Figurative system in "Music for string, percussion and celesta" by Béla Bartók. On the question of the climax function of the final movement

Shmakova Olga V.

The symphonic cycle is an art system reflecting the world picture and human place in it. The article reveals one of the steady trends in the symphony evolution, i. e. a climax in the final movement, on the basis of "Music for string, percussion and celesta" by Béla Bartók. The climax function of final movement is analysed at various levels: form, disposition of tonalities, intonational lines, plan of the whole.

Fyodor Druzhinin's pedagogical principles (to the 77

Pogadaeva Natalia O.

The article is devoted to pedagogical activity and creative work of Fyodor Druzhinin (1932 - 2007). He was one of the most famous Russian musicians of the XX century, a professor of Moscow conservatoire, People's artist, and a composer. The author uses some abstracts from his publications and interviews taken during his last year of life.

"... Ms Erdeli did not yield to the persistence of the audience to play an encore"

Podguzova Marina M.

The article highlights the before unknown facts of artistic biography of Ksenia Alexandrovna Erdeli. This publication contains of not issued before documentation and partly epistolary works of the harpist which can be found in her private archive as well in collection of outstanding artists of the first part of the 20

On reflection of russian orthodox chants features in Modest Mussorgsky's music

Solovieva Polina A.

The suggested article is concerned with the problem of intonation sources nourishing in Mussorgsky's oeuvre.

On the features of Arseny Tarkovsky's poetry in the compositions by Krasnoyarsk composer Vladimir Ponomariov

Tchub Elena A.

This article is an attempt to review one of the most interesting works by Krasnoyarsk composer Vladimir Ponomariov`s vocal cycle to Arseny Tarkovsky`s lyrics. The author of the article tries to analyse specific features of communication between the music and the poetic lines as well as to uncover dramatic principles of the composition.

Tasks and methods of interpretation of vocal compositions by the performer

Lymareva Tatyana V.

This paper analyzes a work of performing art within the framework of general humanitarian approach integrating achievements in Humanities through the theory of communication.

The synthesis of Italian lyric opera and German literature: A. Boito and J.W. Goethe

Cherepennikova Margarita S.

In this article we talk about creative dialog of Italian composer A. Boito with the German classic writer. We are searching musical, poetic, philosophic and dramatic aspects of Goethe's "Faust" in the Boito's lyric opera "Mefistofele". The work of Italian composer, poet and musical critic - Boito is shown under the light of synthesis of arts. We see the connections of Boito's works with Italian and German musical and literary traditions.

The vocal nocturne and Russian period of its history

Dolgushina Marina G.

In this article the genre of a vocal nocturne is considered for the first time. The characteristic of its stylistic features is given, genre transformation of a nocturne in music of Russian composers is analysed. Article is based on research of rare editions and manuscripts of first half of the 19

Unknown piano works by S.M. Lyapunov

Onegina Olga V.

In the article, based on the Liapunov' family archive, the author analyzes unpublished piano works by S.M. Liapunov.

"World celebrities". Memoirs of baron B.A. Vietinghof-Scheel

Gurova Yanina Yu.

The article is concerned with the book "World celebrities" and collection of autographs of 19





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