans I''air du soir»

Vartanov Sergey J.

This article studies the devices the concept of integration in piano interpretation. Symbol is studicol as the method both for music of C. Debussy and poetry of Ch. Baudelaire. The rote of concept «twinkling» is argued in the prelude «Les sonset les parfums toument dans I'airdu soir» as an example of a program composition is used the line from the poem «Harmonies du soir» from the cycle «Les Fleurs du Mal».

«Light and dark» as essential quality of french Baroque organ art

Tchebourkina Marina N.

This article is the last one in the cycle devoted to the fundamental categories of French Baroque organ. It deals with analyse of the category «Light and Dark» and elucidates its origins.The author defines the spheres of «Light and Dark's» effect in French Baroque Organ Art and shows its action in organ-building, music and perfomance.

On eventfullness of plotsin instrumental theatre works

Petrov Vladislav 0.

The paper is concerned with one of the main genres of the 20 th century music, the instrumental theatre. Considered by the composers ' attitude to the plots, their sim ulation and interpretation. As examples the author examines the works of I. Xenakis, P. D. Q. Bach (P. Schickele),V. Silvestrov, A. Bakshi, K. Duck. V. Ekimovski.

Polish aspect in Glinka s opera «A life for the tsar»: elected context problems

Sorokina Tatiana I.

The first Glinka's opera was written in 1836, during the reign of Nicolas I. The phenomenon of art reflects some facts of this period. Very dramatic relationships between Russia and Poland in the 17 th century, which were the basis for the opera story, have analogies in the 19 th century. In this article the author attempts to consider the opera conflict in light of the historical context.

«The Voice drowning in the roar of times». Allan Pettersson and His Seventh Symphony (On the 100th birth anniversary of the composer)

Kazachkova Maria A.

The paper is concerned with Allan Pettersson, one of the most prominent 20,h -century Swedish symphonists. The author briefly presents the composer's biography, characterizes the composition principles of his symphonies, and analyzes the Seventh Symphony, Pettersson's most popular work.



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