An interrupted dialogue with the past. Ivan Gardener’s unpublished letters

Sadikova Ekaterina N.

The article informs the reader about two letters of the well-known Russian scientist Ivan Gardener, discovered in Germany in a private archive (for the photocopies see pages 2 and 3 of the cover). The addressee of the letters is the Russian emigrant Sergey Pavlovich Tovstoles, who has been working for a long time as a regent of the Russian Orthodox Church of St. Procopius from Ustjug in Hamburg. The letters contain several refl about church-singing in practice. They give a vivid picture of how to form and to widen the repertoire of a choir, how to public and distribute notes in the Non-Orthodox world and under the circumstances of a rigid isolation of the motherland. They also contain interesting notes from an scientist-paleographer about the existence of different types of the eight church modes used in the pre-revolutionary Moscow.

Conceptual base of musical sound recording. Approaches and solutions

Garmiza Gdaliy I.

In this article different approaches and methods of music recording are described and compared on the basis of generalization and scientific revision of opinions stated in scientific and educational literature by Russian, British and American writers: V. Dinov, P. Ignatov, W. Moylan, A. Hamilton, A. Edinin, E. Eisenberg,Streicher and others. Concepts of live and studio recording, documentary-technical approach and naturalistic method within creative approach, naturalistic and techno-centered methods of creative sound recording are compared. The author proposes his own typology of music recordings.

Greek chant manuscripts collection of Russian state library: cataloguing experience

Shehovtsova Irina P.

This article is an overview of the Greek chant manuscripts collection of Byzantine and post-Byzantine periods from the Russian State Library funds. As a result 89 chant manuscripts were revealed, 75 of them are notated. The article studies cataloguing problems and proposes some methods of working with manuscripts collection, that assumes a combination of historical, functional, structural and typological approaches.The article contains an appendix where RSL manuscript pointers, basic parameters, brief descriptions and comments are presented.

Instrumental performance in Russiain the 18th - first half of the 19th centuries: regarding creation of bowed string school

Goudimov Dmitry B.

The article is concerned with the background of the creation of the Russian bowed string school, highlighting conditions and certain peculiarities of its existence within the prescribed period. Documentary records and facts, compiled by the author, allow describe and systemize peculiarities of the state policy and private educational practice which are focused on the support of the professional music education.

The problems of areal researches in udmurt folklore study

Nurieva Irina M.

The article deals with the problems of areal researches in Udmurt folklore study. The question about methods of determining the boundaries of local traditions in Udmurt musical folklore and about choosing of relevant musical and styles features are raised in the work.

Verdi’s works in sacred music: towards the evolution of the composer’s style

Bubchikova Varvara V.

The article aims to illustrate the stylistics of G. Verdi’s choral writing using the example of his works in sacred genres. The evolution of his stylistic methods is analyzed regarding the following criteria: melodic patterns in vocal scores, dramatic concept, musical form, choral texture and polyphony.



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