Aesthetics concept of L. Mazel. The problem of mutual approach of music theory and aesthetics

Konson Grigory R.

The paper is concerned with the mutual approach of music theory and musical aesthetics conceptions in Leo Mazel's researches. As a result the method of integral analysis was formed in his works, and the prominent Russian scientist has become one of its founders.

"Bayozi Shashmaqom" by F. Shahobov: contemporary classics

Azizi Faroghat A.

The last treatise of Shashmaqom was written in 50-th years of the 20

Early spring rites of Tver Region's borderlands

Nekrasova Irina N.

The author considers formation of different traditions of the south-west area of Tver Region. The materials collected from personal archives and the Folk music K.V. Kvitka centre (Moscow State Conservatory) are in the focus of this research. Special attention is paid to typological analysis of folk forms in the system of early spring rites of Tver Region's borderlands (Pomezhye).

Grand Duke Constantin Nikolaevich of Russia and Russian musicians

Moiseev Grigory A

The paper is is concerned with Grand Duke Constantin Nikolaevich of Russia, the second president of Russian Musical Society, and his outstanding contribution into Russian culture of the 19

Modern style and music: style phenomenon (a research based on Austrian and German opera in the early 20

Degtyareva Natalia I.

This article is based on material of Austrian and German operas of the early 20


Chernyshov Alexander V.

The history of music of XX century has left to us set of pieces in which expressive means jazz elements are observed. As well the jazz constantly has joined to the artmusic. Completely fixed orchestral style of Kenton's bigband has begun "opus-jazz". In the further an opus-jazz are Stravinsky's and Bernstein's products, compositions of the "third stream" (G. Schuller), and also plays of progressive jazz of Soviet and post Soviet time (M. Kazhlaev, A. Chernyshov). About these compositions speech in given clause will go.

Stylistic features of children's folk music genres (on the Pskov Region expedition materials)

Red'kova Eugenia S.

The author of the article analyses features of the musical style in genres of folklore, performing by children, such as calendar ritual calls and laments of young herdsmen, carols, and lullabies, which appear to be the first musical impression of a baby. The material for the publication was collected by expeditions of The Saint-Petersburg State Conservatory and The Folklore-Ethnographic Centre in Pskov region of Russia, organized from 1981 to 2006.

The renewal of church singing in old-believers communities of Saratov regional tradition of the 18

Polozova Irina V.

This work is devoted to the problem of development and renovation of the church-singing practice in the old-believers' culture of the 18-20

Threni by I. Stravinsky: on the idea of multiparametric composition

Makina Anna V.

Igor Stravinsky's music is the source of many innovative ideas of the 20



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